Our Staff

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Fell, Matt Principal mcfell@cbe.ab.ca
Anderson, Mark Assistant Principal N-Z mganderson@cbe.ab.ca
Deneau, Trish Assistant Principal G-M pldeneau@cbe.ab.ca
Schwartz, Cheri Assistant Principal A-F clschwartz@cbe.ab.ca
Carter, Constable Paul School Resource Office pscarter@cbe.ab.ca
Kennedy, Debbie Administrative Assistant dekennedy@cbe.ab.ca
Preece, Glynn SIS Assistant bgpreece@cbe.ab.ca
Bodnar, Beata Business Manager bebodnar@cbe.ab.ca
Brock, Annette Bookkeeper/Front Office ambrock@cbe.ab.ca
Boehnert, Kara Counsellor English Language Learners ksboehnert@cbe.ab.ca
Hagan, Tierney Guidance Secretary trhagan@cbe.ab.ca
Hickey, Dr. Evelyn Learning Leader Guidance, Counsellor G-M ejhickey@cbe.ab.ca
Huisman, Carolyn Counsellor N-Z cahuisman@cbe.ab.ca
Reid, Taylor AIFY Coach tdreid@cbe.ab.ca
Rosvold, Jeremy Learning Leader Literacy, Counsellor A-F jwrosvold@cbe.ab.ca
Shirley, Jeremiah  Work Experience/RAP jjshirley@cbe.ab.ca
Alberts, Jenn Social jlalberts@cbe.ab.ca 
Belanger, Carla Learning Leader English Language  Learning cgbelanger@cbe.ab.ca
Belsek, Michelle English Language Learning mlbelsek@cbe.ab.ca 
Bentley, Daniel Social dgbentley@cbe.ab.ca
Bishop, April  Art/Photography aebishop@cbe.ab.ca 
Buydens, Robyn Learning Leader English rabuydens@cbe.ab.ca
Celletti, Ryan LEAD rtcelletti@cbe.ab.ca
Clovis, Brenda  Cosmetology blclovis@cbe.ab.ca 
Dahl, Randy Math rgdahl@cbe.ab.ca 
Davis, Loran Learning Leader Math lbdavis@cbe.ab.ca 
Daye, Keith  English kddaye@cbe.ab.ca 
Demchuk, Cheryl LEAD cldemchuk@cbe.ab.ca 
Donaldson, Linda Math lcdonaldson@cbe.ab.ca 
Dugas, Sara Drama/CALM sedugas@cbe.ab.ca 
Fisher, Tyler Physical Education Learning Leader, Sports Medicine tsfisher@cbe.ab.ca 
Fortinski, Ashley PLP akfortinski@cbe.ab.ca
Gibbs, Lana Physical Education, Sports Medicine lagibbs@cbe.ab.ca
Godfrey, Melissa  Art/Photography/Ceramics mjgodfrey@cbe.ab.ca 
Goerzen, Jordan Social Studies jggoerzen@cbe.ab.ca
Gustafson, Rachel Learning Leader Science rsgustafson@cbe.ab.ca 
Hahn, Monica  Culinary mdhahnbelanger@cbe.ab.ca 
Hall, Amanda The Class alhall@cbe.ab.ca
Holland, Fred Auto Mechanics fgholland@cbe.ab.ca 
Homenuik, Jeff Social Studies, Sociology, Psychology jdhomenuik@cbe.ab.ca
Hoogendoorn, Ben Learning Leader Social Studies blhoogendoorn@cbe.ab.ca 
Hunchak, Alek Math, Physics, Science aphunchak@cbe.ab.ca 
Janz, Elise English, Dance emjanz@cbe.ab.ca 
Jenkins, Jennifer  Math jejenkins@cbe.ab.ca 
Karelse, Peter Auto Mechanics pwkarelse@cbe.ab.ca 
Keilty, Jill Physical Education, Sports Performance jgkeilty@cbe.ab.ca 
King, Brian  Science, Physics bdking@cbe.ab.ca 
Lawrence, Peter Learning Leader Technology,  Photography pelawrence@cbe.ab.ca 
Lebo, Duane  Band/Choir Learning Leader, CALM delebo@cbe.ab.ca 
LeVesconte, Jamie  Physical Education, Sports Performance jalevesconte@cbe.ab.ca 
Loewen, Kali Cosmetology, Film & Media Art kaloewen@cbe.ab.ca
Loke, Vanesse Learning Leader CTS, Foods vyloke@cbe.ab.ca
Martin, Ariana English Language Learning  
McMahon, Kelsey  Dance, Ballet, CALM kkmcmahon@cbe.ab.ca 
