Mr. Mclaren

Tuesday, March 10th. 

During language arts we spent time using an online thesaurus to help us make our Art and Writing more descriptive and get a little bit out of our comfort zone words.  You can check out our writing by logging into our Google Docs.  We also worked on fractions today.  I feel like we have a pretty good understanding of fractions so far.  It was really fun to play Fraction Splat today.  We had to add and subtract mixed fractions for that.  

In the afternoon we were buys with book club where most of us have been reading a variety of non-fiction science books.  We also worked on our own map of Ukraine, making sure we added the regions and resources and a corresponding legend.

Book orders are due by this Friday.  

Mr. M

Thursday, March 5th.

**Book orders due by next Friday.  Please bring in grocery store flyers if you get any or if you are out grocery shopping grab a few extras. 

During Art and Writing we had just a little bit of time to work on the future portion of our writing assignment.  Afterwards we practiced our volleyball skills during gym.  During math we continued to explore fractions through games and by working on some problems.  We also did some very cool esti-mysteries in the afternoon.  Search them out online if you want to see some more. 

In the afternoon we learned about geography and directions on a map.  We started working on a map of Peru and we made sure to include a legend. 

Have a great night. 

Mr. M

Wednesday, March 4th. 

**Please collect and bring in grocery store flyers for a social studies project next week.  Only flyers from grocery stores please.  As well book orders due by next Friday. 

We did the present section of our art and writing assignment today, coming up with descriptive sentences to describe our picture.  The students have done a great job being creative and using their imaginations.  During math we did a variety of activities today including and estimation challenge and playing a fraction game.  I feel like we are doing a great job building our understanding of fractions.  

In the afternoon we had book club and gym and finished the day off with social studies.  We shared the research we gathered on the countries we have been studying with each other.  

Have a great night. 

Mr. M

Tuesday March 3rd. 

A great busy day in room 70.  The students are getting so proficient at writing with descriptive language.  The grammar practice and the creative writing assignments have really paid off and I can't wait to see the final product of our Art and Writing assignment.  

During math we continued working and learning about fractions in a set.  The stumper questions of the day was "How much is 3 tenths of 20?"  See if your child remembers how to figure it our when they get home. 

After lunch each student had an opportunity to log in the website and try our free subscription to Number Rumble.  It's a great practice program for math for students.  Each student brought home their login id and password on a small piece of paper. You just have to watch when you can login because there is a time restriction on the trial version. 

We finished the day off with volleyball practice in gym and recorder practice in music. 

*Book orders due by next Friday. 

Mr. M

Monday, March 2nd.

**Book orders due by next Friday please.  

In the morning we started off with our Art and Writing projects.  We are in the midst of doing all of the pre writing but will beginning the editing of our final composition this week.  Students are beginning to get into the colour part of the sketching phase as well as the photographs are beginning to resemble their originals.  During math we started to learn about fractions of a set.  We played with some counters today and learned that fraction are basically another way of representing division.  Who knew?

In the afternoon we learned about natural resources and goods and services in the countries we are studying.  We spent some time working in groups doing some research to find out about these other places in the world.  

**If you have any flyers from grocery stores could you start sending them in for a project I want to begin next week.  

Have a great evening. 

Mr. McLaren

Wednesday, February 26th. 

Today during art and writing today we worked on the sense of smell.  During math we continued working on fractions.  We started a new book this afternoon called A Boy Called Bat.    In the afternoon we also continued on our social studies research, discovering how countries adapt to their geography and how people adapt their surroundings.  We finished off working on our mosaic art and some of us have completed it.  Have a great evening.  

Mr. M

Monday, February 24th.

What a busy way to kick off our week.  We finished up our descriptive writing task pair adverbs and adjectives with nouns and verbs.  The students came up with some rich and descriptive writing.  This will help them with the project we are beginning tomorrow called art and writing.  During this project the students will use their sense to analyze a piece of art and try to capture how one might feel from looking at it. 

During math we did our multiplication and division test.  I think it went well and it had a regular section and a challenge section.  I should have those marked and back to the students by Thursday.  Tomorrow we begin fractions.  

In the afternoon we continued on our mosaic, silhouette art.  they are looking very good but it is quite technical and a few students may need an extra day to finish.  

Have a great evening. 

Mr. M

Thursday, February 20th. 

**We will be having a math test on multiplication and division on Monday.  A few sheets we have been working on went home today and give a good idea of some of the types of questions that the kids will trying to solve.  As always I will include a challenge section for those kids who want to try it.  You will notice some of the more difficult operation sand problems on some of the worksheets. 

In the morning we worked on a descriptive writing assignment.  We were given sentences with a the verbs and adjectives outlined in them and had to add descriptive adjective and adverbs to make the sentences more interesting.  Great work preparing for our art and writing assignment next week.  

Students also had recorder practice today and play Quittich in gym. 

See you tomorrow for a half day. 

Mr. M

Wednesday, February 19th.

We have been really cramming a lot into our days.  In the morning we have continued practicing at displaying our ideas in a variety of mediums.  Today we continued with our journaling of the the most important events in our lives.  During math we continued our practice of multiplication and division.  Tomorrow will be a big day of review and we will have our test on Friday.  

In the afternoon we continued reading The Lemonade War.  It is an excellent book and the students are really excited to find out how it ends.  We also learned about the different kinds of services in other countries that we read about today in social studies. 

Have a great night. 

Mr. McLaren

Tuesday, February 11th. 

**Tomorrow is the big day. See you between 5:00 and 6:30 to play some exciting math games with your child.  We have worked very hard in preparation of this evening so please do your best to make it.  As well book orders are due tomorrow. 

