Digital Citizenship

Falconridge Family Contract for Digital Citizenship

1.     I will not share personal information online such as my name, address, telephone number, parental work address/telephone number, passwords, or the name and location of my school without my parental and teacher permission.

2.     I will tell my parents or teachers immediately if I encounter any information that is inappropriate or makes me feel uncomfortable.

3.     I will never get together with someone I encounter online. I will notify my parents or teachers immediately if someone online wants to meet in person.

4.     I will never post my picture on the Internet or send a person my picture or any other personal information without first checking with my parents or teachers.

5.     I will not give out my personal passwords to anyone other than my parents or school staff.

6.     I will respect other people’s digital property and information. I will not use or attempt to use another person’s account.

7.     If I receive an unsolicited email or message on the Internet, I will inform my parents or teachers and allow them to advise me on how to handle the situation.

8.     I will treat digital tools, and those that do not belong to me, with respect and care. I will let a responsible adult know immediately if something is not working properly.

9.     I recognize that people use technology in a variety of ways and may access technology to complete learning tasks.  

10.  I understand that I am allowed to bring personal devices (Ipad, iPod, smart phone etc.) to school but that I am not required to do so.

11.  If I choose to bring personal devices to school, I need to follow the guidelines outlined in the Personally Owned Devices at Falconridge School Letter.

12.  I will respect other people’s privacy and be courteous by not recording or posting photos/videos of them, or engaging in online bullying toward them.

13.  I will respect the intellectual and creative property of others and only use purchased software, music, or videos.  I will provide appropriate citations when I do borrow other people’s digital property.

14.  I will not download or install software, programs, or updates on my personal devices or school devices without permission from my teachers and parents.

15.  I am prepared to be held accountable for my actions in relation to technology, and I am prepared to accept the loss of privileges and consequences resulting from violation of this agreement.

Personally-Owned Devices at Falconridge School

Students at Falconridge School are welcomed to bring their personal devices to school and we recognize that students have devices for a variety of reasons including supporting their travel to and from school. When not in use they should be safely put away with the student’s other personal belongings (e.g. coat, backpack). Devices should always be in silent mode within the school.

Below are our guidelines for their use at school as well as the policies that support this work:

  • Personally-owned devices are not to be used during times outside of classroom learning such as recesses and lunch hours. Devices are not to be used outside of the classroom environment (i.e. in hallways) unless approved by the classroom teacher.  Use in the classroom spaces is directed by the classroom teacher and is as per the guidelines set out in each classroom space.
  • We trust that our students will make safe, responsible and thoughtful decisions around their use of their personally-owned devices. In the instance that students are not the following guidelines will support our work together:
    • Level 1 – student provided a verbal reminder of expectation.
    • Level 2 – device will be removed and placed in safekeeping in a teacher’s desk or the main office. Returned before student leaves the school and parents/guardians informed.
    • Level 3 – if misuse occurs again and device was removed for Level 2 then parents/guardians will be contacted and a meeting arranged together prior to device returning to school.
    • Level 4 – a conversation will be held around limiting the availability of your personally owned device during the instructional day.

It is important to also note that if parents need to contact their child (and vice versa) they can call the school and we can deliver the message to the student. Students are also able to use school phones to contact their family. Students are not to be using their personally owned devices to contact their families during the instructional day and the recess and noon hour breaks.

For more information that guides our policy please refer to:

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​​Digital Citizenship at the CBE

Digital citizenship is about using technology and participating in digital environments. It is key to helping our students learn to use available technology responsibly in the classroom and beyond. Our school has a Digital Citizenship Plan that is updated annually, addressing how we work to build a community where we live and work together as digital citizens.

Visit the CBE website to learn more on how we support students develop online safety skills and learn to be good digital citizens.​​​

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