Mrs. McLarty

Upcoming school events are in our monthly Evergreen School calendar.

Tomorrow - Swimming & Learning Commons

The students are making such great progress building their confidence in the water - swimming, floating, jumping, rolling, kicking and treading water.   Tomorrow is our last day! 

Back in class we have been using a new math tool called Cuisenaire rods.  We have been sorting them based on colour and length.  We also began creating number / word mathematical sentences.  Here are some of examples of our thinking: 

1 brown = 2 red + 1 purple           1 black + 1 red + 1 white = 1 orange 

1 blue = 2 white + 1 red + 1 yellow       1 brown = 1 white + 1 red + 1 yellow

Swimming tomorrow & Thursday 

Important message from Mrs. Schuman:

The Usborne Literacy Fair is


Thursday, March 19thand Friday, March 20th   

Throughout parent-teacher conferences

We will be holding an Usborne Book Fair in conjunction with the parent-teacher conferences.  Come and see Usborne’s award-winning range of entertaining and educational books for children from toddlers to teens!  The range of titles includes arts, crafts, science, history, nature, music, early readers, hobbies, sports, activity kits, adventure stories, sticker books and puzzles. We have many books which complement and enrich the Alberta Curriculum.  There will be over 300 books on display, including a selection from the more than 60 new titles released this year, and you will also have the chance to choose from over 1000 titles in the Usborne Catalogue.  Rather than taking the books home at once, the books will be ordered and delivered to school approximately 2 weeks later.Come and browse and get to know these outstanding books.

Your purchases will earn 25% of retail sales in free books for use in the school.


Check out our website at

Conference bookings open

Today was our first day of our author residency with Cathy Beveridge.  She worked with us on brainstorming these sensory words to help us when we write a book together. 

Our new popcorn words this week are:

* I'm   * birthday  * who  * brother   * sister 

* town   * city   * number   * happy  * baby   

 Upcoming dates:

March 11 & 12 - Swimming

Mar. 18 Fun Snack (Kernels)

Mar. 19 -Early Dismissal @ 11:50

Mar. 19 Student Led Conferences (4:00-8:00) / Usborne Book Fair 

Mar. 20 Student Led Conferences (8:00-12:00) / Usborne Book Fair

Mar. 21-Mar. 30 Spring Break

Mar. 31-School resumes

2 days of Swimming 

Our 2 days of swimming this week have been really good. The students have been listening to their instructors and trying their best.  Some of the skills they are working on depending on the group are: floating, kicking, rolling, gliding and jumping.  The smiles have been wonderful to see! We have 2 more days next Wednesday and Thursday.  Thank you for preparing your children so well.  All of our volunteers have been so helpful too. 

In class we have been continuing with our literacy rotations in the afternoon.  During guided reading, students are working on applying the silent e rule and flipping vowel sounds between long and short vowels.  We are also covering up word parts and endings, especially to slowly sound out words.  Another very important strategy students are encouraged to use is thinking about the context of the book and what words make sense.  

We have also been listening to a variety of folktales and fairytales listening for different elements such as:

* Does it start with "Once upon a time ..." and end with "Happily ever after..."?

* Is there royalty? Magic? Good and evil characters?

* Are there numbers 3, 7, 12? (3 Little Pigs, 3 sisters in Beauty and the Beast) 

Swimming tomorrow

Tomorrow is our first day swimming which is always the busiest as we learn the changing and pool routines.  It is suggested that your child wear their swimsuit under their clothes so that it is quick to change.  Please remember to pack underwear and towel (googles are optional).  

An extra snack is recommended as they often are extra hungry (possibly tired too) on swimming days.  

Today we enjoyed eating .... tomatoes from our tomato plant.  There were differing opinions about the taste.  Most people liked them.  Here is a picture of our ripe tomatoes before picking and our tasting results.  

Today we also continued our work with equality number sentences using the scales. Here is a picture showing more of our thinking.  

It's March! 

The month of March is a busy one with swimming in a few days.  Over the next few weeks we will be having Cathy Beveridge, an author, visit and work with the grade 1 classes individually on developing our writing skills. 

Our popcorn words this week are: 

* walk  * sheep  * duck   * goose   * away 

* about  * just   * open   * live  * old 

In math we have been using scales to practice our addition skills, writing number sentences and more deeply understanding the meaning of the equal sign (=).  Here's an example of our thinking ... 6+4 = 3+7   Both sides equal 10.

Upcoming dates:

1) Swimming lessons this Wed. and Thurs. and next Wed. and Thurs. 

We leave shortly after students arrive at 8:45.  

2) Author visit (Cathy Beveridge) - March 9, 10, 16, 17, 18th

2) Student Led Conferences - Thurs. March 19th and Fri. March 20th 

3) Spring Break - March 21st - 29th 

Fish Creek Walk tomorrow

In case you did not receive Message Easy info about our walk tomorrow ...

Volunteers please check in at the office and come to our class at the start of the day 8:30 am.  Thank you!

Dear Grade One Families,

This Friday we will be going on a community walk to Fish Creek Park at Marshall Springs.  We will be leaving the school at 8:45 am and leaving the park to return to the school at 11:00 am.  

 Please ensure that your child is dressed appropriately for the weather, including snow pants or rain pants to help them stay dry.  They will also need a snack that can fit into their pocket.

 We will be exploring this important part of our community and learning about winter.  We will also be learning about our senses that we can experience in a forest setting.

We would welcome parent volunteers who have a current police clearance to join us.  Please email your child’s teacher before Friday if you would like to come on our adventure.

 Thank you for your support and we are looking forward to exploring!


The Grade One Team

Fun Lunch & Book Exchange

Tomorrow is Fun Lunch (Subway) and book exchange at the Learning Commons. 

Today our classroom and school was filled with lots of pink in recognition of Pink Shirt Day.  

We listened to and discussed a simple but powerful book called One which is about:

* standing up for ourselves & others 

* accepting other's differences 

* forgiveness 

* helping others feel included  

Pink Shirt Day - this upcoming Wed. 

For Pink Shirt day on Wednesday we invite students to wear pink. Pink shirt began in 2007 with 2 youth in Nova Scotia who took a stand against bullying. Pink shirt day is another opportunity to promote healthy relationships by spreading kindness. This year's theme is Lift Each Other Up. Here is a link for more info.

Our new popcorn words this week are:

* from   * sit    * stand    * skip   * hop

* animal   * horse   * cow   * pig    * goat 

Our words this week will help us to review different word families -it (sit, fit, bit), - op (hop, stop, shop) and -ow (cow, now, bow) and well as the phonics rule "2 vowels go walking and the first one does the talking" like in the word "goat."