We finished up our descriptive writing assignment this morning.  Most of us also finished up our posters from the Lemonade War.  During math we continued working on our word problems and our algebra for our games night.  Some of us have made some really difficult puzzles to solve.  

After lunch we had recorder practice in music.  We finished the day of making a list of our classmates for Valentine's Day tomorrow.  Students can hand out valentines to their peers but do not have to.  

Have a great night and see you tomorrow. 

Mr. M

Monday, February 10th. 

**Remember that our Math Games night is one Wednesday between 5:00 and 6:30.  As well book orders are due in by this Wednesday. 

In the morning we worked on a descriptive writing exercise in our journals.  We had a chance to use to help us pick out juicy words to describe the passage in our writing.  We also worked on our math algebra on google slides at home.  You will have a chance to try them out on games night. 

In the afternoon we had gym and we started to learn about goods and services in other countries during social studies.  

Have a great night. 

Mr. M

Friday, February 7th.

**Book orders due in by next Wednesday please. 

The students did amazing during their Sound Kreations performance today.  You will be able to see the video at the Student Led Conferences in March.  We are spending a lot of time preparing for our games night next Wednesday between 5:00pm and 6:30pm.  Please come in and spend some time playing math games with your child.  We spent a lot of time getting ready. 

Have a great weekend. 

Mr. McLaren

Tuesday, February 4th

** Book Orders due next Friday.  Raz Kids accounts are live online.  Log into teacher name: amclaren3.  Students should all know their own password.  

***Science Test tomorrow afternoon on hearing and sound.  Here's a list of the topics that could be covered on the test. 

What is sound? How does sound travel?

What do different sound waves look like?

What is the difference between volume and pitch?

How does sound travel through different mediums?

What are dangerous sounds? How can you protect yourself?

Why is communication important? How do people who can't hear communicate?

How do some animals use sound differently?

Draw and label the parts of the ear.  Explain how the ear collects sound and brings it to your brain.

We spent a lot of time preparing for our math night today.  We played math game and started preparing our wall of algebra for you.

Have a great night. 

Mr. M

Monday, February 3rd

**To all students participating in the weekly hockey pool please get your picks in tomorrow morning please. 

Today in journal we wrote about older people.  That had a lot of meanings in our classroom but essentially it was a descriptive journalling exercise.  We have been practicing up our math games for the big night.  We will do some writing activities this week to make sure that we have instructions for all of the games.  Remember that our sharing night is next Wednesday from 5 to 630.  

In the afternoon we did a review of the science concepts we have learned in our hearing and sound unit.  We played a game of Jeopardy to practice our skills.  Here's a link to the game if you want to practice at home.  We will have a test on Wednesday.  We finished the day off dancing in the gym for Sound Kreations.

Have a good night. 

Mr. M

Thursday, January 30th

We played a new game in math today called headbands.  It's a math algebra game for 3 players that is helping children build up their factor knowledge.  We also finished up our story mapping assignments. The students have been working very hard on their Sound Kreations Dance.  I hope you all have a good long weekend. 

Mr. M

Wednesday, January 29th.

** Book orders were ordered well over a week ago.  They should be in any day but they haven't shown up yet.

We practiced our story mapping skills again this morning with a very similar book.  We did a great job in teams identifying all of the main parts of the story.  During math the last two days we have been playing stop and reverse stop.  If you have two dice you can play at home.  It is a super fun game. 

After lunch most of us have had a chance to share our musical instruments.  I am very impressed with the quality and sound fo the instruments that have come in so far.  To end our day we had Sound Kreations.  It has been a lot of fun and a lot of work. 

Monday, January 27th.

**Wow.  I am overwhelmed by how many students brought in their instruments today and how awesome they are.  We only got to see three demonstrations but we will share a bunch more tomorrow.  We had 6 entries in the hockey pool this week.  Hopefully we will get more participation next week. 

In the morning we worked on telling stories using pictures by story mapping a book called "After the Storm."  We will continue this work tomorrow as many of the children found this more difficult than writing a story using words.

During math we played a game called double down.  It is an awesome math game that you could easily play at home with a deck of cards.  We also worked on multiplication and division fact families using arrays.  

In the afternoon we had art, working on a contrast piece that you will see during our game night.  We finished the day off with Sound Kreations down in the gym. 

Have a great night.  

Mr. M

Wednesday, January 22nd. 

**A reminder for students that are bring in their own recorders to please do so tomorrow as Ms Bell will begin recorder practice tomorrow.  

During journal today we wrote about what animal we would like to be and what we would do.  In writing this we continued our focus on the three aspects of writing we have been working on; spelling and punctuation, descriptive vocabulary and details.  

During math we worked on multiplication and division practice.  Tomorrow we will look more closely at the relationship between the two operations.  

After lunch we play a homophone matching game.  We finished off with a science experiment about soundproofing.  What materials in your home would make good sound proofers?

Don't forget to start making your home instrument. 

Mr. McLaren

Tuesday, January 21st. 

**I sent home a notice and a rubric about the home instrument project today.  Students can begin working on their project and bring it in for presentation next week.  No need to go out and buy a bunch of things.  See what you have at home and search the internet for ideas if you are stuck. 

Today we finished up our artist statements for our self portraits, which turned out amazing.  We practiced our multiplication and division skills today during math.  

The afternoon was quite busy.  The beginning of it we finished writing out names in sign language, which we learned all about yesterday.  Afterwards, we had gym and music.  Then I answered about 100 questions about the home instrument project.  

I hope you all have a great night.  

Mr. McLaren

Thursday, January 16th.

**Book orders in by tomorrow please.  Thanks very much.

We had a great day in Room 70.  In the morning we did a What's Wrong with Mrs. Brandt.  It was all about how the ear works.  During math we played multiplication squares to practice our multiplication facts and to work on game strategy.  We also started an introduction to division and had a chance to see how it is the inverse of multiplication.  

