Indigenous Learning Lodge

The Indigenous Learning Lodge invites you to experience a community of belonging. We provide land-based learning, healing and cultural connections that help to engage our Indigenous students in their academic growth and personal achievement. We work with teachers, parents, school admin, Elders and system supports to build confidence and help to create success for every Indigenous student.

We believe that you have the right to think, to speak, to act and to be Indigenous.

For Indigenous people, the land shapes our ways of knowing and being. The land is our teacher and our healer. To realize our full potential, we return to the land. At the Indigenous Learning Lodge we embrace this philosophy. In our programming we emphasize land-based connections.

Supports for Indigenous Students

The Indigenous Learning Lodge

  • A quiet place to work
  • Academic and holistic support
  • Student advocacy
  • Connection to cultural activities, teachings and special events

Learning Strategies Class

  • Discover your strengths as a learner
  • Develop your skills necessary for academic success
  • Build growth-mindset and well-being
  • Receive credits for participating!

Programming and Special Events

  • Transitions
  • Seasonal celebrations
  • Cultural events
  • Indigenous Graduation
  • Young Men’s Group
  • Well-being Circle
  • One-to-one guidance, accountability and advocacy support


Nan Balkwill, Indigenous Education

Carolyn Huisman, Guidance Counsellor

Come be a Part of our Community...

The lodge gave (me) a sense of belonging.
-Student, Grade 12
(It’s a) quiet place away from the hectic hallways... (a) safe place where he could do some work, confide with an adult, have a bit of social time.

The Indigenous Learning Lodge supports the holistic well-being of students. Join us for daily smudge, drop in for lunch (brown bagging available), and come find out about other programming opportunities for Indigenous students and families in our city. We can support you in planning for your future (course selection, post-secondary connections, career pathways and summer work experience).

...We can't wait to meet you!


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