Colour Wheel 

In art we learned more about the colour wheel and reviewed the primary and secondary colours by painting our own colour wheel. We also learned about complimentary colours and how they are across from each other on the colour wheel.  Tomorrow we will be working on an art project using 2 pieces of paper that are complimentary colours and experimenting with different types of lines.  Stay tuned for some pictures of our creations in the days to come.  

Learning Commons book exchange tomorrow

We've been enjoying our classmates sharing over the past weeks about their extra-curricular activities which include: skiing, skating, piano, dance, swimming, tennis, soccer and biking.  Active, creative children! 

During our 100 day math centres more creative thinking took place today.  Here are some of the ways students have organized different materials. There has been lots of counting by 2s, 5s and 10s.   

Swimming forms were sent home today.  Please let us know if you are able to volunteer by completing and returning the bottom of the letter.  

100 Days of Grade 1 

Wow! We have been in Grade 1 for 100 days - 100 days of learning!  In literacy we read a poem with 100 words and wrote our popcorn words in 100 squares.  

Our new popcorn words are:  

* there   * friend  * family  * people   * home   * put   * when  * has   * saw   * by 

In math we are doing different centres focused on the number 100.  Some of the tasks are:

* working together to fill a giant 100 chart on our 100 square carpet

* designing a structure using 100 Lego pieces

* creating a picture using 100 stickers 

* organizing 100 objects creatively 

* building with 100 cups 

Short week ahead 

Our new popcorn words this week are:

* were     * stop   * fast    * ride    * him   

* please   * your  * new   * must   * our 

Some of our literacy jobs this week are:

* writing our popcorn words using red for the vowels and purple for the consonants.

* organizing and writing our popcorn words in ABC order 

* increasing our stamina during guided reading and focusing on reading with expression 

* learning a new poem called Hearts 


Red hearts, white hearts,

Pink hearts, too.

I love purple hearts.

How about you?

Green hearts, yellow hearts,

Blue hearts, too.

I love rainbow hearts.

How about you?

Once again, we will be exchanging Valentine's cards (optional) on Wednesday afternoon.  Please refer to our sharing calendar for names. If you would prefer, your child can write "friend" or leave it blank. If your child would like to give Valentine's cards, we ask that all students are included. 

Since there is no school on Thursday and Friday, students can bring their Learning Commons books to return Tues. or Wed. to exchange on their own. 


Today we had wonderful time celebrating our dance residency with Josh.  Students in all grades did a fantastic jobs sharing their dances with our Evergreen community. Thank you so much to parent council for their support. Below is a letter from SoundKreations if your child would like to do more Hip Hop dance. 

Hello Parents!

We have had such an AMAZING time dancing with your children! Perhaps you’ve noticed the extra ‘pep in their step’ and groove in their moves! 

There’s only one thing we love as much as getting your children moving and that’s keeping them moving! The physical, mental, and social benefits of dance are well documented and easily observable in children and so it is important that companies such as ours dedicate themselves to supporting the exploration and integration of dance long after we leave your gym!
So, you might be asking yourself... “What next?”

The SK team has rallied together and come up with a way to support your young dancers moving forward... SK Monthly.

SK-Monthly is a Student-Focused Newsletter built for one purpose: to keep your children dancing. Subscribers receive an Instructional Dance Video every month, created by our own in-school instructors, offering an endless number of dances for them to practice and share with their friends. In addition, the newsletter includes some fun and practical information about dance games, how to hold a Dance Cypher, how to organize your own school dance club and even some positive and clean tunes for them to dance to!

This newsletter, available only to those students who have participated in an SoundKreations Dance Program, is set-up to go to the parent’s inbox and is a completely ad-free, spam-free initiative focused entirely on building dance community and keeping kids moving and grooving!

If you would like to register your child in the SK Monthly Virtual Dance Club please follow the link below!

Have fun and we’ll see you online :)

Yours in health and creation,

Jordan Dack
Owner, SoundKreations

Upcoming dates 

Next week we will recognize Valentine's Day on Wed. Feb. 12th. If your child would like to give Valentine's cards, we ask that all students are included.  Please note it is optional to give cards. 

The sharing calendar sent home earlier this week has names of your child's classmates.  If you would prefer, your child can write "friend" or leave it blank.  

Other dates: 

No School  - Feb. 13 &14 (Teacher Convention)

No School - Mon. Feb. 17 (Family Day)

Feb. 27 Fun Lunch (Subway)

Mar. 19 - Early Dismissal @ 11:50

Mar. 19 Student Led Conferences (4:00-8:00)

Mar. 20 Student Led Conferences (8:00-12:00)

In class we have been learning about the silent /e/ and how often an /e/ at the end of a word gives us a clue to pronounce the preceding vowel as a long vowel.  For instance, we were making folding cards showing the difference between short and long vowels:

The Starfall website / app is also really helpful to learn different phonics patterns.

Learning Commons book exchange tomorrow 

A message from the Gym:

Our students have been working hard and enjoying our 2 week Sound Kreations Hip Hop Residency with Josh. This Friday will be a chance for classes to informally share their new skills and celebrate with their peers in a 1-2 minute dance. In order to fit a dance floor and all the student audience, there is not sufficient room in our gym to invite parents to the live performance. Not to worry though! The performance will be videotaped and shared with parents at the upcoming Student Led Conferences. 
Thank you to Parent Council for supporting this residency and to all the students for their incredible energy and enthusiasm during this program!

Ms Roworth and Mr. Josh

Swimming and Razkids 


We have our swimming field trip quickly approaching on March 4, 5 and 11, 12 at Acadia Pool.  Swimming Ability forms are coming home today. Please fill out and return to the school as soon as possible, so that the pool can program for lessons.  Permission forms will be sent home soon.

As well, we will be looking for volunteers for each of these days.  If you have a current police clearance with the CBE and are able to volunteer these days, please email me with your availability.  We are in particular need of male volunteers to supervise in the boys change room. Volunteers are only needed to supervise in the change rooms and will NOT be swimming.  


We are so excited to have RazKids for the students to use in class and with families.  It is a website that has many levelled reading books with comprehension questions.   Your child has a login information in their blue communication folders.  We would really appreciate it you have a conversation with your child about keeping their password private and not share it with others.Happy Reading!!

New Popcorn words

* of    * had   * bike  * boat   * plane      * this   * made   * his   * her   * they 

Movie Night & No School Friday 

Upcoming dates:

1) Book exchange at the Learning Commons tomorrow

2) Tomorrow is Movie Night at Evergreen (optional).  

3) No School on Friday for students.