In the afternoon we spent some time learning about how animal hearing is different than humans.  To see this we learned how bats and dogs hear.  Tomorrow we will learn about how a couple of different animals hear.  

Thank you to all the parent volunteers who helped out on the field trip yesterday.  And thank you to all the parent volunteers that have been able to come throughout the year.  The support has been amazing and I have never had to turn down so many parents before :(

Have a great night.  At least we are only -28 right now. 

Mr. M

Tuesday, January 14th.

***Field trip tomorrow to Bell National Music Centre.  We will be leaving Evergreen at 8:45 am so please don't be late.  Parent volunteers, could you just meet outside my classroom by 8:40 am? 

Book orders for January due back by this Friday please and thank you. 

Today we learned how to spell words using ing and ed based on the type of verb it was.  It turns out there are a lot of exceptions to the past tense of verbs that don't follow the patterns we learned about.  Today we learned those that follow a single consonant, double consonant, an e or a y.  The students did a great job on the exercise. 

During math we focused on a variety of strategies and practicing opportunities to work on our multiplication skills.  When we do math on Thursday, we will begin with division.  

In the afternoon we learned how the tin can telephones work and had an opportunity to experiment with them.  You can make a set at home if you wanna have some fun on the weekend.  Ask your child how the sound gets from their mouth to your ears.  Finally we finished off today in music with Ms. Bell. 

Wear warm clothes for a potentially cool bus ride tomorrow. 

Mr. M

Monday, January 13th.

Welcome to the Arctic Circle.  We stayed inside all day so the kids might need a little fresh air tonight in small intervals.  Just so you know 5 students from each class started math with Ms. Vaknin today and 5 students from each class started language arts with Ms. Vaknin.  Your student received a letter going home to notify those parents.

During journal today we wrote about what we would bring with us if we were going to survive in the Arctic for a week.  It's really interesting to see what some of the things that students value as important for survival.  

During math we practiced multiplication with numbers up to 10 x 10.  Some of us are even doing 2-digit by 1-digit multiplication.  We practiced this in both word problems and computations. 

In the afternoon we got to make our own musical instruments.  We made harmonicas. Ask your child how the harmonica produces noise and how you could change the volume and pitch of your instrument. 

Book Orders due this Friday.  Thank you.

Friday, January 10th.

We had a busy and productive Friday.  After phys ed we watched a science video that brought together some of the concepts that we had been learning about hearing and sound this term.  We also spent some time working on a symmetrical art drawing of a self portrait.  They are looking amazing and you will be able to see them next time you are in the school.  We finished the day off working in our flexible math groupings like we every Friday. 

**Field Trip on Wednesday to Bell National Music Centre.  Book orders due by next Friday. 

Tuesday, January 7th.

In the morning after QSR, we practiced our cursive writing as some of us are still a bit tentative to use it on a daily basis.  We also did an editing lesson on where to use capital letters.  I feel like the class has a very strong understanding of this concept and that we clear up some of the more common mistakes today.  During math we worked on completing a multiplication chart and most of us made up to 8 or 9.  Some of us finished all the way up to 12.  We also practiced making arrays to represent different multiplication sentences.

In the afternoon we learned about pitch in volume in science.  We learned what an amplifier does and how sound is measured.  We also did an experiment with a variety of different pitch chimes and learned what makes their sounds vary. 

Book orders also went home tonight.  Please have them returned by next Friday. 

Have a great evening. 

Mr. McLaren

Monday, January 6th 2020. 

**Still missing field trip forms for 4 people.  Please get them in asap.  

I hope everyone had a great winter break.  We started off right whee we left off and quickly got back into our daily routines.  During the morning we wrote a journal about what we are most excited about in the next decade.  We also started multiplication by looking at arrays and examples of repeated addition questions.  

In the afternoon we started learning about hearing and sound.  We learned that sound is vibrations and we learned how we hear sound by learning all about the ear and how it works. 

Have a great night. 

Mr. M

Wednesday, December 18th.

**Tomorrow is Pyjama Day at Evergreen so students may wear their pyjamas to school and bring in a stuffy.  Report Cards will also be going home tomorrow.  Please try to get in any field trip forms tomorrow if you haven't done so yet.  These things have a habit of disappearing over the holidays. 

We have had a great semester in grade 3.  I have seen tremendous growth in each student in my class.  Our class is full or respectful, kind and intelligent children and I don't just say that. I can't wait for that second term but, like the children, I am also looking forward to a nice rest.  Enjoy the time with your family, celebrate, but most of all come back safe.  Tomorrow will be a light day, filled with a movie of one of the books we read this term and carolling in the gym.  There will also be a handbell performance from our last group.  Remember that dismissal is at 11:50 am tomorrow.  Have a great break. 


Allan McLaren

Monday, December 16th.

We started some story writing today during language arts using the following picture prompt:

We got a graphic organizer of our story filled out today and tomorrow and Wednesday we will work on writing our stories.  It's so much easier to write your ideas when you have a plan.  We also took up a What's Wrong this morning that we completed last week.  

In the afternoon we finished up some social studies research projects and some of us started on some holiday algebra creations in Google Slides.  Login online to check out what we've done.  

Have a great night. 


Thursday, December 12th. 

We did a What's Wrong today and  was super pumped with the results.  The students did the best overall they have done on them individually this year.  I continued to see lots of improvement in editing and spelling.  We also had a chance to see the "Flakes" winter concert today.  The grade 1s, grade 2s and kindergartens did an excellent job in their performance. We tried some more Winter Algebra today.  Below are a couple of the problems we tried. 

