Our Staff

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Fell, MattPrincipalmcfell@cbe.ab.ca
Anderson, MarkAssistant Principal N-Zmganderson@cbe.ab.ca
Beermann, CandiceAssistant Principal G-Mcnbeermann@cbe.ab.ca  
Schwartz, CheriAssistant Principal A-Fclschwartz@cbe.ab.ca
Carter, Constable PaulSchool Resource Officepscarter@cbe.ab.ca

Business Office

Bodnar, BeataBusiness Managerbebodnar@cbe.ab.ca
Cooper, KarenBookkeeperkecooper@cbe.ab.ca

Guidance Office

Boehnert, Kara  LL - Wellness and Counsellor ELL & Spec Edksboehnert@cbe.ab.ca
Gossen, Rob Counsellorragossen@cbe.ab.ca
Hickey, Dr. EvelynLL Guidance G-Mejhickey@cbe.ab.ca
Huisman, Carolyn           Counsellor N-Zcahuisman@cbe.ab.ca
Reid, TaylorAIFY Coachtdreid@cbe.ab.ca
Rosvold, JeremyCounsellor A-Fjwrosvold@cbe.ab.ca
Shirley, Jeremiah Work Experience/RAPjjshirley@cbe.ab.ca

Inclusive Education and Resource

Balkwill, NanIndigenous Educationnabalkwill@cbe.ab.ca
Evans, KarieLL Inclusive Educationkjevans@cbe.ab.ca
Sorenson, ChristineResourcecrsorenson@cbe.ab.ca

Support Staff

Barge, MichaelSchool Technologistmibarge@cbe.ab.ca
Dickison, AdamInstructor, Fabricationaddickison@cbe.ab.ca
Lecoupe, Richard Instructor, Culinaryralecoupe@cbe.ab.ca
Munoz, VictorInstructor, Culinaryvrmunoz@cbe.ab.ca
Skotniski, SharonInstructor, Cosmetologysilambert@cbe.ab.ca
Swirsky, VictoriaInstructor, Culinaryvlswirsky@cbe.ab.ca
Chamberland, ValerieEducation Assistant, PLPvmchamberlan@cbe.ab.ca
Heldt, Pauline Education Assistant, LEADpaheldt@cbe.ab.ca
Horne, CherieEducation Assistant, PLPcchorne@cbe.ab.ca
Horne, PhyllisBehaviour Support Workerpahorne@cbe.ab.ca
Labelle, Susan Education Assistant, PLPsrlabelle@cbe.ab.ca
Mansour, DimaScience Technologistdimansour@cbe.ab.ca
Robbins, Lynn  Education Assistant, LEADdlrobbins@cbe.ab.ca 
Wild, MandyEducation Assistant, PLPajwild@cbe.ab.ca

