** We no longer offer a cafeteria service.

Lunch is a 46-minute break, beginning at 12:12, unless otherwise stated. All students not involved in a lunch activity must go outside at 12:32.

Lunch Supervision

The Calgary Board of Education provides students with the option to stay at school for lunch. Lunch Supervision is offered to all students in Grades 1- 6 and in our full-day kindergarten programs for an annual fee. Please visit our Lunch Supervision page for more information.

Lunch Procedures

All Students are expected to eat in their designated lunchroom or designated areas and are responsible to lunchroom supervisors and teachers for behaviour during lunchtime.  Students need to bring a lunch that does not require heating and the appropriate utensils with which to eat their lunch.  It is the student’s responsibility to keep the school tidy, pick up their garbage and clean their eating area before leaving.  Our school has many recycling bins and composts, so waste should be discarded appropriately.  Please keep food wrapped up in lockers and ensure that uneaten food is disposed of appropriately, or taken home.  All lunch containers should be taken home on a daily basis.  

Grade 4, 5 and 6 students will eat in their homeroom location.   During the second half of lunch they may access the designated outside area for their grade group. They must stay on school property when outside for lunch recess.

Grade 7, must eat in their designated lunch space and remain on campus for the second half of lunch.

Grades 8 and 9 are allowed to leave the school campus during the lunch break.  Although Grade 8 – 9 students are not restricted to the school campus for lunch, students are responsible to their parents and the school for their behaviour in the community.  Should they choose to eat their lunch inside, they will eat in the lower gym hallway, lower east hallway area or cafeteria space as designated.  Should students choose to exit the building at the beginning of the lunch break they will not be allowed re-enter the school until the end of the lunch break, weather permitting.

On nice weather days, students must go outside during their lunch break if they are not in a teacher supervised activity.

Students are not to be in classes at lunch unsupervised.

No Slurpees, slushy drinks or ice cream cones in the school.

No disposable cups with lids.


We are an “Allergy Aware” School. Please let us know if your child has food allergies and requires support. For more information about this and other health concerns visit our Illness & Medical page.

Fun Lunches

Fun lunches give our students an opportunity to eat lunch, socialize with their friends at school and take part in special activities.  Fun lunches are organized by Fairview Parent Society and they are used as a fundraiser for the school.  Fun Lunches will be scheduled on the following Fridays:

October 21                                          November 18                                      December 22

January 20                                          February 24                                        March 24

April 21                                               May 19           

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