Jan 28
January 28, 2022 Principal Message

Dear Grizzly Families,

I would like to thank all of our families for your continued support and effort to help keep our school running safe as possible for the month of January, with a special shout-out to our Kindergarten families for helping us transition to four days of online learning this month.  As of now, we have been fortunate enough to keep the rest of our Grade Teams in-person, and we will continue to do our best to keep our classes in school.

This effort has not been without a cost to our staff and our families.  All of our teachers have stepped up to cover classes every day in the last few weeks when multiple staff were away and many of our parents have managed to provide support at home when dealing with sick children.  This extra burden on families to arrange home care and continue to support their learning is greatly appreciated.  I also want to thank families for keeping siblings home when they are a close contact, as this further supports our school in providing teachers and students to proceed in-person as safe as possible.

School Updates:

Masks and Rapid Tests

I have just confirmed with the courier that our shipment will finally be arriving this afternoon.  This means, we should hopefully have the test kits and mask out to students by the end of day Tuesday.  Again, I thank you for your patience in this process and if anything changes come Monday, the office will send a message to let parents know. 

Monday – NO SCHOOL & Updated Office Hours

Just a reminder that school will be back in session on Tuesday, February 1st. Office hours will be adjusted on Monday from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm.  We will only have one staff member in the office, so we ask that you email Glamorgan@cbe.ab.ca if you have any questions or concerns.  If your inquiry is emergent, please call the school and leave a message and someone will return you call as soon as they can.

Lunar New Year – Tuesday, February 1

Our leadership students have started a cultural calendar at the school and we will be celebrating Chinese New Year on the first day back next week.  Students who celebrate the Lunar New Year are encouraged to where their cultural clothing and everyone else will be encouraged to wear red (pants and/or shirts).  All other students will need to be in their uniform.

Report Cards Online – Tuesday – February 1

We have just received an update from downtown that report cards will become live in PowerSchool on Tuesday.  If you or your child is unable to access the report card online, please call the school​

Science Fair Today

An announcement was made this morning for all science fair students, as their will be a Google Meet with Mr. Rip at 2:00 pm

Enjoy the long weekend!


Fred Mattersdorfer

Principal – Glamorgan School 

Jan 10
January Update

School Update - January 9 


Good Evening Grizzly Families,

By now, many families may have heard from your child's classroom teacher, and we wanted to send a school wide update to follow the CBE emails you have received over the past few days.

We realize last week may have been challenging for many of our families with school off, I thank you for your support and I want you to know that we have worked hard to continue to provide a safe and supported environment for our students and teachers, given the current circumstances.  I speak for all of our teachers and support staff when I say that they are excited to have students returning back to school in our building tomorrow morning.

Student Attendance

Please refer to the Alberta Daily Checklist if you are unsure of attending school due to symptoms, illness, close contact etc. If you are still unsure, please call the office during regular school hours. 

Alberta Daily Checklist Combined (AdultChild) 2022-Jan-07 HIGHLIGHTS.pdf 

School Mask Updates

Due to the current health situation, we are encouraging parents to speak with their child about the importance of wearing their masks appropriately in school.  We ask that you speak with your child and ensure that there is an extra mask in your child's backpack.  We have not received any masks at this point, but we anticipate to receive medical grade masks by the end of the week.  A message will be sent out to all families with this update as soon as they come in.

D2L and Google Classroom

We have asked all teachers to do there very best to continue to update their online presence as many times as possible throughout the week.  Please note that teachers are not expected at this point to provide lessons or instruction online for those students not able to attend due to COVID policies. Check D2L or Google Classroom daily for any classroom updates. 

School Sports - Basketball

As a school, we have unfortunately made the difficult decision to postpone our extracurricular activities in-person.  We realize many of our students have been working very hard prior to the break and have been looking forward to playing basketball in the new year, but we feel that this is in the best interest of teachers, coaches and students, based on our current health situation.

Grade 9 Leadership

Our Grade 9 Leadership students would like to thank all staff, students and families for their support with the December 2021 Food Drive.

In total you donated 581 items as well as $505 in our online fundraiser. 

The winners for each division have earned a casual week January 10-14 ( Grade 3, 6 & 7 ) 

  • The winner for Division 1 is grade 3 with 140 donation items
  • The winner for Division 2 is grade 6 with 103 donation items
  • The winner for Division 3 is grade 7 with 28 donation items

All other grades are asked to wear formal uniform on Monday January 10 and informal uniform Tuesday - Thursday with a casual day for all students Friday Jan 14th , to celebrate this year's successful food drive. 

