Dress Code

Fairview School Dress Policy

TLC Uniform Policy

Uniform Expectations

•       All students wear uniforms. 

•       Formal uniform is required on Mondays as well as on special assembly or occasion days but can be worn every day. Informal uniform may be worn on all other days. 

•       The TLC crest on uniforms and throughout the program represents Alberta, learning (book), perseverance (lotus flower), and courage (eagle = “soaring above challenges”). 

•       Our school uniform colours are navy (TLC cardigan, vest, socks, tights) and gray. 

•       All TLC logo uniform pieces must be purchased through McCarthy Uniforms – 5911 3 St SE, Calgary.  www.Mccarthyuniforms.ca    

•       The name of the student is to be marked on all clothing pieces so that in the event that a piece is found it may be returned to the correct student. 

•       Each classroom will have a poster indicating acceptable dress expectations.


•       Plain White Long or Short Sleeve Collared Shirt (tucked into kilt or pants) 

•       TLC Crested Cardigan 

•       TLC Plaid Kilt (middle/junior high) or Navy Twill Pants (elementary or middle/junior high school) 

•       Navy Tights or Knee Socks 

•       All Black shoes with non-marking soles 

•       Bicycle Shorts should be worn when wearing the Kilt 

•       TLC Plaid Tie when wearing the Navy Twill Pants 

•       TLC Headband (optional)


•       Plain White Long or Short Sleeve Collared Shirt with TLC Crested Cardigan or TLC Crested Vest (tucked into kilt or pants) 

•        OR, TLC Crested Golf Shirt/Polo Shirt (long or short sleeve) 

•       TLC Plaid Kilt (middle/junior high) or Navy Twill Pants (elementary or middle/junior high) or Navy Walking Short/Skort 

•       Navy Tights or Knee Socks 

•       All Black shoes with non-marking soles



Casual Day Dress Code

.Casual Days are a privilege not a right.  The School has the right to cancel or re-schedule casual days as they see fit.  Teachers will complete uniform checks throughout the month of September.  Once it is determined that the majority of students are complying with uniform standards, information about an upcoming Casual Day will be sent home to parents. Below are the proposed Casual Days should students be complying with uniform requirements.

On casual day Fairview students’ dress should be appropriate for a professional learning environment. They should dress for a wide variety of learning activities and should be such that it allows for ease of movement, comfort and freedom from distractions for self and peers, in any given learning situation. Just as there is a mode of dress suited to office work, to the playing field or gymnasium, to various social or formal functions; there is also a mode of dress suited to each subject area and classroom. We ask that parents support the school with this policy, as we understand that your own expectations for home may be different. The following reasonable guidelines have been added to help understand our expectations:

·      Clothing that is not suited for a professional/business environment, (such as, but not limited to; beach-wear, muscle shirts, halter-tops, tube tops, spaghetti strap tops, short-shorts, tank tops, bandeau bras, miniskirts, and t-shirts with offensive slogans or images) are not permitted.

·       Clothing that promotes illegal substances (drugs or alcohol) are also not allowed. 

.        At minimum, skirts, dresses and shorts need to reach the end of the student’s fingertips (when extended) in length.

·       Undergarments, cleavage and midriffs must be concealed at all times. Pants should be worn pulled up to cover underwear. Tops which show cleavage or mid-riffs and low rise pants that do not cover a student’s bottom are not appropriate for a middle school.

·       Chains and heavy jewelry with spikes or sharp studs are not permitted to be worn in school.

·       Shoes must be worn at all times.

·       Sunglasses, hats, caps, hoods or bandanas are not to be worn in the school, except for special events that are predetermined by the school.

Appropriate clothing is expected to be worn by all members of our school community in all possible school activities such as dances, extracurricular activities and field trip experiences.

It is the students’ responsibility to ensure they follow the uniform schedule, as there are consequences for students who do not follow the uniform schedule carefully.  Homeroom Teachers will notify student and parent/guardian with regards to uniform concerns. Unaddressed concerns may result in a ‘Uniform Infraction”. Students may be at risk of losing the option to dress casual on casual days. 

Those students who continually choose to ignore dress code may be suspended.  

Casual Days

 As stated in the Standard of Dress and Grooming Policy 6010, school principals are given the authority to require any student not conforming to the regulations to change or return home and change into suitable clothing (such as gym strip) before being readmitted to class.  Dress and uniform expectations must be followed during any school-related activity, including school events and field trips.


Physical Education Dress Code

It is required that students grade 7-9 change every day into gym strip.  It is highly recommended that students wear navy shorts and t-shirt.  P.E. clothing needs to be taken home on a regular basis to be washed. Students must wear proper non-marking athletic shoes with the laces properly tied for P.E. class (not skater type shoes as they do not provide adequate support and are not always able to be properly tied). 

Grades 4-6 do not change for PE. Grades 4-6 must have clean indoor non-marking athletic shoes for PE Class. 

Outdoor Activity

Students will be informed well ahead of time when they are scheduled to be outside for P.E. Students would demonstrate responsibility and preparedness by bringing a sweatshirt and sweatpants to wear over gym strip when required. For hygienic reasons, students can not wear their TLC sweater for P.E. activity that they are wearing for the school day. It is a great idea to store these extra clothes in your gym bag or P.E. locker. It is always an expectation that you are prepared for P.E. class. The only exception to this rule would be if a winter jacket is required, at which time a teacher will direct the student to stop at their hall locker.

Lost & Found

Students are advised to check the box kept across from the office for any items that may have been turned in.   

Due to hygienic reasons, all lost and found items such as lunch boxes and water bottles will be thrown out on a weekly basis.

All clothing that is not identifiable with the student’s name, cannot be returned to the student.  This includes TLC clothing.  It is the parent and student’s responsibility to ensure that their clothing is identifiable with the student’s name.

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