Student Showcase

Grade 1's Visit the Niitsitapi Learning Centre | Spring 2018

Ms. Delany’s grade one class had an amazing opportunity to attend the  Niitsitapi Learning Centre for a morning of oral story telling. As we sat in the Circle of Nation rooms, we were able to meet Elder Edame. She led us through a smudge ceremony and then shared stories of her past and what life was like for her as a little girl. The students were invited to dance in circle with Elder Edame, which brought smiles and laughter. Elder Edame stressed the importance of being you and being happy with who you are. We ended our visit with a tour of the building where we heard more stories of the past, showing evidence of their culture through the years and then participated in a round dance. The students returned to school excited to share with the other grade ones the stories they learned from Elder Edame. What an enriching experience for our grade 1s. 

Grade 4 Blackfoot Experience with Quest Theatre | Spring 2018

The grade four classrooms had the unique opportunity to work with Quest Theatre to gain an authentic and unforgettable experience discovering stories from the oral traditions of the Blackfoot Nation. We worked under the guidance and consultation of a culturally sensitive director as well as an artist whom identified as a member of the Blackfoot Nation. This allowed for an authentic experience that honoured the traditions of this particular group of people. The traditional stories told to the students were, ‘Napi and the Rock’, ‘Napi and the Mice’, ‘Why the Blackfoot Never Kill Mice’ and ‘Buffalo Laughing to Death’, and were all shared with permission from a Blackfoot Elder. Students enjoyed retelling the stories physically, while learning traditional songs and dances. The final performance was captivating and truly helped students—as well as the school community—develop an appreciation of how First Nation’s stories contribute to the sense of belonging and identity of Albertans.

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