Forest Lawn Grad Photo Information 

Grad photos will be at the school’s conference room starting Dec. 16, 2022 

Congratulations Forest Lawn Class of 2023! You’ve worked hard for this moment and now it is time to commemorate the moment with a graduation photo! 

There are two types of photo sittings available.  

  1. Option 1 - The first type of photo sitting will be a half hour long and will give you the opportunity to bring a change of clothing and any props you would like to bring such as a musical instrument, jersey, etc. We will be taking 18-20 photos of you and there will be a cost of $40 for the photo sitting.  
  2. Option 2 – The second type of photo sitting will be for yearbook and for the graduation photo that hangs in the wall at the school. You will receive 2-3 photos in a grad gown and sash with no change in clothing and no cost to the sitting.  

To book your appointment please follow the link on the flyer to our website and sign up. To book either of the photo sitting options, it is the same process. With option 2, the yearbook sitting only, please do not pay the $40 sitting online.  

Please click on this link to book your sitting:  Prestige Portraits