This week students have been enjoying and learning many new moves with Josh from Sound Kreations. The basic moves are: 

  1. Bounce
  2. Rock
  3. Wave

Some of the other moves we have been practicing are: 
-Bobble Head              - Bankhead Bounce
-Prep                           - Drop it like it's Hot
-Arm wave                   -Snake and Snap
-Rock Steady.              - Raise the Roof

-Patty Duke.                 - Body Rock
-Swag Bounce/Walk    

Math Proof for 100 Snowmen 

Math Word Problems 

Today we listened to the story 100 Snowmen which has numerous addition word problems with fun rhymes.  We are creating our own class book with word problems and illustrations.  

At the end of the book there was a huge addition number sentence.  Did you know that ...

                 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+9+8+7+6+5+4+3+2+1 = 100 

Tomorrow we are going to look closer at the numbers to prove that it does in fact equal 100. (Hint: number pairs to make 10).

Sound Kreations

Today was our first day of Sound Creations Dance with Josh.  We are excited to have him back at Evergreen teaching us hip hop moves. We will be dancing with him everyday this week and next.

Our new popcorn words this week are:

* girl

* into

* good

* mother

* father

* grandma

* grandpa

* got 

* let 

Upcoming dates

Tomorrow Jan. 23  - Fun Lunch (Spolumbos) & Learning Commons book exchange 

January 27, 28, 29, 30 - Sound Kreations (Dance Residency) 

January 30 - Movie Night. Please see the following message from School Council:

"Movie Night! Come in your pajamas and join us for the movie "Abominable" on Thursday, January 30! Tickets available through your healthy hunger account Doors open at 6pm, the movie starts at 6:30pm. A candy concession will be available. All children must come with adult supervision. If you're able to volunteer please sign up at

Thank you!

 Evergreen School Council

January 31 - No school

Literacy Rotations

Our literacy rotations this week are:

* Guided Reading with Mrs. McLarty with a focus on practicing different vowel combinations (ai, ea, oa, igh)

* Writing rhyming words for the popcorn words - five, say, dad

* Building words with a partner playing ZINGO 

* Unscrambling popcorn words hidden in Kindersurprises

* Practicing this week's popcorn words doing sailboat spelling

* Using our 5 sense to write winter words 

* Learning a new poem Snowflakes 

Warm Week Ahead 

Our new popcorn words this week are: 

* say 

* mom

* dad

* name 

* want

* too

* have 

* fun 

* five

* boy

In math we played a new math game using cards and dice to practice our addition and subtraction skills. With a partner we each flipped over two cards and added them together (J, Q, K = 10).  Then we each rolled a dice and subtracted the amount from the card total.  Whoever has the greater amount takes both sets of cards from that round.  The game continues until one person has all the cards or there is no more time.  While playing we were using our facts to make ten. Also, if the card was  9 we pretended it was a 10 and then took away 1. For instance, if the question was 4+9 then we pretend it was 4+10=14 and then 1 less = 13.  

Hopefully families will have a chance to play or make up their own math card / dice games. 

Have fun doing math together and being creative! 

Seeds and Eggs

The past few days we have listened to the stories: The Bad Seed and The Good Egg.

The themes of the books are about being our best selves, acceptance and self-care. In particular, the 'Bad Seed' learns he is good makes the choice to change his actions. The 'Good Egg' learns he doesn't have to be perfect and how to find balance to take care of himself.  

We haven't read The Cool Bean yet but we wonder what it will be about...

Important reminder:

Scholastic orders due tomorrow

Learning Commons book exchange tomorrow

In math we have been making number booklets for the numbers 10 - 20.  We are practicing representing numbers in a variety of ways including: tally marks, ten frames, pictures, dice, 1 less / 1 more, number lines and number sentences. Here are a few examples. 

New Literacy Game

This week during literacy rotations we are learning a new literacy game - Boggle.  We have letter tiles to manipulate and make as many words as possible.  The longer the word, the more points we can score.  Here is the board we are playing with this week.

The other literacy rotations are:

* Guided Reading with Mrs. McLarty 

* Reading a poem called Winter, Winter and identifying popcorn words, as well as rhymes

* Writing about dragons or unicorns 

* Practicing our new popcorn words with different writing tools (pencil, marker, highlighter & crayon)

* Cooperating with a partner and playing popcorn sight word Memory

* Finding Winter words in a word search

* Using Starfall app on the iPads to practice reading and phonics skills

Cold Week Ahead 

On cold mornings we will open the doors at 8:15 for students to come inside right away.  

It looks like we will be inside for lunch time too this week.  The options for the children are to choose between movement in the gym, movie in the meeting area or games in the Learning Commons.  They eat at the regular time for the 2nd part of lunch.  During our regular outside recess time we did Cosmic Yoga (Minecraft).  Everyone was very engaged. 

Our new popcorn words are:

* make 

* will

* was

* where 

* ran

* four 

* day

* yesterday 

* today 

* tomorrow

In Social Studies we are learning about mapping.  We used Google Maps to look closer at Evergreen community and locate our houses. Students are encouraged to learn their house  number and street name.  We were able to find many of our houses which was really neat. Interestingly ... the pictures of the houses were in the warm summer time with green leaves and NO snow / ice.  Oh well.... the deep freeze will end soon.  Stay safe and warm.

Movie Night (optional)

"Movie Night! Come in your pajamas and join us for the movie "Abominable" on Thursday, January 30! Tickets available through your healthy hunger account Doors open at 6pm, the movie starts at 6:30pm. A candy concession will be available. All children must come with adult supervision. If you're able to volunteer please sign up

Thank you!

Evergreen School Council

Book exchange tomorrow 

Brrr... it's getting colder outside.  We will be watching the temperature / wind closely.  If it is not too cold we will go outside tomorrow.  Please continue to send warm clothes with your child. 

Today we were inspired by the frosty trees outside.  We used oil pastels (black, brown, grey & white) to create these beautiful winter trees.

Upcoming Dates

Jan. 20- Kindergarten Registration Opens

Jan. 23-Fun Lunch (Spolumbos)

Jan. 27-Feb. 7 SoundKreations Dance Residency

Jan. 31 PD Day

Feb. 12 – School Council @ 6:30

Feb. 13&14- Staff Conventions

Feb. 17- Family Day

Mar. 19 -Early Dismissal @ 11:50

Mar. 19 Student Led Conferences (4:00-8:00)

Mar. 20 Student Led Conferences (8:00-12:00)

Happy New Year

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday filled with the things your family enjoys. 

With the new year, we have increased our popcorn sight words to 10 per week. The new words are:

* looking          * came

* playing          * something

* with               * get

* doing             * so 

* flying             * that 

We noticed that many of this weeks popcorn words have 'ing' as an ending.  We will continue to look for smaller words inside of words while we read to increase our fluency.  

Yipee! Our plants survived our 2 weeks away.  They were very thirsty this morning but many continued to grow. 

