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March 26, 2020

Students in Room 1,

Another week has gone by.  I hope you are getting out and enjoying the sunshine.  

I have been checking my emails everyday both my and addresses.  Please email me if you want to stay in touch.  I have loved looking at some of the Google Slide presentations that some of you have been working on.  Watch for my comments.

Next week, I will be finding more about how I can help you learn from home.  Tell your parents to check their emails daily for how this will happen.

Remember that you can still use 10 monkeys and Raz kids.

The Public Library also has a lot of wonderful on-line resources that your parents can use.

Here is a problem of the week that you can try for now.  Send me your answers through email.

March 19, 2020

Hello all,

I miss you all terribly and hope that we can be together soon.  Until then, I will post on the blog every so often and pass on messages.  Remind your parents to check their emails often for information from me and the school.

I have checked that I have all of your email addresses and may send messages to you through your account.

Miss Bell and Mrs. Roworth asked me to wish you all well and tell you that they miss you all.

Keep well,

Mrs. Brandt <3

March 13, 2020

Mrs. Brandt's Comment Challenge: 

YS: First we had gym where we played badminton with benches.

AP: Next, we did our review.  It is in our backpacks.

KT:  We did our Snack and Video and watched a Time Warp Trio video.

GY: After, we did finish up and some people went to Grade three challenge.

KS: Last we did a Roman Numerals challenge.

HH: Reminders: Please check the CBE site for updates daily. Please note that we have been asked to postpone the book fair and student led conferences.

March 12, 2020

Mrs Brandt's Comment Challenge:  What is something that you learned about Djembe's today?

We reviewed hand washing.  It's such an easy an effective way to get rid of germs.

We played the djembe again today.  Would you believe the top of the drum is made out of goat skin?

We noticed how good we are getting at our division facts.  Practice makes perfect!

It's so fun to rally with a partner in badminton.  Make sure to remember to put the bird close to racquet to serve!

It's so important to pay attention to what you are reading so that you understand your story.

March 11. 2020

Mrs. Brandt's Comment Challenge: What is half of 1/16?

YB: First we did What's Wrong with Mrs. Brandt during book clubs.

SS: In math, we did multiplication, division, addition and subtraction.  Then we made some fraction art after Fraction Splat!

HH: After, we did gym and we played where you had to get a birdie in the hoop for 10 points.

YS; Then we painted our masks gold and the grade three challenge worked on details while the rest finished their Google Slides.

LF: Reminders:  Book a conference if you haven't already.  Please keep your child at home if they are sick.

March 10, 2020

Mrs. Brandt's Comment Challenge:  What is something you remember about the services in Tunisia?

LF: First we had book clubs.  We wrote about which country we would like to move to.

AF: In math, we worked on our fractions and then we played a pie fraction game and some of us finished our I spy pages.

AP: After lunch, we worked on our Goods and services charts in Social Studies.

BG: Next, we had gym where we played badminton.  We worked on serving and rallying.

LH: Last we played our recorders and saw a West African rhythm video.

KS: Reminders:  The book fair is next week.  Make sure you book a parent teacher conference on the link above.

March 9, 2020

Mrs. Brandt's Comment Challenge:  What type of full moon did we have today?

YB: First we did Circle of Courage and talked about cleaning our hands.

CB: After, we did book clubs and some of us read with Mrs. Broomfield.  We did handwriting centres.

HH: We did fractions with pictures, and we did mental math of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

KT: In Social Studies we made a chart with Goods and Services in our duo-tangs.

TW: For gym, we did badminton skills with racquets.

BM: Reminders:  Book a parent teacher conference using the link above and also see the notice about the Book Fair coming during conferences.

March 6, 2020

Mrs. Brandt's Comment Challenge:  What do you have to do to your clocks this weekend?

KS: First we went to gym and played bench ball.

AP: Next we did our review.  It is in our backpacks.

BG: Some of us did our Grade 3 challenge. The rest drew the Taj Mahal and a Llama.

LH: Then we did finish up time.

YS: Reminders:  Student led conferences are on March 19 and 20.  Watch for sign up on Monday.

March 5, 2020

Mrs. Brandt's Comment Challenge:  Which day next week is called Pi day?

AR: First, we had gym where we played volleyball with pass pass catch.

EP: Next, we had book clubs and some of us finished writing about our picture or started painting.

LH: In math, we did more fractions with squares and circles.  We worked on our I Spy pictures.

KS: Before math we had buddies.  We did centres with them.

