Ms. Patterson

Weekly Schedule

Tuesday:   Library
Wednesday: Walking Wednesday
Friday: Friday Letters-Dismissal at 11:50am

Insulator Invention

We have created an invention that is effective in keeping an ice cube frozen for a day. They had to provide a description of how the invention insulates, use of materials and reflect throughout the process. In the end, they had to provide an explanation of the invention’s strengths and weaknesses.

After test #1, 7 students were successful in keeping the ice cube frozen for 4 hours.

After test #2, 16 students were successful in keeping the ice cube frozen for 4 hours. 

Monday we will modify and make our last adjustments before we do our 3rd test. We are hoping everyone in the class is successful in keeping the ice cube frozen for 4 hours. 

Washing Hands and Spreading Germs

Literacy Fair is Coming!

Ice Cube Invention Challenge

Animal Insulation/Addition-Subtraction

We did a blubber mitt experiment. How do animals survive the cold arctic water? Ask me about this.

Try out the math problem below. Ask me my strategy. 

Number Line/Curling Club

Lots of us went to curling club today to learn from Ms. McNabb all about curling. Ask me what I learned and how the point system works. What strategies did my group use?

Each group was given different equations/digits and had to put them in order from least to greatest. Ask me how my group ordered the numbers.

Pink Shirt Day/ Nunavut

We celebrated pink shirt day at Evergreen school. We discussed what bullying is, and what we can do to help ourselves and others. Ask me what I can do. We each designed our own pink shirt, and came up with a saying for it. See our class shirts below. We are very creative!

We finished our journey across Canada and will be staying in Nunavut for a bit while we learn the about the community of the Inuit people. As we explore the Inuit Community deeper we are learning about the geography, culture, language, heritage and the dynamic of this community. We have created a beautiful landscape of the North.

PINK shirt day on Wednesday to promote kindness and anti-bullying.

Today we had our in school field trip. We board a pirate ship and we learned about floating/sinking, plasticine boats, looked at different boats, and built our own paddle boat. Ask me about this!

Sun/Shade and Place Value Path

We have been working on understanding Hot and Cold temperatures. We did an experiment to see the difference in temperature in sun and shade. Ask me what my table group discovered.

We learned a new math game called "The Place Value Path" Ask me to tell you a number that has more tens than ones. Example: 53, 21.

In School Field Trip next Tuesday

We are looking forward to our in school field trip next Tuesday morning around Boats and Buoyancy. 

Our overview of the experience is all about Boats and Buoyancy. “Arrr…Matey! Come set sail on the ship Buoyancy and find out what a pirate needs to know to stay afloat. This exciting adventure will show all the land lubbers that it takes special characteristic to float and move in water. Take what you’ve learned and make your own paddle boat and become a pirate too!”

We are looking for one more parent volunteer to run a station from (8:45am-11am). 

Please email if you are able to attend. 

Blackfoot/Inuit Artifacts

Today we opened up the Aboriginal Artifact Museum Kit. We are starting by sketching the artifacts with details, labeling, and putting our see, think and wonders in our Visual Journal. Ask me about this. Check out the artifacts below. We read and learned about what the Blackfoot/Inuit people used these artifacts in the past, and what they are made from.

Sound Kreations

Our students have been working hard and enjoying our 2 week Sound Kreations Hip Hop Residency with Josh. This Friday will be a chance for classes to informally share their new skills and celebrate with their peers in a 1-2 minute dance. In order to fit a dance floor and all the student audience, there is not sufficient room in our gym to invite parents to the live performance. Not to worry though! The performance will be videotaped and shared with parents at the upcoming Student Led Conferences. 
Thank you to Parent Council for supporting this residency and to all the students for their incredible energy and enthusiasm during this program!

Ms Roworth and Mr. Josh

Raz Kids and Math Game

Today we are brining home our Raz Kids log in cards. Students logged in today and know what to do. They receive points each time they read a book, and do a comprehension quiz. This is a great motivator for students! Email me if you have any questions. Thank you to Parent Council for purchasing this for our class!

Ask me how to play the math game "Fill the Stairs". See the game below.

Hip Hop Dance Moves 

Here is a list of the dance moves we will be learning over the next two weeks. Can I show you some of the moves I know already? Lesson 1: 3 main types of GROOVES. Most other moves play off these base movements Lesson 2: VOCABULARY/MOVES-Bobble Head              - Bankhead Bounce-Prep                           - Drop it like it's Hot-Arm wave                   -Snake and Snap-Rock Steady.              - Raise the Roof -Patty Duke.                 - Body Rock-Swag Bounce/Walk.  