     Our Pumpkin seeds are growing!!

     Our bean plants are creeping ...  to the sun!
   New tomatoes are growing! 

Book Exchange tomorrow

We will be going to the Learning Commons tomorrow so students can get new books for the holidays.  I also encourage students to get new home reading books too.  

Here's my recipe for a good holiday ... 

* Read       * Rest      * Play      * Exercise    * Doing puzzles    * Listen to Music  

* Spend quality time with family and friends       * Enjoy the outdoors 

Wishing all families health and happiness over the holidays! 

PJs & Caroling

On Thursday students can wear their PJs to school (optional).  We will also be enjoying some caroling in the gym with the whole school from 10:30 - 11:30. Families are welcome to join us. It will be an early dismissal day at 11:50 am.  Also, report cards will be sent home. 

Today in math we solved some Cookie Problems and then we made up our own problems to solve.  

Living wall 

Today we had the chance to put plants in our new 'Living Wall' in the Learning Commons.  During the installation, we were asked if we wanted to add some plants. YES!   We listened to the water pump and learned how the roots will get the water for the plants to grow.

Our new popcorn words this week are:

* out 

* see

* likes

* looks 

* plays

Our literacy rotations this week are practicing our popcorn words using gingerbread flavoured play dough, writing our popcorn words and making paper chains, writing about "if we were an elf...", and learning a new poem about the Gingerbread Man.  During guided reading we are practicing blending sounds and covering up endings to look for smaller words inside of bigger words.     

Fantastic 'Flakes'

Your children did a fabulous job performing their 'Flakes' concert.  There were so many lyrics and actions to remember!  Their smiles and voices were a joy to watch. Thank you for bringing your children last night and enjoying the show.  

We have been learning about folktales - in particular different versions of The Gingerbread Man  and Elves and the Shoemaker. To make the paper gingerbread houses (which most students have taken home) we talked about including different shapes and patterns.  They are so colourful and symmetrical.  

Upcoming dates:

1) Wed. Dec. 18 - Kernels Fun Snack 

2) Thurs. Dec. 19 - Caroling 10:30- 11:30 (Families are welcome to join us)

3) Thurs. Dec. 19th - early dismissal - last day of classes before the Winter break 

4) Thurs, Dec. 19th - report cards going home 

Concert updates 

Please see yesterday's blog below for concert updates.

Today we practiced with the Kindergarten's, Grade 1s and Grade 2s.  We are almost ready! 

Afterwards we did Cosmic Yoga.  There were a few jokes. Ask your child for the answers. :)

What kind of music does a frog like?   

What kind of key opens a banana?

Food Bank Donations 

At our Concert performances on Wednesday evening and Thursday afternoon we are accepting non-perishable items for the Food Bank.  Students can also bring them in during school time.  For our performances, students can wear 'nice' clothes.  Our theme is 'Flakes' so blue, white or holiday colours are all good.  

Our new popcorn words this week are:

* for

* up

* down

* in 

* on

Our literacy rotations are focused around learning our new words and the Gingerbread Man stories.  We will be listening and comparing different versions.  

No School Tomorrow

Today a sharing calendar was sent home for December and January.  The topic is Celebrations.

Your child can choose a celebration that is important to them and your family.  It is an opportunity for our class to learn about our similarities and differences among our group.  Objects and / or pictures can be brought or 1-5 pictures can be emailed for our class to see on our Smartboard. 

Some guiding questions to help your child share can be the 5Ws (who, what, where, when, why) and how.

Concert next week!

Oh the weather outside is getting frightful, so it must be time for our Winter Concert! Kindergarten, Grade 1 and Grade 2 are proud to present Flakes! There are four different performances on Wednesday, December 11 and Thursday, December 12, so please look at the chart below for your child’s class. Each class will perform in one show on the evening on December 11, and one show during the day on December 12. Please have your child to school 20 minutes before their show. Write these dates in your calendar, you won’t want to miss it!

Other updates:

1) Learning Commons book exchange tomorrow

2) No school Friday 

Make Ten

In math we have been practicing different ways to make ten and looking for a pattern.  We worked on a lollipop problem to help us find different ways to add two numbers make ten.

After drawing and writing different ideas in our notebooks we worked together to share our answers.  We used cubes and organized them to show all the ways. 

Today we played a card game to practice making ten.  It is like Memory where we took turns flipping 2 cards.  If they make ten we keep them and continue our turn. 

Caring class

Our class is so caring and welcoming.  Today a new student joined our class and everyone was so kind and helpful.  

New popcorn sight words this week are:

* swim

* fly 

* run

* jump

* not

Before we wrote in our journals this morning we shared about our weekend and any other things we wanted to share, especially now that it is December.  Some shared about decorating their house, celebrating birthdays, spending time with friends and watching movies. For our writing we wrote a "target" or area to focus on when we wrote in our journals and then we assessed how we thought we did after our writing. Areas many wanted to work on were:

* Leaving more spaces

* Using lower case letters

* Writing more

* /b/ and /d/

* Sound out words

* Use popcorn words and words around the room

* Ignore distractions 

WOW!  So many great ideas to help us be better writers and learners!

Science & Math 

In Science the other day we transplanted our pea seedlings to give them more space.  It was tricky to make sure the roots stayed intact.  So far they look like they will thrive in their new home. 

In Math today we had a great discussion about 'Which one doesn't belong?" in the following picture. 

We learned different math vocabulary such as: left, right, quadrants and that 'quad' = 4.  We practiced explaining our ideas with a partner and then with the larger group. Some of the ideas were that: 

* the dice on the bottom left doesn't belong because of size - it was smaller and the other's were larger 

* the dice on the top left doesn't belong because of type - it has a number and the other's have dots. 

* the dice on the top right doesn't belong because  of it's value (amount) - it is 1 and the other's are 5.

* the dice on the bottom right doesn't belong because of colour  - it is blue and the other's are white

Which one do you think doesn't belong?  

Upcoming dates: 

1) No school next Friday Dec. 6th

2) Winter concert Wed. Dec. 11th at 7:00 pm & Thurs. Dec. 12 at 2:00 pm.

Fun Lunch & Book exchange tomorrow

Tomorrow we have Cobs Fun Lunch if ordered and we will be back to our regular Thursday visit to the Learning Commons for a book exchange.  Mrs. Schuman has many new books for students to sign out after our Scholastic book fair - thanks to everyone buying books during conferences.  

Today we received 2 gifts on such a snowy day. 