We finished off in the afternoon with some Social Studies research about traditions in the four countries we are studying and then completed some painting assignments we were working on.  Have a great night. 

Mr. McLaren

Wednesday, December 11th. 

Well, I don't even know where today went but it blew by.  In the morning we wrote about what our lives will be like in ten years when we are 18 years old.  We brainstormed about ideas around independence and responsibility.  During math we played a round of 5 questions and in the afternoon we worked on some algebra problems.  I have included a couple of the problems to solve below.  They were trick for some of us but some of us solved them right away. 

We finished of the day with our snowbirds art and some of us worked on our maze designs with Mrs. Broomfield. Don't forget the Evergreen production of  Flakes is tonight featuring the grade 1s,2s, and Kinders.  Have a nice night. 

Mr. M

Tuesday, December 10th.

We had a great day in room 70.  We learned about adjectives this morning, recognizing that they describe verbs and identifying which ones most accurately fit some sentences.  We also spent time this morning and afternoon playing some math games.  They tested our strategy and logic and also allowed us to work on our understanding of number sense and computation.  IF you want to try the games at home the games are magic number and 5 questions.  You need a 10 sided die to play magic number and a hundred chart is helpful to play 5 questions.  

In the afternoon we also started working on our winter birds art.  We will finish up tomorrow as well as finish painting our directed drawing of the Tj Mahal.  Have a great night.

Mr. M

Wednesday, December 4th.

**Please have all book orders sent in by Friday so I can place before the weekend. 

In the morning we spent some time working on our traditions and celebrations slideshows on Google Slides.  If you would like to see what your child and their partner have been working on please get them to login to their Google account at home so you can take a peak.  They can also work on their slideshow at home, provided they are completing the work independently. 

During language arts we learned about verbs.  We had to identify which words were verb from a series of sentences and then choose which verb would best complete a sentence form a list.  I am always impressed to see the growth in our writing and editing ability at this point in the year. 

During math we spent some time reviewing subtraction and addition facts and word problems.  Most of us made it to the word problems but a few of us are still getting mixed up on our subtraction regrouping.  A little extra practice at home might be helpful if you find your child is struggling.  Feel free to email me if you need some resources. 

We read a little bit of The One and Only Ivan this afternoon.  It's a great story that teaches the children about a lot of different social issues.  If you are looking for great gift ideas this holiday season it is a terrific book.

Have a great night. 

Mr. McLaren

Monday, December 2nd. 

**Please get December Book Orders in by the end of this week so I can make sure they arrive before the winter break.

We have a very busy day in room 70.  In the morning, we continued to work on our celebration slide shows.  You can check out what we have been working on by looking at at google slides account.  

We also started to finish up our graphing assignment.  Most of us are working on our questions about our data.  

We may have had a backpack go home to the wrong person by accident.  Please check to see if you got it. 

Have a great night. 

Mr. McLaren

Thursday, November 28th. 

We had a busy day in room 80.  In the morning we began a graphing assignment that required us to display our data in 3 different ways including a tally chart, a pictograph and a bar graph. We will finish these assignments tomorrow.  

In the afternoon we also started a social studies project about traditions and celebrations exploring the four countries we are studying.  The children will have an opportunity to share their research and findings by using Google Slides to display their work.  Today they had some time to begin researching their topics as well as spending some time getting used to the problem.  

We have a lot to take up tomorrow and work on so be ready for a really busy morning. 


Mr. McLaren

Wednesday, November 27th.  

I am not sure why the last two days of blogs did not save.  We have been really busy over the last few days so I will try to give you a breakdown on what we have been working on.

Some of us have started coding on the ipads using a Blockly coding language.  If you have logged in it means that you will be able to practice coding at home as well. 

We have been working on graphing and word problems during  math.  We have made pictographs and bar graphs during statistics using data we collected as a class.  We have also worked on some review addition and subtraction word problems today.  We probably cannot get enough practice doing that.  

During literacy we have been working on nouns in our grammar and words in handwriting.  Many of the students have made the transition from printing to handwriting in their daily work.  We have also been focussing on topic and concluding sentences in our journal writing. 

During social studies we have started looking at our family traditions and customs.  We will begin to study traditions and customs in other countries next week. 

Have a great night. 

Mr. McLaren

Wednesday, November 20th. 

**Everyone has signed up for a conference.  Thank you. 

We had another very busy day in room 70. In the morning we played science jeopardy to get ready for our rocks and minerals test tomorrow.  Some of the topics that will be covered include; soil, types of rocks, the rock cycle, layers of the earth, rock testing and how rocks look, the difference between rocks and minerals and some different rocks and minerals we learned about and what they might be used for.

We also started some statistics and data this morning by creating a survey and using the data to make a bar graph.  

In the afternoon we had book club, gym and journal writing for the group that didn't go down to work with Ms. Broomfield and Ms. Roworth. 

Study hard but play harder.  

Mr. McLaren

Tuesday, November 19th. 

**Conferences are on Thursday and Friday this week.  If you haven't scheduled a time online please do so. 

We had a math quiz this morning which went pretty well for the most part.  It seems the areas of difficulty include subtraction with regrouping and word problems.  I can talk with parents during conferences about areas of focus and talk about some activities to practice at home.  

In the afternoon we explored some different minerals and had a bit of a review about all of the concepts in rocks and minerals we talked about this year.  We will have a team game of Jeopardy tomorrow in preparation for our test on Thursday.  

Have a great night in the snow. 

Allan McLaren

Monday, November 18th. 

**Most of you have signed up for Parent Conferences already.  A reminder that sign-ups are available online. 

Today we worked on our Rock Lifecycle comics.  They will be on display during Parent Teacher Conferences.  The purpose of them was to show our knowledge fo the rock lifecycle through the use of comics.  We had a lot of vocabulary that we were expected to use in creating the writing for this comic which was outlined on our rubrics. 

