Cafeteria & Menu

Grades 4-6 students will be required to eat their lunch in their homeroom (under supervision). Grades 7-9 students may leave the school campus during the lunch hour and/or eat in the lower gym hallway or lower east hallway. There will be microwaves available to students.    Please plan lunches accordingly.  

Lunchroom & Nutrition Breaks

All students are expected to pick up their garbage and place it in the appropriate containers. Our school has many recycling bins and composts, so waste should be discarded appropriately.

  • On nice weather days, students must go outside during their lunch break if they are not in a teacher supervised activity.
  • Students are not to be in classes at lunch unsupervised.
  • During “Bad Weather” please sit in areas indicated as a “Bad Weather Lunch Zone”.
  • No Slurpees, slushy drinks or ice cream cones in the school.
  • No disposable cups with lids.

Grades 4 – 6 students must eat in their homeroom space, and they must ensure they clean up after themselves. They must stay on school property when outside for lunch recess. Most lunch activities begin at 12:37, unless otherwise stated, and all students not involved in a lunch activity must go outside at 12:37, unless during extreme weather.

Grades 7 – 9 students are not restricted to the school campus for lunch, but are still responsible for cleaning up after themselves and acting in a respectful and safe manner that favorably represents our school, themselves, and their families. 

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