1.  Mr. Wilcox read to us a wonderful story called My Heart Fills with Happiness.

2.  Students received their own copy of the book as it is donated to all Grade 1 students across Canada.  

After reading the book we shared what fills our hearts with happiness. Some of the ideas were:

* Loving my family

* Making new friends 

* Being with my friends 

* Going to school 

* Playing games 

* Memories 

* Being with my pets

Winter concert dates - see chart

Oh the weather outside is getting frightful, so it must be time for our Winter Concert! Kindergarten, Grade 1 and Grade 2 are proud to present Flakes! There are four different performances on Wednesday, December 11 and Thursday, December 12, so please look at the chart below for your child’s class. Each class will perform in one show on the evening on December 11, and one show during the day on December 12. Please have your child to school 20 minutes before their show. Write these dates in your calendar, you won’t want to miss it!


Wednesday, December 11

Thursday, December 12

Early Show (5:30pm) 

AM Kinder



Early Show (10:30am)

AM Kinder



Late Show (7:00pm)

PM Kinder



Late Show (2:00pm)

PM Kinder



An important note from our Grade 2 Team 

Thank you to our Evergreen families and parent council...because of you...the grade 2s were able to reach their goal of raising $1200 to fill 50 children's backpacks with mittens, toys, craft supplies, etc. for Stephen's Backpack Society.  These backpacks will be picked up and delivered to children living at the numerous shelters in and around Calgary.

Thank you 

Thank you to all families for taking the time to come to our class for conferences.  It was great to have the time to talk about your child's success and next steps for growth. Please feel free to email any time if you have any questions. We can plan other meetings throughout the year as needed. 

Our new popcorn words this week are:

* fish 

* orange

* green

* brown 

* white 

Today we learned about the 5Ws (who, what, where, when, why) and that they start with a 'wh' like the word 'white.' We talked about how the 'sh' sound can be at the beginning, middle or end of a word. This week in Literacy we will be sorting 'sh' words into 2 groups - beginning of a word like 'shout' or at the end of a word like 'dish.' 

Further to our studies about the Canada Goose we drew our own by following steps. 

Here is the link for our drawing:

Book Fair & Conferences

Tomorrow evening is conferences.  The Scholastic Book Fair will be open during conferences times Thursday and Friday.  Today we browsed and saw many interesting books.  

In science we have been learning about the Canada Goose. We looked a variety of pictures and made many excellent observations. 


Your child brought home a 100-chart today.  We have been working on counting by 1s to 100, as well as, 10s and 5s.  The chart can stay at home for counting practice and to play games.  It also can be put in a plastic sleeve for protection and to write on with an erasable marker.  Some games you can play are:

* Race to 100 with 2 dice (add up to 100, subtract back down to 1)

* Guess my number?

* How many is 1 more, 1 less or 2 more, 2 less?

Fire Drill practice 

Today we had a fire drill practice while we were in Gym.  We learned what to do and where to go if we are in another learning space.  We did a very good job being Silent, Safe & Serious. 

The "popcorn" sight words this week are:

* some

* went

* cat

* dog

* bird 

Today we read a story called One is a Snail Ten is a Crab.  We were problem solving how to make 20.  

Important notes:

1) Thank you for returning poetry folders and booking conferences!

1) If you still need to book there is a lot of availability on Friday morning and a few spots left on Thursday evening.  

Poetry folders - return next week 

Poetry folders were sent home today to share. Enjoy hearing your child read the poem and help them read as needed. We use yellow to highlight ("butter") the popcorn sight words and circle the rhymes. Please send the folders back in your child's home communication bag next week.    

Thank you to all families for your generous donations to Stephen's Backpacks.  

Lockdown practice

Today we had our first lockdown practice for the year.  Students did a very good job following direction to gather in a corner in our room and stay quiet until the constable opened our doors. 

We continued with our Mondrian art.  Here is a sample of some of our creations. 

In Math we learned about Venn diagrams.  We graphed information about our families and whether we have sisters, brothers, both or none.  We used hoops and our name cards to show our class results.  We also graphed if we were the oldest, youngest or middle child in the family.  

Interview bookings

Parent - Teacher conference bookings opens tomorrow at 4:00 pm.  Conferences are a great opportunity to meet and discuss / celebrate your child's progress.  I look forward to meet with all families next week. Your child is welcome to join if you would like.  If you are unable to meet due to a time conflict, please email me and we can set up an alternative time.  

This week we have been learning about the artist Piet Mondrian.  We learned that his art was influenced by other famous artists - Monet, Van Gogh, Picasso.  His art changed over time especially once he moved to New York from Europe to include only black vertical / horizontal lines with primary colours.  One of his famous pieces is Boogie Woogie. 

Today we began making our own Mondrian inspired art pieces using black paint.  Tomorrow we will be adding primary colours using oil pastels. Here is a sneak peak at our first stages.

Wet Day 

Today was very wet outside.  If you would like your child to have extra pants & socks at school, they can be kept in a bag on their coat hook.  

Our new popcorn words this week are:

* can

* big 

* little 

* as 

* find 

In literacy this week we are working on rhyming words with CAN and BIG by making a web.  We are also practicing opposites by working in our small groups to build opposite puzzles.   

During guided reading we are practicing the reading strategy Stretchy Snake.  We also practiced stretching out sounds when we wrote different ideas about what Peace is after listening to Todd Parr's Peace Book.

Thank you 

Thank you for your support with our Stephen’s Backpack toy and book sale.  We have raised approximately $800.  This year, the grade 2’s volunteered to fill 50 backpacks, giving us the opportunity make 50 homeless children very happy.  Unfortunately, this year we have only raised enough to fill 32 backpacks and are short approximately $400.  This is why we need your help!  If all the students in our school donated $1, then we would be able to fill all 50 backpacks!  We will be accepting donations until Friday, November 15th!  Thank you in advance for your help!

Today we enjoyed a beautiful Remembrance Day assembly.  Students did a fantastic job showing respect and listening quietly as the Grade 3s performed handbells, sang Peace songs and shared their ideas about Remembrance Day.  Each class created a wreath. We made origami poppies. Two of our classmates presented it to an RCMP officer who lay the wreaths.  We also had a Grade 9 student perform the Last Post on his trumpet. 

Upcoming dates: 

1) Scholastic orders extended to next Friday Nov. 15th. 

2) Parent - Teacher conference bookings opens next Thurs. 16:00 PM (Nov 14, 2019), and booking ends at 20:00 PM (Nov 21, 2019).

3) Parent- Teacher conferences Thurs. Nov. 21(4:00-8:00pm) and Friday Nov. 22nd (8:00 am-12:00).  Therefore, there is no school for students on Friday Nov. 22nd. 

Stephen's Backpack Toy Sale Tomorrow

Tomorrow students will have the opportunity to donate to the Stephen's Backpack fundraising initiative and make a purchase if desired.  Items for sale include: toys, books and stuffies.  The price ranges from $1.00 - $5.00.

