Parent Resources

Below is a list of resources that parents and guardians may find helpful:

How Can I Help My Child?

  • Keep your child healthy. Seeing, hearing and feeling well are essential to learning.
  • Talk with your child.
  • Listen to your child. Encourage them to talk about their everyday activities.
  • Praise your child. Praise and recognition reinforce learning. They need your support and encouragement.
  • Be patient with your child. Even though you may assist them with homework, they may make the same mistake many times. Some experts say it takes 15 repetitions to learn something new.
  • Avoid comparing your children. Each child is unique. Some learn faster than others. Love them for who they are, no matter how they do in school
  • Set the stage for good homework habits. Have tools and a consistent place and time to work
  • Schedule homework on a regular basis. If no homework, use this time for review, studying or reading.
  • Stick with a set bedtime. Learning is hard work and requires full use of all faculties. Adequate sleep is essential for the learning process. 
  • Support excellent attendance at school. When children miss school, they may miss the presentation of new information, and it can be hard to catch up.  

  • Know what your child is doing in school and how they are doing. If they have having problems, don’t wait for the school to contact you. Find out how you can help.
  • Make family times meaningful. Research supports that families who eat dinner together have children who do better at school. Share and discuss opinions to help develop public speaking and debating skills.
  • Make TV your servant, not master. Help kids choose appropriate programs to watch, and discuss with them after words.
  • Take you child places. Visits to nature, science centers, museums, airports and so on will help broaden their experiences.
  • Discuss book choices and get involved with what your kids are reading.
  • Listen as you child tells you about what they have read. Reading is not reading unless it is accompanied with understanding. 
  • Provide a wide variety of reading materials for your child at home. It is infinitely more effective for your children to see you reading often than it is for you to tell them to read.
  • Give your child books as gifts. Graphic novels are a neat reading experience that many kids enjoy.
  • Get your child interested in daily newspapers or on line digital editions. The writing communicates a sense of vitality and immediacy that can piques a child’s interest. Another suggestion: intrigue your children with their own magazine subscriptions.
  • Join and use the public library. Ask the librarian to suggest the latest and best books to suit your child’s age and interests.

For Fairview Students

  • Check D2L with your child on a regular basis and become familiar with the features of this learning environment.
  • Visit this website for events, online learning resources and links to teacher updates.
  • Read the online newsletters – find out what’s happening and talk with your kids.
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RT @CPCobras: Who wouldn’t feel welcomed and represented walking past this everyday. Thank you to Mrs. Sealy for all of her hard work creating this bulletin board that represents the languages spoken and home countries of our staff and students! #WeAreCBE

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Interested in your child’s mental health? Sign up for a free online session with AHS: Understanding & Promoting Youth Mental Health for Families & Caregivers Tuesday, Dec. 6 from 7-8:30pm #WeAreCBE