Dress Code

Dress Code

At Evergreen School we recognize that dress can play an important role in the development of a student's identity and believe that students have both the right to express themselves and the shared responsibility to maintain a respectful, safe and positive school and learning environment. We ask that students are mindful that any slogans, graphics or print on clothing and accessories are respectable, inclusive and appropriate for a school setting.

Dress for Weather Conditions

Whether your child is bused, walks to school or is driven, Calgary’s unpredictable weather can see the temperature and weather conditions change drastically in a very short time. Please ensure your children are dressed appropriately to be outside every day whether it is cold, snowy, rainy or sunny.

Dress for Safety

In order to keep the school clean and for safety purposes, we ask all children keep a pair of shoes at school for indoor use only. Students enjoy daily physical education at Evergreen School; we recommend a pair of runners that are flat, comfortable and attached firmly (i.e. laces, velcro, buckles etc.)  Heelys are not allowed as indoor footwear as they mark our floors and present a safety hazard. 

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