We would also like to share our December Virtual Assembly




Fred Mattersdorfer

Principal - Glamorgan School ​

May 20
Principal Survey

May 19, 2021

Dear Staff and Parents/Guardians:

On behalf of the Calgary Board of Education, I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude for the leadership and service that Principal Kevin McDougall has provided for the past 31 years. Specifically, I have valued Kevin’s experience, leadership and insight as he has skillfully and strategically led the entire learning community forward at Glamorgan School.

The CBE welcomes input from parents, students and staff and in order to inform the selection of a new principal for Glamorgan School. I would be pleased to receive input from staff, students and parents regarding the programming and leadership attributes you value. Your input is taken into consideration as part of the hiring process and will support the selection of a new principal for Glamorgan School. An online survey will be available on the Glamorgan school website until Wednesday, June 2. Please provide your input into three key areas using the following link: Glamorgan Principal Survey​

I will be interviewing candidates along with other Directors and will make a recommendation to our Chief Superintendent Chris Usih regarding a candidate. Your input is taken into consideration as part of the hiring process and is also shared directly with the successful candidate to inform their entry plan as they transition into the school.

Thank you for taking time to share your feedback through the survey.

Keep well,

David Dyck Education Director, Area 7 | Complementary Curriculum
t | 403-777-8750 ext. 0

May 13
Principal McDougall Retirement | Notification

May 13, 2021


Dear Glamorgan School Families,


After nearly 6 years as Principal at Glamorgan School, I have made the decision to retire the last day of this school year - June 30. I have appreciated being a teacher and administrator with CBE for 31 years. During this time, I have been a school Principal for a total of 16 years, and a teacher of grades 3, 4, 5 and 6.  

I am most appreciative of the students, parents, community members and staff who have worked with me, to develop and contribute to the growth and development of students. Together, we have made positive gains, and I am very proud of the impact we have had with our Glamorgan Grizzlies!    

With Glamorgan School bringing students from all of AREA 7, I am especially pleased to have been the site based leader of such a successful school and program. As you know, the Traditional Learning Centre Program is in high demand by families for the characteristics that we teach. At the core of the TLC program is the teachers and all the staff who support students, who are dedicated to provide the very best opportunities.

It has been such a pleasure to lead such a dedicated, professional group of educators. When I use the word educators, I am referring to each staff member at Glamorgan School, for as I have always stated at assemblies with students, that everyone working at the school is their teacher. Thank you teachers!      

I extend thanks to the many parents who have supported Glamorgan School over the years. The high level of dedication and support of your own child(ren) in partnership with their teachers, is greatly appreciated. School Council and all volunteers over the years who have provided their time and expertise to benefit the growth of all students, you are amazing with the high level of support you offer to the school. Parents, I thank you!        

In the coming weeks, I will continue to work with our Assistant Principal Mrs. Dillenbeck, and all staff and parents, to prepare for next school year. Together we will organize to best meet the needs of Glamorgan School for the 2021-2022 school year.

Over the next few days, I will forward a survey link provided by our AREA 7 Director David Dyck. Please take the time to provide your input for the Calgary Board of Education welcomes input from parents, students and staff regarding the leadership attributes valued in a school principal. Information collected will be used in the Principal selection process, and will assist the new Principal to inform their entry plan into the school. 

It has been a pleasure to be Principal at Glamorgan School, and I truly will miss being actively involved with such a dynamic, supportive school environment. Thank you again for the opportunity, and wish each of you the best.       




Kevin McDougall

Principal, Glamorgan School

Retirement letter May 2021.pdf

Dec 18
Principal's Message

The Glamorgan School community continues to be caring and kind, looking out for the wellbeing of each other. It is with huge gratitude that I thank you for the ongoing support and encouragement which has been expressed through the Glamorgan School Council, and many parents individually for the actions of the staff of Glamorgan School. All staff have worked diligently to provide the most welcoming and safe in class school environment that we possible can, and it is evident that our actions are greatly appreciated. Thank you again for your support of Glamorgan School.  To all of our students on the Hub, we certainly miss seeing you in person at the school, and we look forward to the time when all Glamorgan School students are able to be back in the school building again. Classes will begin for Hub students and Kindergarten to Grade 9 students of Glamorgan School with on-line classes from January 4 to the 7. Your classroom teacher will provide the lessons during this period of time with the schedule that will be provided through a general school messenger, and also through your child(s) teacher. January 8 is a Professional Development Day with no school for students. It is our hope that in-class students will be returning to school January 11. CBE will be providing updates to parents through School Messenger as required for the January 11 confirmation to return to school.    