We have been working with place value. Ask me about my monster made from tens rod and ones cubes. How do I make  21 ones blocks easier to count?

We are still looking for 2 volunteers to help in our class Tuesday Feb. 25th. Please email Ms. Patterson.

Volunteers Needed:

Our class will be participating in a in-school field trip on Tuesday, February 25th at 9am. Come set sail on the ship buoyancy and find out what a pirate needs to know to stay afloat. We are looking for 4 parent volunteers. Please email Ms. Patterson- if you are able to join us. 

Arctic Adventure Writing & Experiments

This week we have been working hard to finish up our arctic writing adventure. Cathy Beveridge helped us with using our senses and showing rather then telling details. Ask me about my animal and adventure.

Today we worked on drawing a realistic detailed picture of our animal in the arctic. 

We are continuing to work on our Liquid experiments, ask me what material works best for a raincoat and why? We did an experiment about how much water is in snow? Ask me what happened.

Our Friday letters came home today, please be sure to write back and return for next Friday. 

Next week we are starting "Sound Kreations" with Mr. Josh. We are all looking forward to hip hop!

Magic Hat & Cathy Beveridge

Today we had Cathy Beveridge a famous author come write with us. We talked about S's of writing - Specific and Sensory Details. Ask me what another word is for light, shape, size. 

Ask me how the Magic Hat problem works. Try this at home. 

Movie Night

"Movie Night! Come in your pajamas and join us for the movie "Abominable" on Thursday, January 30! Tickets available through your healthy hunger account
Doors open at 6pm, the movie starts at 6:30pm. A candy concession will be available. All children must come with adult supervision. If you're able to volunteer please sign up at

What is your word?

Today we read a book called "Squirrels New Years resolution". We brainstormed words that we want to achieve in 2020. See you list below. Ask me what my word is, why I chose it, and what 3 action steps I will do. 

Welcome Back!

Today we settled in quick and got straight to work. Ask me what jobs I did during literacy centers?

We learned a new card game called Math Boggle. Ask me how to play.

We wrote about 2 truths, and 1 false thing we did over the Winter break. Ask me what I wrote about.

Thank you for all the generous and thoughtful gifts. I hope you and your family have a restful and relaxing Winter break. See students back Monday, January 6th. -Ms. Patterson

Reminder: Half day Thursday Dec. 19. Dismissal at Noon.

Math Games 

We learned some new card math games this week. Ask me how to play go fish make 10, addition war, subtraction war, and 21. We also learned how to organize a deck of cards. 

These are great games to play over the Winter break! 

Winter Concert Thank your for your support with the winter concert - especially those families that helped their child with memorizing their lines! The concert was a huge success and our class was very proud of our performance. 

Stephens Backpack Update

We filled the 50 backpacks this week. What items did we put in them? The grade 2s should feel proud giving back to the community. 

Winter Show Info: 

Our class will be performing Wednesday Dec. 11th @530pm. and Thursday Dec. 12th @1030am during school. Please arrive at 5:10pm. Students will go straight to their classroom, pick your child up in their class after the show. Students can dress in "fancy/nice clothes". We are asking parents to bring a non-perishable food item for the Food Bank.

Email if you have any questions. :)

Surface Tension & Kidoku

Ask me about our water surface tension experiment called the magic penny. Ask me how many drops of water fit on a penny and how surface tension works? Ask me to use the word "molecules".

Ask me about Kidoku. How do you play?

Math Problem

Ask me to solve the following math problem. What my strategy?

We have been practicing for our Winter show. Arrive at 5:10pm next Wednesday night. Show will start at 5:30pm sharp!

Stephen's Backpack and Computers

Thank you to our Evergreen families and parent council...because of you...the grade 2s were able to reach their goal of raising $1200 to fill 50 children's backpacks with mittens, toys, craft supplies, etc. for Stephen's Backpack Society.  These backpacks will be picked up and delivered to children living at the numerous shelters in and around Calgary.

Our class is filling 10. backpacks. We picked what age group and a boy/girl. Ask me who my group is shopping for. We made grocery lists, and had to go online to check how much the items were. We figured out things are expensive as we only have $25 per backpack. 

We also learned how to log in to a computer and go onto dance mat typing. Ask me how this went. 


