Get involved in your school throught clubs and activities. Students who are actively involved in extra curricular activities do better in school. The clubs and activities are advertised through TV monitors, posters and announcements.

School Clubs & Committees

  • Advanced Acting
  • Art Club
  • Dance/Yoga Club*
  • Environment Club*
  • Dream Catcher
  • Fitness Centre
  • Gay-Straight Alliance
  • International Student Club
  • Leadership
  • Math Club
  • Peer Ambassadors
  • Principal Advisory Council
  • Skills
  • Student Council
  • Technical Theatre
  • Yearbook Club *
  • YMAP-YMCA Achievement
  • Youth Doctors of the Future

*Credits may be earned at the discretion of the sponsoring teachers.

Activities, Fine Arts & Intramurals

There are a number of wonderful extra and co-curricular offerings here at Forest Lawn. Many of them are listed here.

Club Description

Art Club

The art room is open daily at lunch for anyone interested in the pursuit of creating art. Projects can be structured or unstructured to suit the individual artist. We allow a safe place for students to express themselves creatively.  

International Certificate

Any interested student is able to sign up and work towards the International Certificate.  This has been of most interest to students who speak or are learning a second language.  Special recognition of this work is mentioned at grad where the student also receives the certificate.  This group is registered in “J Block” for tracking and meets at lunch, after school or on Completion days.  More specifics can be found in the International Certificate Booklet.

International Student Club This group is for all the International Students in the school. These are students who have left their families and home countries to study in Canada. In addition to meeting Wednesdays at lunch, this group also volunteers in the community, goes on field trips to learn more about Canadian culture, and plans a lunar new year celebration.

Improv Club

Meets weekly at lunch in the Theatre. Learn how to say “Yes, Let’s” to every idea and create a scene on the spot!


The “Olympics” of trade and technology that allows students to compete for top positions in their trade. Talk to your CTS teacher for further information.

Math Club

Need extra support? Want to challenge your skill? Check out Math Club.

Environmental Club

The Forest Lawn Environment Club is open to all grades of enthusiastic students who share an interest in the environment. The club is a student-led group who look for opportunities to learn more about environmental issues and come up with ways to reduce our impact on the environment. Group members decide on what types of project that the club will pursue based on the members' interests, talents, and level of dedication. The club's past projects have included: getting solar panels installed on the school, building and racing solar vehicles, gardening, composting, recycling programs, waste-free lunch program, bio-fuel projects, building and maintaining an auqaponics system with fish, building a portable solar cellphone charger, and hosting a Winter Fair selling second-hand books and homemade crafts from recycled materials.

In addition to participating in cool, fun, resume-building environmental initiatives club members take field trips to awesome places! In the past we have done behind-the-scenes programs with animals at the zoo, gone hiking, toured the wind farm near Pincher Creek, fed fish at the Bow Habitat Station, and gone to the Telus Spark Science Center.


Yearbook is a fun, extracurricular club where you will have the opportunity to learn the basics about photography, design, publishing, marketing, and more! We meet after school once a week throughout the whole year. If you’re interested in learning more, please see Mr. Lawrence.

Youth Doctors of the Future (YDOF) Youth Doctors of the Future (YDOF) is a club for any student who is interested in science and the field of health care. Whether you want to be a doctor, nurse, or pursue medicine in any form, there is something for everyone! Students have the chance to go on field trips and see many in-school presentations by those currently working in medicine and gain ideas of what they would like to do in the future. By joining YDOF, students also get to be part of the Medical Mentorship Program (run by the Cumming School of Medicine), where students are partnered with a current medical student at U of C to learn about the pathways to medicine..

Student Council

Student Council is a club for all students who wish to organize a variety of school events such as food drives, Talent Show, Spirit Week, Remembrance Day, Community Fair, Blood Drives and more. Are you someone who wants to be a leader in the school community? We meet Thursdays at lunch, elections starting mid-September for key roles.

Gay Straight Alliance

The Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) is a club for all students who wish to be in an inclusive environment where all students are embraced for their differences. We meet Mondays at lunch to talk with friends, share experiences, plan events, fund-raise, get information and so much more. We also go on field trips such as the GSA Conference.

Youth Alpha Faith, life, hope, and everything in between. This group meets every Thursday at lunch, on a drop in basis. We share a meal and go through the Youth Alpha Series discussing faith and life’s big questions.
Technical Theatre Prefer to be backstage? Sign up mid-September for Technical Theatre and be at the heart of every event in the theatre from guest speakers to the Performing Arts shows, Tech students are called on to run lights, sound and A/V. Get the training you need while earning credits. No experience necessary. This course begins mid-September (just attend the meeting to signup) and runs until mid-June. Credits are awarded based on the number of hours completed.
Fitness Centre Looking for a way to get active, make new friends and develop a healthy lifestyle? Join us in the fitness center during lunches and designated after school times.
Intramurals Interested in playing a sport but not able to give the full time commitment to a team? Consider playing lunch intramurals that include floor hockey, basketball, dodge ball and soccer tournaments.
Yoga Fit Club Do you want to improve your overall fitness and health? Come to the Yoga studio (Room 388) to meet Mrs. McKenzie and find out what days and times we will meet to workout. In this room you are in competition with nobody but yourself, you don't need any special skills or experience, you just need to be self motivated and willing to challenge yourself. You will have the opportunity to learn some very effective exercises using yoga and fitness in order to build strength, increase your energy and feel happier and more confident. Get ready to sweat!
Principal Advisory Council

Have you ever wanted to use your voice to build community, create change, and learn valuable leadership skills? Well, Principal’s Advisory Council is the place for you. This group meets once a month to discuss changes that could be made at the school and share lunch. This group strives to build a narrative of positivity, resilience and pride in the school. Students not only get time to discuss with the principal, but also get chances to participate in parent council meetings.

Leadership Interested in making a mark on your new school? Consider joining leadership a great way to build friendships and create meaningful investments in the school environment. In previous years, Leadership was responsible for the Terry Fox Run, Bake Sales, Wax-a-Thon, Frame to Fame, BBQ with Jack James, student verses staff sports games, games tournament, Spirit week, Horizons Conferences, organizing pep rallies, teacher appreciation, art day, 10 days of holiday giveaway, meet Santa Hot Chocolate, Secret Valentine Candy Grams, Mental Health Assembly, Alberta Student Leadership Conference, Pink Shirt Day, Meet and Greet Andre Degrasse, and Smash Brothers Video Game Tournament.
Debate Club Develop your language skills, build academic and social confidence, consider different perspectives, build community, all while developing a portfolio that could open the door to bursaries and scholarships. Debate team is a great way to get involved, expand your skills, and develop an incredible set of skills.


  • Alex Bus
  • Automotive Mechanics
  • Commercial Catering
  • Community Health Nurse
  • Computer and Media Development
  • Cosmetology Salon
  • Fashion Design and Repair
  • Full Service Cafeteria
  • Learning Commons
  • Learning Coaches
  • Welding and Fabrication
  • Woodworking and Carpentry
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