HH: After lunch, we did studying on the environment of our four countries.  Then we shared what we learned with the class.

VH: Then we went to music and we played ZAP.

YB: Reminders:  Do the comment challenge. You can still order books until tomorrow.

March 4, 2020

Mrs. Brandt's Comment Challenge:  What colours do you find on Sican masks?

LH: First, we worked on our Art and Writing during Book Clubs.

KT: In math, we played a game using the fraction pieces and we started our I Spy pictures for Student Led Conferences.

GY: We made our masks out of clay today.

BM: Next, in gym, we did Volleyball skills with nets.  We were catching the ball.

HH: The Grade Three Challenge worked on our Dioramas.  The rest worked on our Google Slides.  Some of us were catching up on our notes.

HR: Reminders:  Book orders can be brought in until Friday.  Students Led conferences will be held on March 19 and 20th.

March 3, 2020

Mrs. Brandt's Comment Challenge: What is the group that made masks in Peru?

CT: First we were doing the typing for Art and Writing during Book Clubs.

KS: We did fractions in math.  We compared the sizes of different fraction pieces.

LF: Next we finished our sketching of the masks that we will build tomorrow.

BG: In gym, we played with Hula Hoops and did a race and volley ball skills.

GY: During Music, we played Bingo with our recorders.

YS: Reminders:  Book orders are due tomorrow.  If your child has an IPP, it is in their backpacks with instructions.

March 2, 2020

Mrs. Brandt's Comment Challenge:  How old would you be in real years if you celebrated your 7th birthday on February 29, 2020.

MR: We started typing our Art in Writing in Google Docs.

KT: In math, we got back our mad minutes.  We identified fractions in a picture, organized fraction pieces.  Once we were done that we played Number Rumble.

HH: After lunch, we did a design for our Sican War Lord masks.

YS: Next in gym, for the warm up we did a tag game combined with the warm up.  Then we did a three person volleyball game.

AR: The challenge group worked in the library and the rest of worked on posters or a slide show.

CB: Reminders:  Book orders are due Wednesday.  Hand in your review if you haven't already.

February 28, 2020

Mrs. Brandt's Comment Challenge:  Why do we have leap years?

KT: In gym we did Hot Dog tag and a round of Octopus.

AP: We wrote our review and it is in our backpacks.

KS: During snack and video some of us left to do the Grade Three challenge.

YA: Next we had our free choice party after our finish up time.

KS: Reminders:  Bring book orders by next Wednesday, bring back your review signed.  We can practice our reading with raz kids.  If you want to change your password, email your new password to Mrs. Brandt at 

February 27, 2020

Mrs. Brandt's Comment Challenge:  What does Doctors without Borders do?

KS: First we did gym where we practiced serving with volley balls.

YB: Then we did past, present, and future for our Art and Writing.

KT: In math, we did Division Mental Math.  We learned what a fraction is.  We also played on 10 Monkeys.

HH: After lunch, we finished our Global Citizenship page.

HR: We started to compose our own songs on the recorders.  We also play Au Clair de la Lune.

CT: Reminders: Book orders are coming home today and they are next Wednesday. Bring something for free choice party tomorrow.

February 26, 2020

Mrs. Brandt's Comment Challenge:  What group is coming to our school on May 11 to do a presentation?

MR: First in book clubs, we worked on I feel and did more coloring on our pictures.

KT: In math, we did 10 monkeys and did a mixed mental math.

LH: After lunch, we read story and went to gym.  We did volleyball skills.

YS: Then we did our research on world organizations such as Red Cross.

AP: Reminders: Fun lunch is tomorrow.  Bring back report card envelopes.  We have earned a free choice party for Friday.  We can bring things to play with for 1/2 hour.

February 25, 2020

Mrs. Brandt's Comment Challenge:  Where and when did Pink Shirt day begin?

YB: First we wrote letters to our pen pals in Miss Brandt's class at Roberta Bondar School.

JS: In math, we had our test and started using 10 Monkeys Number Rumble.

HH: After lunch, we wrote the names of international Global Citizens in our visual Journals.

BG: Next, in gym, we practiced our volleyball skills.

CT: Right after gym, we went to music and played our recorders.  We started learning songs for our musical.

YS: Reminders: Tomorrow is Pink shirt day.  Bring report card envelopes if you haven't already.

February 21, 2020

Mrs. Brandt's Comment Challenge:  What does import/export mean?

CT: First we went to gym and played Octopus. It is like a tag game.

KS: Next we did our review and it is in our backpacks.