On behalf of Glamorgan School Community, I thank all of the families who had provided donations toward the School Council Gift Cards which have been provided to families earlier this week. Your involvement and generosity is greatly appreciated!  


Take care everyone, and Merry Christmas.



Kevin McDougall

Principal, Glamorgan School​

Sep 11
Welcome Back to Glamorgan School

Thank you parents for managing our new realities, and for your children, our students to be in school. Whether in class, or Hub online, we are here to provide the very best educational opportunities.  

At school, teachers have been working diligently to teach students of the importance of our procedures and required routines, for Glamorgan School to be in operation. Students are to enter the school immediately upon arrival to the school grounds, between 8:55 AM and 9:10 AM through their assigned doors, sanitizing before entering the school, wearing a mask, ensuring that they are providing physical distance to others. I am very pleased and proud of our students, for they are rising to the challenge to do what is required, and learning to make good decisions in an attempt to keep everyone safe. Students are becoming very responsible during this difficult time.  

Next week Hub online learning platforms will begin, real-time teacher instruction is scheduled to start between September 14 and September 18. After the need to re-deploy teaching staff from Glamorgan School, to teach and provide Hub Online learning to many of our students, we are preparing to reorganize students in classrooms. The number of classrooms from Grade 2 to 6 will decrease from 3 to 2 within each grade group due to the high enrollment in the Hub. On Friday, your child’s home room teacher will send an email to introduce themselves and welcome the new students to their class.  All Grade team classrooms are located closely together, so many routines will remain the same as they have been. For the majority of students from Grade 2 to Grade 6 there will be no change, our hope is to keep student change to a minimum, and staff will be doing the best we can to minimize student disruptions with this necessary class reorganization.  

On behalf of the staff at Glamorgan School, we welcome the challenges before us. We are excited to teach, work and grow with your children. Thank you for your support of Glamorgan School.  

Kevin McDougall


Mar 20
Spring Break Update

Dear Glamorgan Families,


Thank you to all members of our school community for your cooperation and adherence to the guidelines outlined by AHS during the retrieval of personal items.  For those members who still have personal belongings within the school, rest assured that they will be safe and available upon our eventual return to school. 


March break is to continue as planned for the week of March 23-27, 2020.  I ask all Glamorgan School community members, including our staff, to recognize this is a “break” and is meant to be a time to enjoy family and to stay safe.  During March Break, I anticipate communication will be less frequent, I still encourage you to check your email for system messages, and I will re-connect with our community after the March break.  


We continue to better understand the unusual and challenging events of classroom cancellation.  We don’t want to overwhelm students and families with programming expectations or offerings while we settle into day 5 of this new reality.  In addition, it is important that consistent messaging and resources are offered to students across the CBE and Alberta. The resources found on the CBE “Learning At Home” webpage  have been reviewed by CBE staff and offer wonderful learning opportunities for students to engage in.  Again, I encourage everyone to become involved in things that interest them and provide some physical and mental rigor.  Maintaining a balanced and consistent routine for children; including regular sleeping and eating times, breaks for activity and outdoor time, and healthy boundaries on screen time are very important to bringing normalcy to our days.    


These past weeks have been met with a lot of mixed emotions.  Hallways and classrooms are quiet and simply make up the structure of a building.  The children, whose laughter and energy is greatly missed, is clearly what makes Glamorgan a strong and vibrant community school.  As we learn new words and protocols such as social distancing and self-isolation, we are challenged to contemplate things that matter most and we are faced with uncertainty.  Uncertainty is heavy!  However, this notion of a “new normal” offers up the opportunity to re-align and take note of what is most important, what is truly valued and connect with loved ones. 


I would never have thought that I would be quoting the Chief Medical Officer of Health in Alberta, Dr. Hinshaw, but her advice is now more important than ever.  Dr. Hinshaw tweeted “The days and months ahead will be difficult for all of us.  We need to face this pandemic together and respond to this extraordinary crisis with extraordinary kindness. I want to remind Albertans: it is together that we will overcome.”


Take a deep breath, be kind to one another and take care of yourself, family and friends. 




Kevin McDougall

Principal, Glamorgan School


Nov 12
Principal's Message November

Within the Calgary Board of Education a system wide revision (September 2019) has taken place for Assessment and Reporting. These changes are specific for Kindergarten to Grade 9 students. I had previously referred through a School Messenger of the information contained on the two-page sheet entitled ‘How is My Child Doing in School’, which is attached to our School Website. Highlights include the following:

‘How is My Child Doing in School’ is a document of ongoing communication between parents, your child and their teacher. It builds an understanding of student achievement over the course of the year, so the information communicated in the report card is both expected and understood.

