Design Studies

Digital Design

Digital Design 10 - 5 credits

Digital Design is a course which builds foundational skills in photography, graphic design, computer drawing and animation. In Photography, students use DSLR cameras and a variety of lenses to capture images which focus on the fundamental rules of good composition. Photoshop is used to later enhance photographs as well as to create new and interesting projects which develop each student’s understanding of graphic design. Finally, students will use Adobe Animator to create and eventually animate cartoons. This course is offered at the Jack James Campus.
Prerequisite: None

Digital Design 20 - 5 credits

In the 20 and 30 level of the class, students are offered two blocks each morning making the class worth a total of 10 credits. In this class, students are asked to go much deeper into the technical operation of the camera and will be asked to take photographs in all of the various shooting modes. Students are also introduced to 3D animation and 3D modeling using 3Ds Max, an industry level modeling program. It is here that they will learn the fundamentals of how to create a 3D model, how to modify it, and how to add advanced features like texture maps and lighting. Basic animation principals are also introduced at this level of the course. This course is offered at the Jack James Campus.
Prerequisite: Digital Design 10

Digital Design 30 - 5 credits

By the time students enter the 30-level course, they are expected to take on a significant amount of individualized learning. These students will be asked to expand upon all of the themes in the 20 level course, and may be given special projects around the school. In 3D, students are now taught more advanced animation concepts like how to rig a model, and how to animate bipeds. They will have significant say in what they choose to work on, and which projects they will advance. These students eligible to be a part of the 3D animation team which competes in the skills Canada competition at the end of the year. This course is offered at the Jack James Campus.
Prerequisite: Digital Design 20

Titans Publishing and Design 10 - 20 - 30 - 5 credits each

Titan Publishing and Design is a project-based class where we focus on digital arts and communication. Specifically, this course is for students who want to: develop their photography skills, learn how to use photography and Adobe Photoshop to create digital art, explore marketing, develop project management skills, and become leaders in the school. This course may also capture and mix CTS modules from areas such as: Communication Technology, Networking, Management and Marketing and Information Processing. Titans Publishing and Designs’ main focus is the creation of the current year’s Yearbook for Forest Lawn High School. Students and the teacher work together as a team in the production, promotion, and management of this project.
Prerequisite: None for TP 10; Titan Publishing 10 for TP 20; Titan Publishing 20 for TP 30

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