During math, we took up some multi step problems that we have been working on for the past couple of days.  These are pretty challenging for a lot of the students, and they require careful reading to answer successfully.  Tomorrow, we will be having a quiz on addition and subtraction which will include addition and subtraction as well as a series of word problems with a varying level of difficulties.  Take a look at the questions that were sent home today an review them with your child to see if they understand how to solve them.

Have a great night. 

Mr. McLaren

Wednesday, November 13th. 

**Book Orders due this Friday.  Parent Conference sign up is now available online.  

We had a great trip to the Glenbow Museum today.  In the morning we learned all about the Rock Cycle and ways to identify different types of rocks by looking at them.  It was great.  

In the afternoon we had a chance to visit a variety of different galleries and do some sketching and reflecting.  Thank you to all the parent volunteers that made our excursion run so smoothly.  

Have a great night.  Be ready to write about rocks tomorrow.  

Mr. M

Tuesday, November 12th. 

**Field trip to the Glenbow Museum is tomorrow.  The bus leaves at 8:45 am.  We will be there all day.  Parent volunteers feel free to just wait outside our room after sign in. Thank you.  AS well could you please get book orders in by this Friday.  

Today we had a pretty typical literacy morning with handwriting, book club and editing a what's wrong assignment.  Overall the students have been doing quite well with the editing activities.  

During math we spent some time working on multi step word problems and reading them carefully to see if they need addition or subtraction strategies to solve them.  

Int he afternoon we played a cool math game called Closest To.  You need a 10 sided die to play the game but you can find a random number generator online if you don't have one at home.  

Have a great night.  I am looking forward to tomorrow. 

Mr. McLaren

Thursday, November 8th. 

**Remembrance Day Assembly Tomorrow. Students were encouraged to wear solid colours tomorrow like white, black, grey, red, dark blue.  Parents are invited to join in our assembly at 10:30.  We will be giving the students poppies to wear tomorrow.  Any donations would be gladly accepted. 

Today we spent the entire morning working on our triple piece of art for Remembrance Day.  They will be on display tomorrow as well as out posters that we made.  In the afternoon we had a rehearsal and we completely finished off the City of Ember.  Thank you to anyone who participated in the fundraiser for Stephen's Backpacks today.  Great job.

Allan McLaren

Wednesday, November 6th.

** Tomorrow is our Stephen's Backpacks sales at our school.  All items are between $1 and $5.  Any other gently used toys and books would still be accepted tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 5th. 

**Drive carefully out there tonight. 

Today we learned to classify rocks based on their different properties.  Some of these properties included lustre, colour, hardness, shape and texture.  We also continued to work on our capital letters during handwriting and have now made it all the way to M.  During math we worked on our Word problems.  We will have a chance to share our solutions tomorrow. We are about to read the last chapter of The City of Ember.  It has been thoroughly enjoyed by our class.  

I will send home parent volunteer forms for those parents that get selected randomly in our class for the field trip.  I wish I could bring all of you but we are limited in our numbers.  

Have a great night. 

Allan McLaren

Monday, November 4th. 

**Book orders and a notice about knitting club went home today.  Only pay online for knitting club if your child is planning on joining otherwise ignore the payment for it. Please have book orders in by next Friday.  I am still awaiting about 5 kids field trips forms for next week.  Please get them in ASAP. 

Today was a busy day as usual.  During mathematics we started to work on word problems focussed around addition and subtraction, looking for clues on what type of problem they are, if there were any tricks to the problem and if they required more than one step.  During science we got an opportunity to draw a soil profile of the earth from the humus on the top all the way down to the bedrock and learned the role of each layer and why they are like that.  

In the afternoon two of our groups got to work on a project and the rest of us stayed back and worked on our journal writing.  Today was thinking about whether we would rather visit outer space or the bottom of the ocean. 

Have a great night.

Remember to send in any gently used toys or books for Backpacks for Steven.

Mr. McLaren

Thursday, October 31st

**Happy Hallowe'en everyone.  Be safe out there tonight.  Please remember to get field trip forms on Monday if you haven't done so yet.  I have an overwhelming response of volunteers for this trips but unfortunately we are limited to just 3 parents so I will have to draw names.  If anyone would rather not go but volunteered to come please just shoot me an email and I can take you out. 

Have a great long weekend. 

Mr. McLaren

Wednesday, October 30th. 

**Hallowe'en tomorrow. Same rules as always. No masks, no weapons.  

Today was a really busy day (They all are).   We started working on subtraction and a couple of the students have a firm grasp on it but many of us are working on the regrouping problems.  We will continue to practice tomorrow.  We also started subtraction during Mental Math.  

In the morning we also started to make our poster about why we wear a poppy.  I will select a couple students from our class to read they're composition out during our assembly next week. 

In the afternoon we started to look at soil samples.  Its really cool to see how different the soil compositions are from soils that are literally  2 cm deeper.  

Have a good night. 

Allan McLaren

Tuesday, October 28th.

**Hallowe'en this Thursday if your child is choosing to wear a costume to school.

We had a really busy day.  I was super impressed with the student's addition ability overall.  For the most part the student's were able to add 2 and 3 digit numbers with regrouping without much trouble at all.  For student's that finished early they got to work on a challenge math problem.  Try it at home. 

The faces of a cube are numbered consecutively.  What might the sum of the faces be? 

In the afternoon we did a little bit of grammar work on using apostrophes to show possessives.  On Thursday we will compare possessives to plurals to make sure that the kids know when to use an apostrophe and when they don't need one. 

Have a great night. 

