At Fairview we believe that athletics are to be an enjoyable experience for students that wish to take part. We place far less emphasis on the competitive side of sport and more on the developmental and fun side of playing. For many of our athletes, middle level sports will be the first time they play a sport at the school level. Our philosophy on how we build our teams is that at the senior level we will give the greatest priority to grade 9's. The exception to this will be if we do not have sufficient numbers of grade 9 students to have a team. 

At this point we would look to our younger grades to help fill spots on the team, beginning with grade 8. In addition, if we have a younger player that would be far better served by playing on a senior team due to their ability, the decision could be made to place them on the senior team. This will be a case by case decision made by the athletic department in consultation with our administration, the student and the family. 

We firmly believe that our Grade 8's will and should lead our junior team. This offers them the opportunity to provide their experience and leadership to our younger players. It will also serve to strengthen the junior program and build for our future senior program.  For those that are not able to make our junior team, we offer intramural programs and athletic clubs that do not require a tryout.

All of our teams are coached by volunteers, mostly teachers that give up their personal time to work with our students. It is only because of their dedication and determination that we are able to offer athletics and the middle school level.

Possible teams that can be offered are below.

Team Division
Cross Country grade 6-9 
Girls' Soccer grade 6-9
Boys' Soccergrade 6-9 
Boys' VolleyballJunior
Boys' VolleyballSenior
Girls' VolleyballJunior
Girls' VolleyballSenior
Boys' BasketballJunior
Boys' BasketballSenior
Girls' BasketballJunior
Girls' BasketballSenior
BadmintonGrade 6
BadmintonGrade 7
BadmintonGrade 8
BadmintonGrade 9

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