For more information follow the attached link.

We will also be going to the Learning Commons so books can be sent in to be exchanged. 

In class we have been learning about Bats. Some of the facts we have learned and written about include:  

November already!

The popcorn words this week are:

* one

* two 

* three

* look

* what 

Last week we scooped out our pumpkin seeds and let them dry.  Today we counted them by 10s.  In pumpkin A we counted 602 seeds and in pumpkin B we counted 151 seeds.  Our prediction that pumpkin A had more seeds was correct!

Halloween & book exchange tomorrow

Students are welcome to wear a Halloween costume tomorrow (optional). Please have your child leave masks, swords etc at home. Our learning day will be as usual with no class party; therefore, no extra food for the class is needed. 

Today we compared our 2 classroom pumpkins.  We used a variety of standard and non-standard ways to measure the weight, height and circumference of the pumpkins including a scale, ruler, cubes, links and string. We also scooped out the seeds and made estimations about how many seeds may be in both.  Over the next days we will be counting the seeds to find out which one has more and compare the actual amount to our estimations.  

Upcoming dates:

1) No school - Friday Nov. 1st 

2) Photo retakes - Monday Nov. 4th

3) Remembrance Day Assembly - Friday Nov. 8th at 10:40

Families are welcome to attend, and students are welcome to wear their Spark/Beavers/Brownie/Scout uniforms if they choose.

Stephen's Backpack

Starting Nov. 4 the grade 2s will be collecting gently used toys and books for their toy sale on Nov. 7. The money that they raise from this sale will be used to buy new items to fill 50 backpacks for Stephen's Backpack Society.  The backpacks will be distributed to children living in shelters in Calgary on Christmas.

Important dates:

1) Photo orders due tomorrow if sending to school.  Orders can also be made online with LifeTouch. 

2) Photo retakes next Mon. Nov. 4th

Last week of October

Wow!  We have almost completed 2 months in Grade 1.  We are zooming along with our learning. 

Our new popcorn words this week are:

* said

* book

* car

* house

* but

Our literacy rotations this week are: 

* Guided Reading with Mrs. McLarty 

* Writing and drawing things that are BLACK

* Writing our 5 senses at Halloween time

* Learning a new poem called BATS 

* Practicing our letter sounds on Starfall using iPads

In math we are learning about number pairs to make 10.  On Friday Mrs. Roworth taught our class a "Make 10" card game which was similar to a game we played with ten frames. Here are the number pairs we created as a class. 

Upcoming Dates:

1) On Thursday this week for Halloween students are welcome to wear their costumes (optional). Please leave masks and any swords etc at home. Our learning day will be as usual with no class party; therefore, no extra food for the class is needed. 

2) No School this Friday Nov. 1st (Professional Learning Day). 

Learning Commons book exchange tomorrow

Today we looked at our estimation cup and made 'smart guesses' about how many dice were in it.  So far, we have put jelly beans and links in our jar.  At the top is 10 which helps us look closely and estimate how many tens are in the cup. We also make comparisons to the other items that we have fit in our cup. Guess how many dice? 

This week we began literacy rotations where students collaborate in small groups to practice the popcorn words of the week and develop their reading and writing skills.  At this time, I read with students in small groups called guided reading.  We are working on applying the popcorn words we have learned, track words as we read, look at the pictures to make predictions and sound out words.  Below are some strategies we are learning.

Election Day

Our school was a busy place today as a polling station for the Federal Election. As a result we were unable to go in the gym.  Instead we enjoyed Cosmic Yoga in our class, as well as a variety of GoNoodle movement breaks. In the afternoon we stayed outside after recess to sketch our class tree in Fall time.  We noticed that many leaves have fallen off and they are a light green colour.  We also noticed that most trees have lost their leaves except for a smaller tree near the basketball hoops.  Check out how small the leaves are compared to the leaves from our class tree. 

Our new popcorn words this week are:

  • ball
  • you
  • do 
  • did
  • help

Upcoming dates:

  • Halloween Howl – Thursday Oct. 24th6:00 – 8:00 (optional) 
  • Nov. 1 Professional Day (No School) 
  • Nov. 8 Remembrance Day Assembly - 10:45 am
  • Nov. 11 Remembrance Day (No School)

Class garden & vermicompost

We have been learning about how Thanksgiving began by giving thanks for the food that was grown.  In particular we have been discussing how at this time of year plants are being harvested because it is getting too cold.  In a Mighty Machines farming video we watched it showed how Combines and other farming machines work to plant and harvest various crops. It also talked about compost.  Did you know we have a class compost? 

This afternoon there was lots of excitement when the students got to see / touch red wiggler worms in our class compost.  We fed them our banana and orange peels, as well as a dried up tomato plant.  Over time we will see how the worms will make soil for us to grow new plants. 

Learning Commons & Fun lunch

Tomorrow students can bring back their books from the learning commons for book exchange.  As well, it is fun lunch (Saucy Bread) if families ordered.  

Today we had gym - music flip flop.  Ask your child what they are learning with Mrs. Roworth and Ms. Bell,  The other week I heard the students play instruments and singing a fun Halloween song.  They sounded wonderful! 

Today our class sharing began about our family.  Our first person shared a picture of their family in Fish Creek and explained who is in their family and the fun games they like to play.  In the afternoon we listened to the story 10 Black Dots and we began making our own mini-book.  

After we came back inside from recess we had a surprise fire drill which was very unsettling for all.  We did a fantastic job stopping what we were doing and getting outside immediately.  An area we can get better at is moving quietly. 

New popcorn word cards

Please look inside your child's folder for new popcorn word cards.  The new popcorn words for the week are:  park   yes    no    come   all

This morning we arrived to see our plants have grown significantly.  Many plants now have roots, a stem and leaves.  Today we transplanted many pea seeds to give them more space and nutrients from the soil to grow stronger.  

In math we are practicing counting by 1s, 10s and 5s.  We often sing songs to help us remember.  Here are some links: 

Big Numbers song:

Climbing up this mountain - Count by 10s:

Count by 5s:

We also made our own 1-20 counting beads and organized our beads in 5s.  

Peas are growing 

Every morning the students are arriving so excited to look at their pea seed to see what growth has taken place over night.  They are noticing the root, seed coat and stem.  Look at these cool peas!  

In math we are learning new vocabulary such as estimating (making smart guesses), comparing, greater, more and less.  Below is a series of pictures of a cup with gems.  We made an estimation for the first cup on the left and then compared the other cups to make smart guesses for how many there were in the other cups. Ask your child to explain.  The answers were hidden ... then revealed. 


No School Friday and Monday

Snow again!