Allan McLaren

Thursday, October 24th. 


Swimming is all finished up now.  They kids did great and I got some great shots of them at the pool for the yearbook.  We also wrote our first journal in about 3 weeks since we have had so many irregular weeks of school.  Today we wrote abotu what we would do if we could communicate with animals. 

In the afternoon we finished up some science work about the rock samples that we brought in.  We tried to predict what kind of rocks we had based on the properties that we have learned about other rocks so far.  We also came up with a variety fo questions that we still have about the rocks we brought in. 

Have a wonderful night. 

Mr. M

Wednesday October 23rd.

**Pictures went home but I remembered last minute so I have a bout 7 kids photos here on my desk that I will send home with them tomorrow. Please try to insist on some home reading time (20 minutes a night).  A few students have been mentioning how they never read at home.  To help with that I will be sending home passwords for RAZ kids as soon as we get them back.  

Another great morning at the pool followed up by some addition work when we got back to school.  In the afternoon we had handwriting, gym and science.  During science we talked about our rock.  We sketched it, described it and tried to make predictions about what kind of a rock it is.  

Have a great night. 

Mr. McLaren

Monday, October 21st. 

**Swimming tomorrow and please make sure You bring in your rocks.  I book in the book orders today. They should be in next week. 

Today we went swimming to get the day started.  We also wrote our Math Test on Patterns and Number Sense.  I should have it marked by Wednesday and sent home.  In the afternoon we continued learning about rocks and minerals and the different properties of igneous and sedimentary rocks. 

Happy Voting

Mr. McLaren

Friday, October 18th.

**Swimming starts on Monday.  Parent volunteers if you could meet outside my room by 8:40am that would be awesome.  Please also make sure that your child has brought in their own rock or mineral for Monday as we begin our studies of Rocks and Minerals.  

We will also be having a math test on number sense and patterns on Monday.  Students brought home a review which will cover most of the items on the test.  

Have a great weekend.

Mr. M

Thursday,October 17th.

**Swimming volunteers can meet just outside my classroom on Monday - Thursday morning.  We will be leaving for the pool right at 8:45am.  Thank you.

We had a great day. In the afternoon we started learning about the rock cycle and the three different types of rocks.  We also learned how they were formed.  It was a lot of informations so we will begin going into each one in detail tomorrow.  During math we worked on a challenging math problem that made us use our organizational skills and our number sense knowledge to solve a problem.  We also started a review for the test on Friday.  We will take it up tomorrow. 

Have a great night. 

Mr. M

Tuesday, October 15th. 

**Book orders sent in or ordered online by this Friday please.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.  We had a busy day and didn't quite make it to science at the end of the day.  Tomorrow will be the beginning of our Rocks and Minerals unit and I am asking each student to bring in a rock that they would like to explore or that is special to them and they want to find out more about it. 

This morning after quiet reading and handwriting we worked on finishing up our postcards.  We should be done them tomorrow. During math we worked on comparing and ordering numbers.  I think the students have demonstrated a firm grasp of this and I will look at scheduling a math test this Thursday after we review tomorrow and Wednesday. 

In the afternoon we continued with our watercolour leaf art project. They are looking so colourful and amazing. 

Enjoy the leftovers.

Mr. M

Thursday, October 10th.

**Thanksgiving weekend. School starts on Tuesday.  Book orders in by next Friday please. 

I am thankful to have such a wonderful class that works hard everyday and treats each other with respect.  I feel like our class is really coming together and that is having a positive effect on everyone's learning.  

We started an awesome fall art project that we will finish up next week.  It's a collage using leaves, watercolour pencil crayons sharpies and paint. 

During math we started to compare and order numbers but all of our work on place value is making this task very easy.

Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, October 9th. 

**Picture day tomorrow.  

We had a great and busy day.  We spent a lot fo the morning finishing up some social studies research and our scarecrow stories.  We also took up a What's Wrong that we did last week which is in your child's backpack.  

In the afternoon we spent a lot of time working on our postcards.  It was a creative writing assignment about writing a letter to a person in our life about a pretend trip to one of the four countries we have been studying.  Having done the research ahead of time made our assignment much easier to write about.  

Some of the students asked me to post a What's Wrong online so they could edit at home.  Here is the one we did last week. 

What’s Wrong with Mr. McLaren 

Mr. McLaren got up early this morning so he  

could get to evergreen skool rite away.   he  made  

a quick breakfast of toast, eggs and bacon before  

he left   As he was walkin out the dore he smelled  

sumthing terrible.   

“What is that smell“ he said out lowd 

It didn’t tak him long to notice a blak and white  

creature racing threw the gras.  It was a skunk.    

He quickly grabbed his dog lacey and whent back  

 inside the howse 

“Maybe today wud be a good day to stay home  

frum work,” mr. mclaren thought to himself.  he  

went bak upstairs and hoped in to bed 

Have a great evening. 

Mr. McLaren

Tuesday, October 8th.

**October Book Orders and Hallowe'en Howl forms went home today.  Please have book orders returned by next Friday. 

Today most of us were able to finish our Scarecrow Stories completely.  A few of us need a little more time to finish which we will have on Friday.  During math we continued to study patterns over 100 including skip counting by 25s and 100s.  

In the afternoon we worked on our research for the postcards that we are making for visiting one of the 4 countries that we are studying this year.  We also had book club, learned more handwriting, went to gym and music today.  Quite the busy day. 

Mr. M

Monday, October 7th.

**Picture day is on Thursday.  Notice went home today but some students didn't get one. 

Today was our last day with our Author in Residence and from what I have seen so far I am quite happy with the stories that were created by my class.  You will have an opportunity to read the stories when you come in for conferences next month.  I am still waiting on a few swimming forms to come back in.  Please get them in by Thursday as I need to get the paperwork into Acadia Pool.