Reporting Indicators – assessment of each stem on the report card

1 - Not Meeting – The student demonstrates a beginning level of understanding

2 - Basic – The student demonstrates a developing level of understanding

3 - Good – The student demonstrates a well-developed level of understanding

4 - Excellent – the student demonstrates a mastery level of understanding.

Conferences and Report Card Dates

Parent Teacher Conferences – November 21&22, 2019 (Bookings begin Thursday 9:00 AM)

Report Cards Available on line through My CBE Account - January 30, 2020

Student Led Conferences - March 19&20, 2020

Year End Report Card - available June 26, 2020

School Development Plan

All Calgary Board of Education schools are to have a goal for Numeracy, Literacy and Wellbeing. As a result of all staff looking at the results and data and assessments, we have chosen the following goals to work on our areas of gap throughout the year. Our completed School Development Plan will be posted by the end of November on our website.

Numeracy - Students will improve their accurate, quick recall of basic facts needed for all math strands.

Literacy – Students will improve their ability to clearly express their ideas and opinions using techniques for expository writing.

Wellbeing - Students will learn and apply strategies to foster positive relationships with their peers and staff to improve their feeling of connectedness within the school.

Synergy Groups

As teachers, we are excited about the connections between students and teachers within their Synergy Groups. Please take the time to ask your child(ren) about the group they are part of, and see how they are engaged. Synergy groups will assist us to build upon student Wellbeing. As a school, staff are striving to have students learn and foster positive relationships with their peers and staff to improve their feeling of connectedness within the school, and our synergy groups are another avenue for this to take place.

Leader in Me, Think Win-Win.

At Glamorgan School we welcome the opportunity to work with you and your child(ren). We strive to provide Personalization of Learning within a Traditional Learning structure, allowing teaching and learning opportunities to be as unique as each and every student. Together we will continue to strive for excellence! Please directly connect with the classroom teachers as required at any time. If you wish to share kudos or to make us aware of particular feedback regarding the school, please send an email to the school at glamorgan@cbe.ab.ca.


Kevin McDougall, Principal​

Sep 25
Supports at Glamorgan School

For this school year I want parents to be aware of the many extra supports we have acquired to support students both at school and also at home. With the following information of each resource it is our hope that parents will support their child(ren) at home by providing extra practice, support or enrichment opportunities in core curriculum areas. Please connect with your child’s teacher if you require access support to any of the items listed below. 

At Glamorgan School staff are excited to be working together to continue to develop programs and support for students to achieve and work towards their potential. Each of these items have been included in our wish list items for the Glamorgan School Council, and they have been able to support financially the need to have them available for the students of Glamorgan School.

 Some of the individual supports for students which are in place include the following:

 ‘Raz Kids’

A computer program available for all Glamorgan students from Kindergarten to Grade 3 which will assist students to practice and become better readers.. This can be accessed during school time by students, they may be assisted to work through items with staff members, or accessed anytime outside of school for extra practice. By fostering home-school connections and giving students a variety of books to read at their grade-appropriate level, Raz-Kids has what many parents appreciate as a convenient tool to monitor progress and improve literacy skills. There are many options for independent reading practice and assessment. Because Raz-Kids is accessible through the Kids A-Z mobile app, students can read online leveled books anytime, anywhere. Students can continue practicing skills introduced in the classroom by logging into their Kids A-Z accounts from their home computers, laptops, Android phones, iPhones, or Kindles to complete reading assignments and eQuizzes

With over 500 books at 29 different levels of reading difficulty, every student will be able to access a high-interest book that’s right for them. Each book’s eQuiz questions are tagged with a particular comprehension skill, so when you review quiz scores you know exactly what skills students are acquiring and what skills may require review. When students use Raz-Kids to read leveled books, they can choose from various drawing, highlighting, stamping, and note-taking options that allow them to practice active reading strategies. Raz-Kids also offers digital incentives and rewards to keep students motivated to advance reading levels. After students have completed reading and interacting with a leveled book, they can take multiple attempts at an eQuiz. Students can revisit the text as they take the quiz, and they can re-take it to improve their scores. You get student scores automatically, and with quiz questions tagged for specific comprehension skills you know exactly what skills students need to revisit.

‘IXL Math’

This is a math practice program available for all Glamorgan students from Kindergarten to Grade 9. The range of use is from before Kindergarten, to high school. This platform can be accessed during school time by students, they may be assisted to work through items with staff members, or accessed anytime outside of school for extra practice. This item has been paid for as well through the fund raising efforts of Glamorgan School Council.