We are starting our liquids unit in science. Today we walked into the class and saw this...ask me about what I first noticed, How he changed throughout the day and what I think he will look like tomorrow. 

Making 20 and Ontario

We travelled to Ontario this week.  What does it mean to be a tourist?  What were some important places in Ontario that we visited?  How do tourists help each province? 

Making a Splash!

Students looked at David Hockney’s California influenced pool paintings. The students were focusing on line, shape, and color while working on these. We also spent a good bit of time thinking about how our hair and body look different when submerged under water. The kids loved creating the look of weightlessness in their self-portrait. Hockney used interesting techniques to create the effect of light shining in on the water of his pool paintings and we tried to recreate that after our swimming lessons.


We are looking for a couple parent volunteers to come join us Thursday Nov. 7th either 9-12 or 1-3. Our hope is to have a couple volunteers sit and help out at the Stephan's backpack toy sale. Please email me if you are able to help out.

My dream....

Today we met a lady named Nancy. She is Stephan's Mother. She talked to us about Stephan's backpack society and how Stephan started the foundation. His dream was to make sure every homeless child had a backpack full of what they needed. Ask me what my dream is...

Please continue brining in toys for our used toy & book sale. The sale will be Thursday, November 7th. 

Ask me what I wrote about during choice writing time. 

Stephens BackPack

The grade 2 students at Evergreen School are looking at collecting used toys and books for a sale. The money raised will be to fill backpacks for Stephen's Backpack Society and they will distribute them to children that are living at shelters in the Calgary area at Christmas. We are trying to fill 50 backpacks this year!!!  

There is a quick video below that you can watch with your students to explain what the society is and who we are trying to help. 

Starting Nov. 4 the grade 2s will be collecting gently used toys and books for their toy sale on Nov. 7. The money that they raise from this sale will be used to buy new items to fill 50 backpacks for Stephen's Backpack Society.  The backpacks will be distributed to children living in shelters in Calgary on Christmas.


1. Swimming this week:  We leave the school at 930am in the morning so please have your child wear their bathing suit under their clothes.  We return back from the school at 11:15am. 

Please also send a reusable bag for them to bring their swimming things in to the pool (e.g., towel, underwear, goggles - if needed). Thank you to the parent volunteers that are joining us this week. 

2. Halloween - Oct. 31.  We will be dressing up this day but please send your child's costume in their backpack so that they are not wearing it to swimming that morning.  They can get changed into their costume when we get back from swimming.  Just a reminder to not bring any props (i.e., swords) or wear masks to school that day. 

3. Friday Letters: Please write a letter back to your child and return it by Friday of the following week

4. If you have earbuds or headphones that can be kept at school, please send them in as your child will be using them during literacy centers. 

5. Photo Retakes: Nov. 4

Quebec / Swimming

Ask me how swimming went? What did I learn? What were the expectations on the bus?

This afternoon we traveled to Quebec. How is this province different than the others we have travelled too? What was my favourite areas in Quebec?

Magnet Magician, Math Dice Challenge

We got to meet Richard the Magnet Magician. He taught us about how he uses magnets in magic tricks. Ask me about this. What are the 4 metals magnets attract too? Our magnet games we created are coming home today!

Check out this math dice challenge. what are the patterns on die? (The opposites add up to 7)

Ask me how to play this dice challenge. 

We started learning about Leonardo Da Vinci this week. Ask me the story of Leonardo? Ask me what some of his creations were. Ask me how he wrote in his sketch books. Try mirror writing at home!

Buddies, Art and Math

We finished up our Magnet invention/game/toy. Today we shared them with our buddies. Ask me about this! What worked well on my game, What would I change for next time?

We started fall art inspired by Vincent Van Gough. Ask me what kind of artist he was, and what the piece of art we got our inspiration from. (Avenue of Poplars in Autumn).

In math we have been working on shapes, and patterns. Ask me to create a ABBCD pattern at home using objects around the house. Ask me to create a growing pattern. How many does the pattern grow by?

Ask me about my Writers Brain Pocket. What memories (people, places, objects, events), facts or imagination ideas do I have in each pocket? We are trying to discover different ways to write. 

Magnet Toy/Game

Today we started creating our magnet toy/game. We will be sharing these with our Kindergarten buddies next week. Ask me how the game work and where I used the magnet? See some of our designs below. We aren't finished just yet...

Picture day Thursday Oct. 10th.