During math today we worked on number patters beyond 100.  The students did great on this and are really grasping the concepts of number patterns.  Mental math has now been divided into 3 groups to really challenge each student to their own ability.  Not one student received a perfect score today so I think the challenge is on. 

Have a great night. 

Mr. McLaren

Wednesday, October 2nd. 

**Swimming forms went home today.  Please get them back as soon as possible.  I am also looking for volunteers for those days so please check off any days you are available. 

Tomorrow we have our final Math SLA so please try to make sure your child is here. We will also continue our writing workshop with our Author in Residence Cathy Beverage.  

During math we did a lot of work with place value.  We also had a great challenge problem.

"How many numbers can you make using the digits 1,2,3, and 4? You can only use each digit once per number."  Some of the students didn't get to play around with the question that much so they could try it at home tonight. 

**Book orders should be in by now.  They were ordered 10 days ago. Hopefully by tomorrow. 

Have a good night. 

Mr. M

Tuesday, October 1st.

Another great day with our author in residence.  Today our focus was on the use of strong verbs. We basically found ways for animals, weather and people to destroy some scarecrows.  I am really curious where the final product is gonna wind up but its sounds pretty cool so far and the children are learning lots of good writing techniques. 

During math we worked a little bit more with base ten blocks and the representation of 3 digit numbers.  I have a feeling that the students have a fairly good grasp of this concept and that its almost time to move on to addition. 

Remember that tomorrow is Library exchange and I will send home the forms tomorrow. 

Have a great night. 


Monday, September 30th.

Tomorrow marks the first day of October, but looking outside you would think that it's at least December.  Thanks to the parent volunteers that helped out this morning with our author in residence Kathy Beverage. Always nice to have lots of hands on deck to get the most out of these programs.  

I thought the students did a great job adding descriptive vocabulary to their pictures of unique scarecrows.  During our math session today we worked on place value by creating some math robots.  We made them out of Base Ten blocks and calculated the values of each given robots.  We got as far as some of us being able to calculate the sum of a group of four robots.  Great work. 

In the afternoon we started learning some cursive writing and had our first Book Club of the year.  We also had some time to work on our Passports.  Tomorrow will be our last day to work on passports during class time. 

Have a great night. Go make a snowman. 

Mr. McLaren

Wednesday, September 25th.

What a great Terry Fox Run in the afternoon.  Thank you to all of the parent volunteers that helped out with the event's success. 

Today in the morning the students completed the online literacy portion of the SLA.  It took about 60-90 minutes to complete so I thought the students did a great job staying focussed. We didn't have a chance to do a book exchange today so I am hoping that we can get down to the library for 15 minutes tomorrow. 

During math we continued to work on placing numbers on a number line.  Next week we will get into place value before starting operations in a couple weeks. 

In the afternoon we had some time to work on our passports.  We are starting to add information to them about things about the country including language, food, climate, clothes etc. 

Have a great night. 

Mr M

Tuesday, September 24th.

**Terry Fox Run tomorrow morning. Please dress appropriately for the weather.  Bring in some Toonies for Terry if you can.

We had another busy day, with a lot of it completing some of the Student Learning Assessments.  This morning we finished off the reflection portion of the written assessment.  We also completed the written math assessment today.  Thank you to the students for taking their time and being patient through this process. We also completed a What's Wrong with Mr. McLaren editing activity that we will take up and send home tomorrow.

In the afternoon we started to make passports to record information that we are learning about the different countries that we are studying this year. We will have some more time this week to complete our passports. We also visited Ms. Bell for a music class. 

Have a great night.

Monday, September 23rd.

**Terry Fox run on Wednesday.  We are collecting Toonies for Terry if you would like to donate.

The students worked amazingly today.  They completed the English written portion of the SLA assessment which required them to plan and write about what they would teach if they were a teacher for a day.  We also spent some time this moring working with number lines and number patterns.  They are really understanding the concept of where a number actually fits on a line and how to use intervals to help.

We continued practicing for the Terry Fox Run in gym.  We also had a fire drill in the afternoon.  I really like how serious our class was during this practice.  We started a new book for our class read aloud called City of Ember.  

Have a great night. 

Mr. M

Thursday, September 19th.

**Open house tonight from 6:00 - 7:30. No School tomorrow. 

Wednesday, September 18th. 

**Please make sure book orders are handed in tomorrow or ordered online by tomorrow night. I will put the order through on Friday morning. 

We had a great day.  In the morning we finished up some projects were were working on about Quality of Life in other Countries as well as our Rip Art people.  Those of us that finished both of those activities were working on our Artis Statements for our rip art on Google Docs. You can sneak a peak at your child's progress at home. 

During math we spent a bunch of time working on increasing and decreasing patterns. We are becoming number experts and really understanding how numbers fit on a number line. 

The afternoon was a blast. We had the SOGO adventure running at Fish Creek Park. It was a blast. We will also have it tomorrow afternoon. Make sure proper footwear is worn to school. 

Have a big sleep earned it. 

Mr. McLaren

Tuesday, September 17th. 

Another very busy day.  We learned about the quality of life in India this morning and spent some time researching and documenting the different qualities of life in different countries.  We also had another outdoor session of SOGO this morning. 

In the afternoon we started to finish our rip art people and had music with Ms. Bell.  

Remember to wear proper footwear for our visit to Fish Creek Park tomorrow afternoon.  

Have a great night. 

Mr. M

Monday, September 16th. 

** I am waiting on parent viewpoints from 5 parents still.  These would be helpful as we are not having a sit down meet the teacher on Thursday.  It was on the orange sheet that came home last Tuesday.

