Fashion Studies

Cosplay Couture 10 - 5 credits

In each Cosplay Couture class students begin by picking a costume or character that they wish to create. Cosplay 10 students will learn basic sewing skills as they put together a simple costume that contains either pants, shorts, or a skirt.
Prerequisite: None

Cosplay Couture 20 - 30 - 5 credits each

As students continue through Cosplay 20 and 30 they will learn more advanced skills in order to create more complex costumes that contain collared shirts, lined jackets, and specialty fabrics.
Prerequisites: Cosplay Couture 10 for CC 20; Cosplay Couture 20 for CC 30

Fashion Studies 10 - 5 credits

Fashion Studies 10 provides many opportunities for students to learn how to use the sewing machine and the serger. Students will sew basic projects such as skirts, pants or shirts. Creative work (fabric painting, machine and hand embroidery, recycling, etc.) is emphasized throughout the course.
Prerequisite: None

Fashion 20 - 5 credits

Students will experiment with several design techniques by drafting patterns, designing with flat patterns and sketching fashion illustrations. Students will learn how to apply an interfaced collar to a project.
Prerequisite: Fashion 10

Fashion 30 - 5 credits

Students will sew advanced projects such as evening gowns, coats, jackets, lined tailored garments or original wearable art creation. They will develop a greater awareness of the role of the fashion industry and the world of designers.
Prerequisite: Fashion 20

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