English Language Learners (ELL)

ELL Department Members

Amber Dromey - LEAD Teacher
Cheryl Demchuk - LEAD Teacher
Jenine Foster - ELL Level 2
Jolene Robinson - Language Level 3 / 4 Teacher
Michelle Belsek - Multi-Level Language Teacher
Kara Boehnert - ELL Guidance
Karen Vogel - Language Level 1, ELL Learning Leader

December 2019 / January 2020


Our fall has continued to be busy with many activities happening in our English Language Learning classrooms. We have continued to welcome new students into all program classes – a reflection that immigration to Calgary occurs on a continuous basis throughout the school year.

LEAD Program and Tim Horton Camp

The LEAD class – students and teachers – had a wonderful camp experience at the beginning of October in the Kananaskis. New experiences, new friends and improved confidence and language skills were highlights!

ELL Parent-Teacher Conferences

On October 24 and 25, we welcomed many parents, students and interpreters to participate in parent-teacher interviews. The teachers are appreciative of these kinds of opportunities to talk to parents in person about their children’s progress. It is always a meaningful experience. If you were not able to attend these sessions, please know that you can contact
the school to arrange a meeting with your child’s teacher.

ELL Grade 12 Information Night

On October 29, we were able to present information related to school finishing and opportunities that ELL Grade 12 students can pursue once they leave FLHS. We had an excellent turn-out of almost 60 attendees (parents and students). We also had interpreters, representatives from various campuses (BVC, Columbia College, ABES) as well as some
our regular family support workers from Calgary Bridge Foundation and CCIS. 

The feedback from all attendees was very positive. It seemed that having all stake-holder groups together helped to make students and their families feel both safe and optimistic about making plans for the future. Making plans for life ‘after high school’ can be both exciting and a little scary, too. However, we are helping to make sure that our ELL families know that
there is support and information available at Forest Lawn and many community learning centers to help them make the best decisions possible.

ELL Programs and Clubs

Students have been learning about various clubs and programs that are available to them on a weekly basis:

Mondays and Tuesdays: Next Gen Homework Club 3:30-5:45 Learning Commons
Thursdays: Girls Culture Club Lunchtime Room 389
Thursdays: Mentorship 3:30-5:00 Room 390

October/November 2019


We’ve had a busy start-up welcoming so many new students to our ELL program and organizing our classes to best meet the language proficiency levels of our students by completing student reading and writing assessments. In fact, we will continue to have students enrolling now and throughout the year. Our English Language Learners truly represent a variety of linguistic and cultural background making our classrooms diverse in terms of individual learners, learning styles along with language and prior schooling backgrounds. Our classrooms are lively and interactive!

LEAD Program and Tim Horton Camp

On September 10th, we hosted a LEAD Parent Night. The purpose of the presentation was to share information about the LEAD program with our families, which included important information about the Tim Horton Children’s Ranch. Each year the LEAD students and their teachers have an amazing opportunity to enjoy a 3-day (2 night) Canadian camp experience 
in the Kananaskis. This year the students will be attending two camps – one at the beginning of October and the other in mid-April. In addition to taking part in activities such as hiking, archery, climbing, and navigating low ropes courses, students also learn about environmental stewardship and the qualities in themselves to develop leadership and confidence. The opportunity to extend friendships with other high school LEAD students across the city, and practice English with the camp staff round off this awesome experience. Students in the LEAD program have been participating in this unique learning opportunity since 2014. Good luck campers for good weather as you head to the mountains for Oct 2-4!

ELL Parent Orientation

On September 19, the ELL Department hosted a special presentation about the ELL program and pathways at Forest Lawn High School. This presentation was held in conjunction with the FLHS Parent Orientation Night. We were pleased to have families, interpreters join us for our session where we could share information about learning English, the differences
between basic communication skills and academic language development, and how parents can support their children at home with their language learning processes. At this time, we are looking forward to next year’s presentation and having even more parents join us! 

ELL Programs and Clubs

Students have been learning about various clubs and programs that are available to them on a weekly basis:

Tuesdays: Girls Culture Club Lunchtime Room 389
Tuesdays: Next Gen Homework Club 3:30-5:45 LC
Thursdays: Mentorship 3:30-5:00 Room 390

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Finally, we are looking forward to meeting with our ELL families during Parent-Teacher Conferences, which will be taking place on October 24 (4:30 – 7:00 pm) and October 25 (9:00 am – 12:00 pm). Interpreters will be booked for families – and then specific interview times will be arranged with the interpreter. More information will be sent home with students in mid October! 

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