We had a great first day back.  In the morning we continued to build up our writing endurance working on a journal entry explaining how to brush your teeth.  I used this exercise to help the students work on different sentence staters to make their writing more interesting and to replace the never ending sentences that begin with then.  What a difference a day makes.  Great work everyone.

During math, we learned what a range and interval are in relation to a number line.  We also had a chance to do skip counting patterns on a number line and estimate the value of a position on a number like given a range. It was also our first day of SOGO where all the students had a chance to participate in adventure running outside.  I saw some real red faces after that so great work. 

In the afternoon we spent some time learning about the quality of life in the Ukraine and making comparisons to our own quality of life.  We finished the day of working on rip art.  We could only use our hands and glue to make our compositions.  We can't wait to show you on Thursday. 

Book orders in by this Friday please. 


Wednesday, September 11th.

**Today forms went home for Handbells.  Your child only took a form if they were interested in being a part of a handbell choir.  As well, parent viewpoint forms went home today.  Please try to get those filled out and returned by Monday so I can read them all. 

In the morning we did an editing assignment called What's Wrong with Mr. McLaren.  They weren't marked today and were completed in partners to help get the students familiar with the editing process and to help them identify some pretty common mistakes.  In the future these are typically marked and sent home so keep an eye out for them and give them a little extra practice if you notice that they are struggling.  

Got just over half of our Artist Statements done today.  Looking at finishing up with those who aren't done yet during an upcoming recess period.  

During math we worked on increasing and decreasing patterns by 2, 5 and 10 today starting from any number within 100. 

In the afternoon we finished exploring the 4 countries we ares studying this year on Google Earth.  It was pretty cool to zoom right in and check our the differences in houses, buildings and climate.  If you wanted to do some extra Google Earth searches tonight the four countries are Peru, India, Tunisia and Ukraine. 

**Phys Ed will be outside tomorrow so please dress appropriately for the weather. 

Mr. M

Tuesday, September 10th.

**I have been emailed by a couple of parents that couldn't find my name on the Scholastic Website.  I had that issue fixed today so you should be able to find me online now to order book orders.  Thanks for your patience. 

Today we had a great day.  We continued working on our Artist Statements for our Adjective Art. A couple of us have finished and most of us are in the editing project.  You can go online to see the feedback and comments that your child has been working on.  

During math we completed a MIPI assessment to test the children's math skills from last year.  I can share this information with any parents during our meet the teacher night next week.  

In the afternoon we worked on some journaling and some social studies.  We had a chance to sketch and label our very own boxcars from the book we have been reading during our read aloud. 

To finish the day we had an opportunity to hear another story from one of our classmates.  It was very entertaining and we are enjoying the enthusiasm from our young writers. 

Have a great night.  

Mr. M

Monday, September 9th.

**We had a pair of the wrong size rain boots go home today if your child took them by accident. I saw three of the same pairs in this class so I am thinking that putting names on them is a good idea.  

Awesome start to the week here in room 70.  Started off with a brainstorm about fruits ad vegetable followed up by journal writing about our favourite season.  

During math we started to look for number patterns in a hundreds chart, looking vertically, horizontally and diagonally.  

In the afternoon we all got onto Google Docs and started our first Artist Statement.  You should be able to see what your child came up with so far when they come home by logging into their google.  I told them they could work on it at home tonight if they wanted.  

Quick reminder to return any opening forms and that book orders need to be in by next Friday or ordered online by then . 

Have a good night. 

Mr. McLaren

Friday, September 6th, 2019.

We had a great first week at Evergreen School and it was great getting to know all of your kiddos.  We had a get back to school assembly today to celebrate our school.  

In the class we worked on learning about Quality of Life and what makes our life better.  We also worked on number representation.  Some of the topics we explored including using words, numbers, base ten blocks and expanded form.  

We also started working on logging onto google docs but some of us could not remember our passwords from last year.  We will work on getting everyone back online by next week. 

Remember to send back in from packages as soon as possible and book orders by Friday 2 weeks from now. 

Have a great weekend. 

Mr. McLaren

Thursday, September 5th, 2019.

We have almost made to the end of our first week.  It's been great getting to know this group of positive, hard-working individuals.  We have an assembly tomorrow to welcome everyone back to school in the morning.  Remember that it is a half day.  

Today form packages went home that need to be filled out and returned.  As well, book orders went home that can be returned no later than Friday, September 20th.  You can send them in in person or sign up to pay and order online.  

Have a great night. 

Mr. M

Wednesday, September 4th, 2019.

Well, we got right back at it this morning.  After some quiet reading time we did a team assignment called Word Makers.  We used the letters in the names of all the people in our table groups to try to come up with as many words as we can.  We then added the scores fo the different words up to see how high of totals we could get.  

In the afternoon we completed our first assignment of the year.  We brainstormed a huge list of adjectives and the kids chose the ones that they though best described them.  We used watercolour paints to really make the lists stand out.  You will get a chance to see them during Meet the Teacher night. 

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email me.

I want to make sure everyone is enjoying their first week at school. 


Allan McLaren

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2019.

Welcome back students. We had a tremendous first day in room 70.  In the morning, we played a game of back to school bingo with our new classmates to get to know them better.  We also went over our classroom expectations and made some name tags for the coat hooks in our room. 

We spent sometime working on a page in our visual journal called Me by the Numbers, highlighting and illustrating some meaningful numbers in our life.  To stimulate our brains a little we looked at some patterns in Pascal's Triangle.  I was impressed with some of the mental math skills of our beginner grade 3s.  We finished off the day reading a story and playing Tails in gym.

Remember to bring a pair of indoor shoes if you forgot to today. 

Thanks for a great first day. 

Mr. McLaren

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