Oh my ... it seems more like winter than fall time.  We will be going outside regularly if it is not too cold.  Thank you for helping (once again) your child be prepared to crawl around and play in the snow.  This afternoon we continued looking at seeds and compared their size, shape and colour.  We also learned that Fall time is when seeds dry up.  It is also the time when seeds are carried on the wind or in the water or by animals and become planted where they wait until spring time to grow.  We are fortunate to have growing lights in our class so we can begin the growing cycle early.  Today we planted all the seeds we looked at which are basil, bean, pea, pumpkin, tomato, cucumber, sunflower and morning-glory.  None of the plants are labelled so we will need to be scientists and look closely to identify the plants as they grow.  


Last Friday we planted our own pea seed in a bag with a wet towel.  We will continue to take care of it and watch the changes up close.  Today we looked at variety of seeds and planted them in peat pellets. The first peat pellet is what it looks like before it absorbs water.  

 Our new popcorn words this week are:  

* she    * are    * go   * going   * at 

Today a sharing calendar for Oct. / Nov. was sent home.  The topic is Family & Pets.  Your child is either signed up for October or November so please mark down the date.  When it is your child's day to share 1-3 pictures can be emailed if desired. A note with more details about our sharing will be sent home tomorrow. In math we listened to the story Chrysanthemum and then compared the number of letters in our name with our classmates.  We needed to figure out if our name had more or less letters others.  

Upcoming Dates:

October 10th - Picture Day 

October 11th - PD Day - No school for students

October 14th -  No school (Thanksgiving)

October 15th - Scholastic book orders due (optional)

Zones of Regulation 

Today during our morning meeting we discussed the different Zones of Regulation.  Everyone was so settled showing they were in the Green Zone and ready for learning.  We talked about how sometimes during transitions and before / during / after recess we can be in the Yellow Zone and that we may need strategies to help us move back to the Green Zone so that everyone is safe and able to learn.  We may also be in the Blue Zone when we are feeling sick, sleepy and / or sad.  Throughout the year, we will continue to deepen our understanding of the Zones of Regulation and to help us be safe, caring and engaged learners.  See below for the charts for more information about the Zones and Calming strategies. 

Upcoming Dates:

October 10th - Picture Day 

October 11th - PD Day - No school for students

October 14th -  No school (Thanksgiving)

Fun Lunch & Learning Commons

Tomorrow there is Fun Lunch for students who ordered. We will also be going to the Learning Commons as a class so students can be bring back their books. We have also started home reading.  Yipee!  Books, books, books ...  After your child has practiced it, the book can be returned the next day to exchange for a new one.  

Today we listened to the story LMNOPeas and began creating our own 'pea' green characters by mixing yellow and blue paint.  We also added some white to create a lighter shade.  Tomorrow we will be adding the details to reflect our unique selves.  

Every Child Matters

Today we learned about why we recognize Orange Shirt Day and how all children matter.  We listened to a message from an elder and listened to the story When We Were Alone which was so kindly shared by a student.

This weeks new popcorn words are:   * blue  * we  * me   * be   * he 

Today we enjoyed a lot of time in the snow at recess / lunch and wrote about 'Snowtember.' When we write a class journal together, Mrs. McLarty does the writing and the students share their ideas.  The focus is adding to Our Grade One Story and we have the journal in our class library to enjoy.  We concentrate on communicating our ideas clearly and Mrs. McLarty sequences the ideas.  The shared writing experience also models how to leave spaces and spell words.    

Upcoming dates 

September 30th - Orange Shirt Day

October 3rd - Fun Lunch (Coco Brooks)

October 10th - Picture Day

October 11th - PD Day - No school for students

Parent Council Message 

“Healthy Hunger is happening again this year. Sign up to order lunches for your child(ren) on the selected days. Orders can be done for the year, or month to month. Healthy Hunger is also where you will register for some school events like Movie Night (first one is Toy Story 4 on Oct 10!) Please sign up at 

Thank you! Evergreen School Council 

Like us on FB for information, too!”

Learning Commons tomorrow

Students can bring back their books to exchange in the Learning Commons tomorrow (Thursday). This afternoon we had a fantastic Terry Fox Run / Walk.  Everyone tried their best.   Thank you for all the toonies that will be donated to the Terry Fox Foundation for Cancer Research - every amount helps and continues to spread hope.

In literacy we began our drawing / writing about our 'Me Bag' sharing.  We are learning to use spaces, print neatly and communicate our ideas.  In math we are continuing our learning about patterns by using actions, different materials and drawings.  One of the hardest patterns was ABBA.  Here are some of our creations:


Important notes:

1) Mrs. McLarty will be away on Thursday and Friday.  Please contact the office if you need to send a message to your child. 

2) Early dismissal on Friday (11:50 am)  

Terry Fox Run - Walk Wednesday 

Our annual Terry Fox Run - Walk school event has been changed to this Wednesday afternoon.  Please have your child wearing clothes they can comfortably run / walk in, as well as a water bottle in case they are extra thirsty.  As well, we are still collecting toonies for Terry.

Our new popcorn sight words this week are: 

* and    * the   * school  * red   * yellow 

We have begun writing our popcorn words in sentences and learning to leave spaces between words.  We are also learning to printing letters in the lines using mostly lower case letters and forming letters from top to bottom.  Popcorn sight word rings will be sent home tomorrow.

This morning we also had gym and music.  Ask your child what songs they are learning.  In Science we listened to the song 'Seasons of the Year' as we were making a seasons spinner.  Happy FALL!

This afternoon we had our first Fire Drill.  Students did a very good job being Safe, Silent & Serious. 

Open House tomorrow night 

All families (children included) are invited to come to Evergreen anytime between 6:00 - 7:30 pm.  It is an opportunity to visit our class and other learning spaces, gather information about our routines and Grade 1 program, as well as, ask questions.

SoGo Adventure Running 

Today students did a FANTASTIC job running in Fish Creek.  They had so much energy and are so FIT.  Great to see!  They also stayed safe and took care of each other which was very heart-warming.  

Important information:

1) Tomorrow we will be going to the Learning Commons.  The loan period is usually 2 weeks.  If your child would like to get a new book, please have them return it tomorrow.  

2) Scholastic orders due tomorrow

3) Please return parent viewpoints if they haven't been sent it yet.  Thank you.

4) No School on Friday.  It is a Professional Learning Day for teachers.  

Fish Creek tomorrow

We will be going to Fish Creek Park in the morning (9:00 - 12:00) for our SoGo Adventure.  

Students need to be dressed for physical activity in the outdoors. Please help your child be prepared to be outside every day next week from Monday to Thursday.