Library Day every Tuesday

Magnet Invention/Game and Math

We have been working on designing a magnet invention or game. The invention had to have a purpose. What is my invention or toys purpose? How does it work? What materials do I need? Please collect recycled materials at home and bring them in tomorrow. We will start building our inventions soon!

How many triangles do you see? Ask me what my strategy was!

Home reading: Students should be exchanging their home reading book each morning. Please ensure you try for 10-15 minutes of reading each night. You can have them read to you while cooking dinner, snuggled on a couch or right before bed! 

2D Shapes & Literacy Centers

Today we practiced some literacy centers. We are trying to get independent with them because when a group is reading with the teacher, we don't want to interrupt. Ask me what buddy reading, word search and making word centers are. What is my job during that time? 

Ask me the names of 2D shapes. Where do I see them in the world? 

Orange Shirt Day Monday/Reminders

“Healthy Hunger is happening again this year. Sign up to order lunches for your child(ren) on the selected days. Orders can be done for the year, or month to month. Healthy Hunger is also where you will register for some school events like Movie Night (first one is Toy Story 4 on Oct 10!)

Please sign up at

Monday is orange shirt day.  We talked about what orange shirt day is for.  See link:

Make 20 Math Game and Magnets

Today we learned a new math game called make 20. You get to take 5 dice and roll up to 3 times. You are trying to get as close to 20 as possible. If you go over you don't get points, but you can stop if you are very close to 20. Ask me how my partner and I played. You could play this game at home to build mental math and addition.

We have been learning about magnet poles. Ask me about what happens when you put south and south poles together or north and south. Why does this happen? How does a compass work?

Updates As of Sept. 23rd.

Terry Fox Run rescheduled for this Wednesday afternoon due to the expected weather on Thursday. Our class has raised $32. Our goal is $50. We are continuing to collect toonies ($2) for Terry Fox.  Our school is trying to raise $1000. 

Photo Day - Oct. 10, Retakes: Nov. 4

We will be having swimming lessons at the Acadia Rec Center from Oct. 28-31 in the morning. Swimming forms will be coming home in the next couple weeks. Please email me if you are available to volunteer.  Approx times will be: leave the school at 9:30am, lessons from 10-1045 and then arrive back at the school by 11:15. 

Friday Letters: Please write a letter back to your child and return it by Friday of the following week 

We are starting our Journey across Canada today, ask me what province I am most excited to visit. 

Today we took our class to Newfoundland and Labrador. What did we discover? What were my favorite spots?


 Collecting toonies ($2) for Terry Fox. Our school is trying to raise $1000. 

Terry Fox run will be Thursday Afternoon!

 Photo Day - Oct. 10, Retakes: Nov. 4 

Thank you to all the families who came to meet the teacher! We are going to have a great year!

Math Rectangle Challenge

We watch this video to learn that our brains are muscles we need to stretch.

Then we did the challenge. Ask me some different possibilities. How many did I come up with?

Ask me how SOGO has been going. On Thursday we will be on our 3 hour long adventure in Fish Creek. 

Ask me what the Mercy Watson series is about? What is the problem that keeps occurring in the story?

SOGO Adventure

Next week students will be participating in SOGO adventure running. Our times are Monday and Tuesday morning, so please dress for the weather and wear proper runners.  Bring water bottles.  On Thursday, the grade 2's will be walking down to Fish Creek for adventure running.  This is a special program for the whole school. 

Please check my grey communication folder we are starting an exciting "Friday Letters" writing task. Please read the directions on the front cover and be sure to reply to your child. 

Ask me what I learned about Magnets? What does every magnet have? (North and South Pole)

We have been learning about the story of Terry Fox. Ask me what is important about Terry?

Please start brining in Toonies for Terry. 

Ask me about the 2D shape hunt we went on. Look for 2D shapes at home. Next week we will be exploring 3D shapes. 

Welcome to Grade 2!

Thank you for your patience...our blog just got updated, and I will be posting with information, updates, and what we've been up to in room 74.

So far in Grade 2 we have been getting to know each other and learning the routines of the classroom. Ask me what our class expectations are? Did I make a new friend? What makes a good friend?

We are starting to learn about the brain and how we can stretch and flex it. Ask me the parts of the brain!

Each month we will be illustrating a chicken soup poem. Ask me what I drew? What was in my pattern border.

Ask me to tell you about the 4 different "Zones of Regulation" What are the colors and what feelings do I have in that zone? What are some tools that will help me be green.

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