Dress Code

Students are expected to be neat in their dress and grooming at all times. Specific items not to be worn are:

  • visors / bandanas
  • halter tops, muscle shirts, T-shirts with questionable slogans or graphics, shirts with spaghetti straps
  • bare midriffs, exposed undergarments and or any other clothes that may be considered in poor taste for school
  • shorts and skirts must be an appropriate length for a school environment
  • Clothing which is used for Physical Education should not be worn in other classes. 

Administration reserves the right to determine if an individual’s manner of dress is appropriate for school. If a
student arrives with inappropriate clothing we will lend him/her clean clothing for the day. 

Physical Education Dress Requirements

Clothing suitable for athletic activities is essential. Each student should be wearing clothing appropriate for the activity as well as running shoes. Students may need additional warm clothing such as sweats or a windbreaker for outdoor activities on cool days. It is the student's responsibility to dress appropriately for every physical education class.

P.E. teachers sell gym clothing in September and also make some clothing available for sale for the remainder of the year. Prices are reasonable and the clothing is of good quality. This gym strip also doubles as our official school team uniform for certain interschool teams. Remember all PE shirts must have sleeves (no tank tops, no sleeveless tops).

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