Photography 10 - 5 credits

This is an introductory course that will introduce students to a variety of technological outlets for visual art. Students will have the opportunity to learn the essential elements of black and white photography, printing techniques, digital imaging/photography and digital film production. Students will go beyond simple “point and shoot” and will learn how to capture images and create art.
Prerequisite: None

Photography 20 - 5 credits

This intermediate course will provide an opportunity for students to develop a portfolio of work. Students will reflect on the artistic process and apply a critical eye to their world and the art that they create. Students will delve deeper into photography, printing and digital imaging. Students will place more emphasis on a selected medium at the end of the semester.
Prerequisite: Photography 10

Photography 30 - 5 credits

This advanced course will give students the opportunity to create a portfolio of work that challenges their creativity as well as their media and technology literacy. Students will create art through photography, printing and digital imaging.
Prerequisite: Photography 20

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