Program Direction

Fish Creek School located in the community of Sundance is home to regular program K-6 students in the communities of Sundance and Walden. We also have several students who are in an overflow situation from the community of Chaparral. Fish Creek School is currently home to approximately 635 students (see our School Profile) 55 staff members, including 31 certified teachers. 

The school is well known for a strong commitment to academic achievement, and Provincial Achievement Test results, as well as report card marks are proof of this commitment. The strength of the school remains a dedicated, knowledgeable and caring staff that set high expectations for all students, and plan effectively for each student to succeed. Teachers effectively design tasks for students which incorporate basic skill application, connections to background knowledge, and high-order thinking skills. This ensures the activities our students are asked to participate in are both highly engaging and applicable to the real-world. Fish Creek School students also receive daily Physical Education and twice-weekly Music instruction from teaching specialists.

In addition to a commitment to academic achievement, Fish Creek School also has begun to explore both Outdoor Education and Maker Education. Being beside Fish Creek Provincial Park, Canada’s second largest urban park, provides teachers and students the chance to take their learning outdoors. Regular community walks to Fish Creek Park are part of each child’s routine from kindergarten through to grade 6.

Through our exploration of Maker Education, the staffs have come to value how hands-on activities enhance the design thinking process. Embedded in this are the skills of collaboration and prototyping. We want our students to be able to learn from others as well as learn from the small mistakes they make on the way to something bigger. The highlight of our school year with regard to Maker Education occurs during Innovation Week. During Innovation Week, students are tasked to complete a hands-on project build for a specific purpose. For 2016-2017 our students were asked to design something that could help the environment. 

Pedagogically, we believe that a strong foundation in Maker Education will lead to success and interest in STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) professions in the future. Innovation Week data based on student interviews revealed the following: 52% of students said they feel “Always” or “Mostly” successful and confident in their day-to-day classroom activities, while 88% of students said they felt “Always” or “Mostly” successful and confident during their Innovation Week activities. 70% of students responded they would like their teacher to do Innovation Week activities more often. Top words (in order of use) they would use to describe Innovation Week included: Fun, Exciting, Engaging, Frustrating, Interactive, and Risky.

The Fish Creek School Administration Team and Teaching staff pride themselves on being visible and approachable. We encourage parents to reach out to the school with any questions in order for us to respond in a timely manner. Together, our staff,students, and families work together to make Fish Creek School the best place to learn. View Our Staff list including email addresses.

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