Art (Visual)

Art 10 - 5 credits

Art 10 students will develop techniques and concepts in both two-dimensional and three-dimensional areas. They will extend their knowledge with the elements and principles of design through visual problem solving. They will investigate the process of abstracting form from a source in order to create personal expression and images.
Prerequisite: None

Art 20 - 5 credits

Art 20 students will continue to develop and refine techniques and explore a personal selection of expressions. They will use the vocabulary of art criticism to interpret and evaluate both their own work and the works of others. Students will recognize that while some sources of images are universal, the formation of an image is influenced by the artist’s choice of medium, historical setting, and the culture.
Prerequisite: Art 10

Art 30 - 5 credits

Art 30 students will develop a personal style through their own experiences and investigations as a source of image making. They will analyze the factors that generate a work of art or artistic movement and they will question sources of images that are relevant or significant to them in contemporary culture. Students should be highly motivated and self-disciplined. They will create a portfolio including individual and group projects. This portfolio can be used for entrance to post-secondary institutions.
Prerequisite: Art 20

Ceramics 15  - 25 - 35 - 5 credits

The aim of the Ceramics course is intended to provide students with opportunities to develop knowledge, skills and abilities in the expression of thoughts, ideas and feeling through ceramics/clay. This course provides students with opportunities to develop an awareness and appreciation of the art of ceramics. Students will use a variety of techniques to resolve design challenges in 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional sculptures. Students will learn the operation maintenance of a ceramics studio. In this course students will learn to manipulate clay in a variety of ways including hand building and wheel throwing.
Prerequisites: None for 15; Ceramics 15 required for 25; Ceramics 25 required for 35

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