Melenchuk, Cory Cabinet Making, Construction cmmelenchuk@cbe.ab.ca 
Morton, Caleb Science, Math, Legal Studies, Photography camorton@cbe.ab.ca
Ngam, Terri    Science tlnanan@cbe.ab.ca 
Parnanen, Joel  Social Studies jeparnanen@cbe.ab.ca 
Petrucci, Ashlee English aspetrucci@cbe.ab.ca 
Powell, Shawn PLP swpowell@cbe.ab.ca 
Ranieri, Greg Math garanieri@cbe.ab.ca 
Richards, Todd Physical Education, Sports Performance dtrichards@cbe.ab.ca 
Robinson, Jolene English Language Learning & International Student Coordinatorjoarobinson@cbe.ab.ca 
Sidebottom, Kelly Fabrication kmsidebottom@cbe.ab.ca 
Skjenna, Abaigeal Science, Biology amskjenna@cbe.ab.ca
Sorenson, Christine Learning Strategies, K&E crsorenson@cbe.ab.ca
Spare, Danielle English, French daspare@cbe.ab.ca
Stolee, Bart  Science, Biology cbstolee@cbe.ab.ca 
Tench, Stephanie  Chemistry, Fashion Studies sftench@cbe.ab.ca 
Wasden, Jared Learning Leader Athletics,  Leadership, Sports Medicine jhwasden@cbe.ab.ca 
Whyte, Lyndsay Learning Strategies, K&E lnwhyte@cbe.ab.ca
Willis, Ayden English (S1), Social (S2) arwillis@cbe.ab.ca
Young, Jenny Science, Chemistry jlyoung@cbe.ab.ca 
Zimmer, Sheila  Math  sczimmer@cbe.ab.ca 
Barge, Michael Specialist II, Client Technology Services mibarge@cbe.ab.ca
Chamberland, Valerie Education Assistant, PLP vmchamberlan@cbe.ab.ca
Dickison, Adam Instructor, Fabrication addickison@cbe.ab.ca
Heldt, Pauline  Education Assistant, LEAD paheldt@cbe.ab.ca
Horne, Cherie Education Assistant, PLP cchorne@cbe.ab.ca
Horne, Phyllis Behaviour Support Worker pahorne@cbe.ab.ca
Labelle, Susan  Education Assistant, PLP srlabelle@cbe.ab.ca
Lecoupe, Richard  Instructor, Culinary ralecoupe@cbe.ab.ca
Mansour, Dima Science Technologist dimansour@cbe.ab.ca
Mayes, Jacquie Education Assistant, PLP jhmayes@cbe.ab.ca
Munoz, Victor Instructor, Culinary vrmunoz@cbe.ab.ca
Robbins, Lynn   Education Assistant, LEAD dlrobbins@cbe.ab.ca 
Skotniski, Sharon Instructor, Cosmetology silambert@cbe.ab.ca
Swirsky, Victoria Instructor, Culinary vlswirsky@cbe.ab.ca
Balkwill, Nan Indigenous Education nabalkwill@cbe.ab.ca
Weasel Bear, Janis Indigenous Education jmwaselbear@cbe.ab.ca

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RT @SchoolSunalta: Thank you to our CBE Grounds crew for planting 2 new Maple Birch grade 6 legacy trees #WeAreCbE https://t.co/IcIp81wtTC

Congratulations to Sofia Z., Grade 3 student from Simons Valley School. Her artwork has been chosen for the 2022-23 ZPass issued to students new to transportation. Don’t forget to keep your child’s current ZPass as they will continue to use it next year. #WeAreCBE https://t.co/BiKpwLQ9wy

Families will be able to view, download and print student report cards in MyCBE from June 28 until July 28, 2022. Learn more: https://t.co/Ffl0uOO90z #WeAreCBE https://t.co/rBNez9v3DB

RT @CJMCBE: June is National Indigenous History Month and June 21 is National Indigenous Peoples Day. CJM continues to acknowledge and learn about the history, heritage, resilience, and diversity of Indigenous Peoples in Canada. @Area4CBE https://t.co/Rk2bnWCVFv