Our Staff

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Position Name / Email


Jason Wilcox

Assistant Principal

Kim Broomfield

Administrative Secretary

Chantelle Coates

Facility Operator

 Fred Conrad


Jennifer Bridle

Diana Leonard

Grade 1

Jennifer Bridle

Dianne MacDonald

Deb McLarty

Jennifer Stuart

Grade 2

Kim Broomfield

Lise Decottignies

Lesley Engelking

Pamela Osadec 

Grade 3

Lynn Brandt

Becky Byciuk

Jody McNabb

Grade 4Arlene Keir
Allan McLaren
Nicole Bonneau


Lindsey Bell

Phys. Ed.

Kari Roworth

Library Sheila Schuman
Hub Teachers Allison Handelsman
Tasha Leibel
Paige MacDonald
Robert Mitchelson

Hub 1

Hub 3

Lee Ann Maronese

Whitney Andrews

Educational Assistants

Kathy Kraus

Janice Schmidt

Sheri van Runt

Teodora Toth

Noon Supervisors

Vaidwattee Dripaul

Gail Kreuzer

Laura Macleod

Jen Sawchyn

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Today is the first day of Substitute Teachers’ Appreciation Week 2021. We’re celebrating the contributions of substitute teachers who make an immeasurable difference in students’ lives every single day. https://t.co/N5NQ18imLU #WeAreCBE https://t.co/l5a4wFLncR

Have you provided your feedback yet? The #CBEhighschool surveys and idea boards are open. We are also hosting two virtual session this week for the North/NW and South group of schools. https://t.co/rteC3JVnMj #WeAreCBE #yycbe #yyc https://t.co/hjSg6k2rBw

WOW! Students at Tom Baines School collected nearly 6,500 pounds for the @CalgaryFoodBank Great job @Tombainescbe! #WeAreCBE https://t.co/GdsJJILA3J

Students from @MidSunSchool raised money to support those experiencing poverty & homelessness. Way to go! #WeAreCBE https://t.co/9eL1pct8ka

The #CBEhighschool idea boards are now live. Participate in virtual discussions with others who are interested in the same program/group of schools. Share your ideas and comment or react to the ideas of other participants. https://t.co/rteC3JVnMj #WeAreCBE #yyc https://t.co/F3vJ45JAUW

Attention #WeAreCBE students. Search for system-wide / school-specific awards, bursaries and scholarships to see what opportunities are available to you! https://t.co/8qSjDH9ROo