YA: The Grade three first challenge group talked about community and chose on of the countries.  We will be making dioramas starting Monday.

CB: Mrs. Brandt's group did more facts about our maps watch snack and video.

HH: After we finished we did Finish up time.

YS: Reminders: Get your review signed for Monday.

February 20, 2020

Mrs. Brandt's Comment Challenge:  Why is the answer always zero when you multiply a number by zero?

LF: During book clubs, we did our hearing sentences about our pictures.

KS: We actually played with the seekers in Quidditch for the first time.  We played the full game and got points today.

YA: Next we had math and the problem was with a map.  We did a division mental math.

BG: Then we finished our maps in Social Studies.

LH: After we did recorders where we played Eau Clair de la Lune.

YS: Reminders: Hand in science tests if you haven't already.  Remember to use Raz Kids at home. 

Febraury 19, 2020

Mrs. Brandt's Comment Challenge:  What kind of land would you find in Tunisia?

JS: First we started writing I see statements for our art and writing.  We started adding more details into our art.

YB: We did a mix of multiplication and division after library.

CB: After we did more on our maps.  Some of us moved on to note taking.  Others started their project work in the library.

AS: In gym, we practiced using Snitches for Quidditch.

EP: Reminders: Bring back your science test if you haven't. Some of us have math in our backpacks that we did today.  We also have our checklists for our posters on kindness.

February 18, 2020

Mrs. Brandt's Comment Challenge:  Where do you find directions on a map?

BM: First we did book clubs after circle and started the art for our art in writing.

HH: We did division mental math, division word problems and two step math problems.

BG: In the afternoon, we started making maps of our four countries.

GY: Next in gym, we added taggers to Quidditch.

SK: After we talked about our Musical in May and played some recorder Music.

YB: Reminders;  Please bring back your report card envelope if you haven't already. Bring back your Science test if you haven't already.

February 12, 2020

Mrs. Brandt's Comment Challenge:  How high can you count by 11s?

MR: First we did book clubs and made bags for our Valentine's.  We looked for words we could make out of the words Valentine's Day.

CB: After going to the library, we did math where we had two problems and wrote our own.  We had a Valentine's math Sheet.

YA: In gym, we played Quittich.  We added blockers today.

BM: Then we finished our painting and gave out our Valentines.

AR: Reminders:  Come for Game night today from 5:00 - 6:30.  There is no school until Tuesday due to Convention and Family Day.

February 11, 2020

Mrs. Brandt's Comment Challenge:  What were the three random acts of kindness that I have watched for already?

KS: First we did book clubs. During book clubs we did what's wrong.  It had 46 mistakes.

AR: Second, we did division mental math, we learned a trick for skip counting on calculators, Then we answered some problems.

EP: Next, we did more on our India Silhouette Art.

GY: In Gym, we played Quittich with only chasers.

KS: We did a hand game called Mary Mack in Music. We played recorders - A, B, G.

AP: Reminders:  Tomorrow is our Math game night at 5:00 - 6:30. Bring Valentine's tomorrow if you would like to. There is no school on Thursday and Friday.

Here's a reminder that there will be no school Thursday, Friday and Monday due to Teacher's Convention and Family Day.

We learned what the word precept meant. It was from the story "Wonder".  These are important words to live by. One precept we know is, "Treat others the way you want to be treated".  

What are the precepts in our family?

We figured out what a silhouette.  Ask us about his project.

We started Quidditch in gym.  We learned the first role.  It's called The Chaser.

During circle today we talked about independence.  This means that you can solve problems on your own.  

For math we did division.  It's really the same as multiplication but only the reverse!  24 divided by six equals four.  When you're doing multiplication you do the reverse: four multiplied by six equals 24.

February 7, 2020

Mrs. Brandt's Comment Challenge: What are the four elements of Hip Hop? What is the fifth secret element?

EP: First we didi review and it is in our backpacks.

LF: Second we did Sanck and Video where we watched "The science of music"

BG: Then we did our performance.  We were awesome.

AP: Reminders:  We can bring our Valentines' on Wednesday. Wednesday night is Math game night from 5:00 - 6:30.  Handbell players need to be here by 5:20.

Hey there! We had such an amazing time dancing with your students! Thank you again for this opportunity.

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This newsletter, available only to those students who have participated in an SoundKreations Dance Program, is set-up to go to the parent’s inbox and is a completely ad-free, spam-free initiative focused entirely on building dance community and keeping kids moving and grooving!

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