At Fairview there are multiple opportunities for students to participate in a wide variety of clubs.  Depending on student interest and teacher availability, clubs will change year over year.  

Examples of some potential clubs are:

- Student Council, House League, Anti-Racism Task Force, Social Awareness Society, Games, Clay Club and Leadership.  

 Fairview Anti-racism Task Force

Members of the task force will demonstrate a genuine passion and commitment towards supporting ALL marginalized communities and celebrate diversity and inclusion in the Fairview community and beyond. The Anti-Racism Task Force is led by grade 6 teachers, Ms. Lee & Mr. Anderson.

Members will be invited to join based on the following criteria:

-        Passion for achieving social justice and equity for all by TAKING MEANINGFUL ACTION

-        Thinks through the lens of compassion and empathy

-        Exemplifies leadership/role model behavior in and out of the classroom and school

-        Continues to educate self and others whenever possible

-        Responsible and accountable

-        Show authentic allyship; does not commit to this work for any other reason than to show real solidarity to marginalized groups (aka. NOT performative)


The official process will be announced in the 2022-2023 school year.

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