Technical Theatre/Performing Arts

Technical Theatre occurs in a hands-on learning environment that deals with all of the non-acting components of theatre. Do you have a genuine interest in lighting, sound, costumes, make-up, management, props, set design and construction? Students will provide technical support for Remembrance Day Services, Dance Shows, Musical Theatre and Drama Main Stage Productions, as well as through other opportunities as they present themselves. Students who take this course need to be able to work with their hands and have a real desire to learn on the job. This course may be offered outside of the timetable and you will facilitate the running of various shows in and around the school.

Technical Theatre 15 / 25 / 35 - 5 credits at each level

This is a full year course offered outside of the regular timetable. This course provides an overview of design and operational aspects relating to technical theatre. Students specialize in different areas depending on their interests and the school’s needs. Students will work in two to three different areas for each level of the course. Technical Theatre students provide support to productions and events occurring in the theatre.
Prerequisite: Permission from the teacher


Advanced Acting / Touring - 5 credits

This is a full-year course offered outside the regular timetable. This course provides an opportunity for students to pursue more ambitious acting projects than those within the regular program. These students will be involved in a full-length scripted play.
Prerequisite: Chosen through the audition process.

Drama 10 - 5 credits

Drama 10 provides an introduction to movement, voice, improvisation (planned and spontaneous), storytelling and characterization. Students will also learn about the basics of technical theatre and theatre history. The goals of the course are to increase self-confidence, to improve ability to work in a group effectively and to promote awareness of the student’s creative abilities.
Prerequisite: None

Drama 20 - 5 credits

Drama 20 units include play analysis, improvisation, technical theatre, theatre history, acting according to script, the monologue and collective creations. The goals are to build upon the skills learned in Drama 10 while maintaining a focus on working from text. The two major projects are a collective piece and a written review of a live theatrical performance.
Prerequisite: Drama 10

Drama 30 - 5 credits

The emphasis in Drama 30 is on production. This unit includes directing, scene-work, technical theatre, theatre history and auditioning. The students produce their own one-act play, and perform a collective for the public. Students are expected to be able to work together with minimal direction from the teacher.
Prerequisite: Drama 20

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