May-June 2019 Update

Life is all about perspective. As winter gave way to spring, then gave way back to winter again this past weekend in April, and is now in the midst of restoring itself back to spring once more, it is important to remember that life’s moments are fleeting. Random acts of nature should neither surprise nor annoy us - they should wake us from our routine monotony.

Robert Frost knew this:

Dust of Snow 

The way a crow 

Shook down on me 

The dust of snow 

From a hemlock tree 

Has given my heart 

A change of mood 

And saved some part 

Of a day I had rued

Look at the final weeks of school with a fresh perspective, and, if at all possible, a renewed sense of purpose. Before you know it, summer will be here (and maybe winter again, too, you just never know in Calgary).

English Language Arts (ELA) is more than reading and writing. ELA involves:

  • Communicating effectively in various places for many different audiences and reasons
  • Selecting appropriate forms, structures and technology for a variety of contexts
  • Understanding, appreciating and creating a broad range of texts (including multi-media, visual, oral, and print)
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