Teaching Staff

Alame, Richard Social Studies rralame@cbe.ab.ca
Andres, Lindsay English ljandres@cbe.ab.ca
Belsek, Michelle ELL mlbelsek@cbe.ab.ca
Bishop, April  Art/Photography aebishop@cbe.ab.ca
Buydens, Robyn   English rabuydens@cbe.ab.ca
Celletti, Ryan LEAD rtcelletti@cbe.ab.ca
Clovis, Brenda  Cosmetology blclovis@cbe.ab.ca
Dahl, Randy Math rgdahl@cbe.ab.ca
Davis, Loran LL Math lbdavis@cbe.ab.ca
Daye, Keith  English kddaye@cbe.ab.ca
Demchuk, Cheryl LEAD cldemchuk@cbe.ab.ca
Dilling, Sarah Physical Education, Sports Medicine sedilling@cbe.ab.ca
Donaldson, Linda Math lcdonaldson@cbe.ab.ca
Dugas, Sara Drama/CALM sedugas@cbe.ab.ca
Dunn, Dominika The Class dodunn@cbe.ab.ca
Fisher, Tyler LL Physical Education, Sports Medicine tsfisher@cbe.ab.ca
Foster, Jenine ELL jrfoster@cbe.ab.ca
Godfrey, Melissa  Art/Photography - LL Student Engagement mjgodfrey@cbe.ab.ca
Goerzen, Jordan  Social jkgoerzen@cbe.ab.ca
Gustafson, Rachel LL Science rsgustafson@cbe.ab.ca
Hahn-Belanger, Monica  Culinary mdhahnbelanger@cbe.ab.ca
Hare, Barb PLP bnhare@cbe.ab.ca
Holland, Fred Auto Mechanics fgholland@cbe.ab.ca
Holmes, William  Physical Education, Yoga wgholmes@cbe.ab.ca
Hoogendoorn, Ben LL Social Studies blhoogendoorn@cbe.ab.ca
Hunchak, Alek Math, Physics aphunchak@cbe.ab.ca
Janz, Elise English emjanz@cbe.ab.ca
Jenkins, Jennifer  Math jejenkins@cbe.ab.ca
Kadatz-Vogel, Karen LL ELL klvogel@cbe.ab.ca
Karelse, Peter Auto Mechanics pwkarelse@cbe.ab.ca
Keilty, Jill Physical Education jgkeilty@cbe.ab.ca
King, Brian  Science bdking@cbe.ab.ca
Kooner, Sheena Science shkooner@cbe.ab.ca
L'Amarca, Christina Online Learning chlamarca@cbe.ab.ca
Lawrence, Peter LL Technology/Photography pelawrence@cbe.ab.ca
Lebo, Duane  Band/Music - LL Fine Arts delebo@cbe.ab.ca
LeVesconte, Jamie  Physical Education, Sports Performance jalevesconte@cbe.ab.ca
Loke, Vanesse LL CTS, Foods vyloke@cbe.ab.ca
Martin, Ariana Science aymartin@cbe.ab.ca
McIntyre, Jay LL English jamcintyre@cbe.ab.ca
McMahon, Kelsey  Dance - LL Student Engagement kkmcmahon@cbe.ab.ca
Melenchuk, Cory Cabinet Making / Constructioncmmelenchuk@cbe.ab.ca
Morton, Caleb Fabrication camorton@cbe.ab.ca
Ngam, Terri    Science tlnanan@cbe.ab.ca
Parnanen, Joel  Social Studies jeparnanen@cbe.ab.ca
Petrucci, Ashlee English, Leadership aspetrucci@cbe.ab.ca
Ponto, Christina English cdponto@cbe.ab.ca
Powell, Shawn PLP swpowell@cbe.ab.ca
Ranieri, Greg Math, LL High School Success garanieri@cbe.ab.ca
Richards, Todd Physical Education, Sports Performance dtrichards@cbe.ab.ca
Robinson, Jolene ELL joarobinson@cbe.ab.ca
Rowe, Elizabeth Cosmetology, Film Studies ejrowe@cbe.ab.ca
Sidebottom, Kelly Fabrication kmsidebottom@cbe.ab.ca
Stolee, Bart  Science cbstolee@cbe.ab.ca
Tench, Stephanie  Science, Cosplay, Fashioin Studies sftench@cbe.ab.ca
Vachon, Janelle Social Studies jmvachon@cbe.ab.ca
Walker, Rodney English, CALM rwwalker@cbe.ab.ca
Wasden, Jared Social, LL Athletics jhwasden@cbe.ab.ca
Whyte, Lyndsay K&E Math & Science, Physical Education lnwhyte@cbe.ab.ca
Willis, Ayden Social arwillis@cbe.ab.ca
Young, Jenny Science jlyoung@cbe.ab.ca
Zimmer, Sheila  Math  sczimmer@cbe.ab.ca

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RT @tuscany_cbe: We are all unique / Nous sommes tous uniques Tuscany School's students came together to each create their own quilt piece representing how we are all unique. We are all different, and that's awesome! https://t.co/8mVAXXdchu

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