Here is a list of items they will need:

* Running shoes with a good tread 

* Athletic pants or shorts depending on the terrain and temperature (long pants protect from prickles)

* Wind or rain jacket (please check the weather forecast each day)

* A snack that can fit in their pocket

* Toque and light gloves if the day looks like it will be cold

This year we will be looking like scientists and artists at one tree in our school yard throughout the seasons. Today we sketched what it looks like in the late summer with full green leaves. 

Endurance running today

Wow!  Your children did an amazing job doing endurance running today for SoGo.  They ran around a marked off area in the naturalization area. Many students ran 6 - 11 laps non-stop, even in the warm sun.  Having a water bottle made a big difference. Tomorrow we will be outside again from 2:00 - 3:00.   Wednesday morning (9:00- 12:00) will be Grade 1s SoGo adventure run in Fish Creek.  

Our new "popcorn" sight words this week are:

* a   * my  * here   * it   * is 

In math we learned a new game Yahtzee (easier version).  Students use 2 dice and add them together to practice recognizing dots on a dice at a glance (subitizing) and adding them together.  The first person to cover all numbers gets a "Yahtzee" and wins. 


SOGO adventure running 

Next week our students will be participating in SOGO adventure running program. Please have your child dress for the weather and wear comfortable clothing, as well as appropriate shoes.  Our schedule is the following: Monday and Tuesday outside on our school field (2:00 - 3:00 pm) and Wednesday morning at Fish Creek Park from 9:00-12:00. Here is a link describing the  program http://www.sogoadventurerunnin...

Upcoming dates:

1) Evergreen Open House - Thursday Sept. 19th. Come visit the school and classroom between 6:00 - 7:30 pm to learn more about your child's learning space. 

Dare to Care Assembly 

Today we had a Dare to Care Assembly where we learned ways to get along with others.  Ms. Kim explained to us the difference between social conflict and bullying.  We also learned how to stand tall like a giraffe and solve our problems by telling others politely to "stop it" if we don't like a behaviour and calmly asking an adult for help. If you would like more information you can follow the attached link.  

Important info:

1) A parent / guardian viewpoint was sent home today and can be returned in folders 

2) Scholastic book orders were also sent home.  Please note they are optional.  Orders can be submitted online or by sending the forms with a cheque in your child's blue communication folder. Orders are due next Thursday Sept. 19th.

3) As a school we are collecting Toonies for Terry for Terry Fox Foundation Cancer Research


Today we learned a new poem called I am Me.  We were able to find and highlight the popcorn words I and am.  When we learn new poems we read it together several times as a class looking for sight words and rhymes.  We draw pictures to help us remember new words.  

Today we also had gym with Mrs. Roworth and music with Ms Bell.  We have gym every day and music on Monday and Wednesday.  Tomorrow we will be going to the Learning Commons to see Mrs. Schuman and sign out new books.  

Wet weather

Thank you to everyone who helped your child prepare for the rainy wet weather today as we enjoyed the fresh air and drizzle at lunch hour and in the afternoon for recess. Throughout the year, we will be going outside at lunch hour and for recess if it isn't too wet or cold.  

In Literacy we practiced our "popcorn" sight words by spelling them using white crayons and markers.  They were sent home to share and practice.  

In Math we created a graph to show when we will be having our birthdays.  We noticed that they are spread out throughout the year with only 1-3 people in the same month.  


"Me" Bag Sharing 

In your child's folder is information about our "Me" bag sharing.  Students can bring their items starting tomorrow for the next few weeks.  Mrs. McLarty shared her items which were: 

1. A bookmark because she loves to read and make bookmarks. 

2. A charm bracelet from when she was younger with charms of skis, a music note, ballet shoes, skates and a bike. 

3. A golf ball because she spends a lot of time on golf courses with her 2 boys.  

4.  A rock with a painted flower because she loves nature, flowers and growing plants. 


This year we will be learning a lot of new sight words which we call "popcorn" words because they "pop" up frequently when reading and writing.  

The popcorn words this week are:   * I    * am  * like    * to   * play 

Today we practiced spelling these words by making them using play dough.  


In math we made patterns using unifix cubes.  We created a pattern and then our classmates extended them.  Here are some patterns we discussed and sorted based on similarities.  



Early Dismissal tomorrow at 11:50

Today your child brought home a new home-school blue folder.  It is inside a plastic bag for protection.  It would be appreciated if both are sent back to school daily.  It will be used for home school communication.  A brown envelope with forms from the office was included today and can be returned ASAP.  The folder will also be used for home reading which will begin in a few weeks.  

We went to the gym today with a grade 2 class and reviewed how to move safely in the gym space.  At the start of the day we built math patterns using unifix cubes.  We also listened to a story called On the Day You Were Born and drew a small self portrait for our birthday graph.   


Second Day of Grade 1 

Today we continued learning about our Grade 1 routines.  We talked about making sure we eat healthy foods at snack time in the morning and making sure we save food for lunch time.  Since our lunch time is 2nd we are learning to listen for the bell to tell us to come inside and eat.  Everyone did a great job helping each other today!  

This year, we will be learning many sight words to help us learn to read.  Today we learned a new poem that we illustrated.  Poems are organized in a folder that are sent home and returned periodically throughout the year to share and practice.  Today's poem had the sight word and.

Important notes:

1) Please ensure that no food with nuts / peanuts are sent to school as we have several children in our school with severe allergies.  

2) Sending a water bottle to school every day is helpful to keep your child hydrated. 

3) Extra clothes can be sent to school and kept on their coat hook.  

First Day of Grade 1 

We had a great first day of Grade 1!  Thank you for helping your child get settled this morning and ease the transition. I am very excited to get to know your child and support them with their learning throughout the year.  

Today we learned about different routines in our class and school - especially for recess and lunch.  At lunch time our class will be playing outside for the first part (12:00- 12:24) and eating inside afterwards (12:24-12:47).  

We listened to two stories today - First Day Jitters and I'm Here.  Both books were about the different feelings that we may have when experiencing new things for the first time such as: nervousness and excitement.  We also drew and wrote about our play dough creations. In math, we practiced counting to 100! 

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RT @RobertThirskCBE: When you compress the 12 Days of Giving into 1, the Comets really come through! #awesomekids #justthestart #WeAreCBE

Calgary Transit is waiving the administration fee for the return of December adult and youth monthly passes. Learn more on their website. #yycbe #WeAreCBE

Information has been shared with families of students in Grades 7-12 about the move to at-home learning starting on Monday, Nov. 30. Learn more: #yycbe #WeAreCBE

RT @KiddleCBE: Grade 1 students have been discussing - What makes a great community? Here are their super citizens. We can all learn a lot from our youngest citizens. #supercitizens #WeAreCBE

RT @cranston_school: Staying connected across the school! We are all part of an invisible web! @patricekarst #WeAreCBE