Loran Davis, LL - Math

December 2019 / January 2020

Through parent-teacher conferences and report cards, you should be aware of your son /daughter’s progress in math class. If you have any questions on their progress please contact their teacher through the school’s website. Tracking your son /daughter’s progress through MyCBE / PowerSchool is the easiest way to monitor their success. 

At this time of year, remaining focused on your academics can be difficult. This is a good time to reflect on what makes them more successful. Below are some helpful tips on which to reflect.

Some habits of successful students are:

  • Making a weekly study plan of what you are going to do and when you will do it.
  • Divide up your studying into manageable chunks
  • Set up successful study schedule focused around your most productive study times
  • Work with others who are learning the same material

If your son or daughter is struggling in class, have them talk to their teacher about changing their habits to be more successful. With a small change in habits, great things can happen.

October / November 2019

We are proud of the student's strong Math Diploma marks from June 2019, in both Math 30-1 and 30-2. This a result of hardworking students and staff throughout the last three years at Forest Lawn High School. Having students committing to after-school tutorials, completing their homework and focused study habits increased their success in these courses.

Have your student talk to their teacher if they are struggling with the material; in some cases, a minute of extra help can save hours of frustration.

All students should know when their teacher is offering tutorial times. In addition, the YMCA is offering tutoring on Thursdays between 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm, have your students ask their teacher for an application form.

Focusing on your studies at the start of the semester sets the stage for future success. 

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Friday, Nov 20 is a system-wide non-instructional day so there are no classes for CBE students. Have a safe long weekend and please continue to follow all public health measures #WeAreCBE

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Things may look different but what hasn’t changed is our commitment to our students! Thank you to all of our teachers and families for adapting so these important conversations can continue. #WeAreCBE

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