Work Experience / Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP)

December 2019  / January 2020

Registered Apprenticeship Program

Students can also earn up to 40 credits towards graduation in a paid placement. The RAP program is recommended for students interested in one of over 50 skilled trades. The main difference between Work Experience and RAP is that RAP students are working under an appropriately certified Journeyman. For example, a student who works at a car dealership
under the direction of a certified Journeyman Automotive Technician can apply through AIT to complete on-the-job training toward their first year apprenticeship.

Off-campus Work Experience

Students can also earn up to 15 credits towards graduation while actively demonstrating skills and abilities in a paid or volunteer placement within Calgary. Please visit our Off-Campus page under Teaching & Learning for more information.

On-campus Work Experience

Students can also earn up to 15 credits towards graduation volunteering on-campus as a teacher’s assistant, peer mentor or tutor. Please visit our On-Campus page under Teaching & Learning for more information.

The Journey Forward (formally Career Talks)

The Journey Forward occurs once or twice a month where we have professionals from industry visit Forest Lawn and to share a story about their career pathway, answer questions, and offer great advice to students. Please visit our Career Centre page for more information.

Dual Credit & Exploratory Programs

We partner with post-secondary institutions, businesses and organizations to offer a wide range of off-campus courses and work-experience opportunities for students. These are often practical, hands-on learning experiences that that can set students up for future success in post-secondary programs or the workplace. Please visit the CBE website for
more information or refer to the guide.

Scholarships & Bursaries

There are many opportunities for students to earn and achieve financial support for post-secondary studies. Please visit our Scholarships page for more information.

School Events – Semester 1

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October / November 2019

Upcoming events

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Work Experience / Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP) / Online Safety

Students can sign-up during the current school year, to learn more visit our school website under Teaching & Learning -> On / Off-campus Education.
To learn more about these student programs, visit our website at CBE Unique Pathways.

Business Management | Dual Credit – Applications due: Nov.29, 2019
Health & Nursing Pathway 2 | Dual Credit – Applications due: Nov.14, 2019
Health Care Administration Pathway 2 | Dual Credit – Applications due: Nov.15, 2019
Health Care Career Essentials | Dual Credit – Applications due: Nov.15, 2019
Visual Communications & 3D Object Design | Dual Credit – Applications due: Nov.19,
Junior Achievement Company Program | Exploratory – Applications due: Oct.15, 2019.
Register for JA information session by Oct.8, 2019 -

Please submit applications to Mr. Shirley in Student Services. 

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