For some students this resource could be assigned as homework for some students. IXL is a cloud-based service provided by IXL Learning which can be accessed via Android and iOS and through its web-based interface. The service also includes IXL Analytics, which tracks classroom-wide as well as individual student performance. IXL also includes IXL's Continuous Diagnostic, which evaluates students on six mathematics strands as well as their overall working grade level. It also offers up-to-the-minute insights whenever students complete diagnostic questions each week and generates specific next-step instructions for students.

‘JUMP Math’

 During school time teachers from Kindergarten to Grade 5 are utilizing the Jump Math Program which has a deliberate approach to teaching math. All teachers have had full day in-service sessions to get the greatest results from the program, and the importance of setting up the lessons prior to, the pages provided, in the work books. Students may be requested to complete certain questions, to demonstrate mastery,  prior to moving on to future work and activities.  


‘Assessment and Reporting in the CBE’

Assessment and Reporting in the CBE has been revised as of September 2019. This is an area which teachers will work together through Professional Development and workshop sessions to calibrate our collective understandings. Soon the CBE will populate all School Websites with information regarding the changes which will be implemented this school year. Included under the Teaching and Learning tab is located the Assessment and Reporting section where the Assessment and Reporting information will be added. Also, as a parent resource, I have placed a two page document titled ‘How is my child doing at school?’. This document also includes further summary information of the 4 Point Achievement Scale. Please take the time to review this summary for it provides important information of upcoming changes. This school year all grades and reporting will be only available on-line for parents through My CBE Account. 

How Is My Child Doing.pdfHow Is My Child Doing.pdf

It is our hope that many of these resources are well utilized and appreciated by parents to support the learning of your child(ren). Please let teaching staff know if you require support with accessing any of the above mentioned platforms.

Glamorgan School is certainly a wonderful place to be and together we are pleased to have the opportunity to work with each of you.


Kevin McDougall

Principal, Glamorgan School

Mar 16
Update on Quality Instruction at Glamorgan School

Within teacher Professional Learning Communities (PLC) grade groups have been structured this school year to focus their learning and conversation on Mathematics. This work started with a school wide administration of the Math Intervention Programming Instrument (MIPI). These results were shared with teachers, and PLC groupings were then structured to have the grade group determine the greatest areas of gap from which to begin to develop further strategies, to support students to learn the concepts. Student work has been central to, and on the table, for teacher discussion to occur.


As a school we have now had a chance to review our recent Report Card data. Through this analysis we know further which students require additional support, and also we recognize that some students need to be further challenged. It is through the gap analysis of the MIPI and Report Card data, that as a school we are further strategizing to support your children. Some parents have or in the future will be receiving emailed letters to outline our Response to Intervention (RTI) for your awareness and support, with either mathematics or literacy. In partnership we again thank you for your support. Teaching staff is also working upon providing opportunities for student enrichment. As a school staff we are working diligently to ensure that the students in their care are being challenged, and supported, with their learning. 


With the arrival of Spring comes opportunity to remind students of our school wide expectations. These include all aspects of being at school and in our community. The work that we put into building a positive community is the solid foundation for all the academic growth we work toward. Please continue to assist us by reviewing the Student Expectations posted at the front of their Agenda (Grade K – 6), and also the Junior High Student Expectations which are posted by teachers on D2L. I thank you for your continued support to assist us to make Glamorgan School the very best it can be and to also promote that your child(ren) are extending themselves to be the best that they can be, to meet their individual potential.


Just recently a group of teachers signed up for a book study. We chose to read Mathematical Mindsets ‘Unleashing Students’ POTENTIAL Through Creative math, Inspiring Messages and INNOVATIVE TEACHING’ written by Jo Boaler. The study of the Brain and Mathematical Learning will assist us as teachers to continue to address the potential of our students, and look into the strategies to consider which could assist many of our students to have a growth mindset in mathematics, whereas they will, approach mathematics with confidence and enthusiasm. We are very excited about continuing to work to further develop the capacity of all of our teachers, teach them possibilities for developing rich mathematical tasks for their students, and determining next best steps for all students to be better prepared to accept having a growth mindset for Mathematics. Mathematics is a CBE District requirements for all School Development Plans and requires our additional efforts to ensure that gaps are reduced and that continued growth is maintained. 


Parents, please visit http://www.cbe.ab.ca/glamorgan often. The calendar will be updated as the months progress and activities become confirmed.


I thank you for your continued support of Glamorgan School.​

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