Physical Education

The Physical Education team would like to welcome your child to the Fairview P.E. Program.  Our goal in P.E. is for each student to be physically active on a daily basis through a variety of sports and activities.  There are a few things that we would like to outline for you to make the transition and/or continuation in P.E. an easy one.  Please take the time to read through the reminders listed below:


  • Your child (Gr. 7-9) will be provided with a gym locker and it is their responsibility to keep their combination private and lock up all of their belongings. We recommend that they do not bring valuables to P.E. 
  • The P.E. department is not responsible for any lost of stolen items. 
  • You are not allowed to bring a lock from home.

Gym Strip

  • Grades 7-9 students will be required to change for P.E. into appropriate athletic wear in Fairview & TLC colours of navy (shorts and t-shirt). 
  • Your child must have a sweatshirt & sweatpants for their P.E. locker to be prepared for the weather.
  • We use outside spaces in all weather in accordance with the CBE guidelines.

     Each student needs a separate pair of non-marking running shoes, laces would be preferred. Skater shoes, UGGS, or slip on shoes are not appropriate as they lack support.


·        Respect each other, equipment, & the change rooms.

·        Students are not allowed cell phones in P.E. classes or the change rooms.

·        If you are injured in P.E. please ensure that you report it to a P.E. teacher.

·        Hair must be tied back for safety, no jewellery (except for a Fitbit type devices), and no gum.


·        If a student is well enough to be at school, they must participate in P.E. to the best of their abilities. 

·        If a student is suffering from an injury or illness, they must have a note from a parent/guardian excusing them from class with a reason and how long they will not be participating.

·        If a student has a prolonged injury or sickness (more than 5 days) a doctor’s note may be required with specifics as to what the student can and cannot do.  We would like to have them remain active if possible with modifications.

Interschool Athletics

·        Students in Grade 6-9 are eligible to play for school teams. Teams will be chosen by a try-out process.

·        Fairview offers X-country, soccer, volleyball, basketball and badminton teams.

·        Fill out the Athletic Tryout form for any sport you may want to try out for to make the process timelier.

·        This is an activity in addition to what is offered during the regular school day.  There is an additional fee associated with playing as there are expenses that must be covered.  If payment is an issue, inform the coach and arrangements may be able to be made.

·        Games and practices take place before and/or after regular school hours. Games often take place at other schools.

·        Players are responsible for arranging their own transportation to and from practices and games.

Our goal is to have each student active and performing to their best of abilities and referring to the reminders stated above will help the program run smoothly.  We are excited for the upcoming school year and if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the P.E. Department.


Mindy Walliser                   Corey Taylor                       Shannon Wagner

P.E. Learning Leaner          P.E. Teacher                         P.E.  Teacher


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