Dress Code

The TLC students are attending an Alternative School within the CBE, and are required to follow dress code protocols: 

School Uniform Colour 

  • Elementary – green (TLC Cardigan & Vest) 
  • Middle/Junior – navy (TLC Cardigan & Vest) 

All students wear the TLC plaid. Either the plaid tie or kilt must be worn on formal days.

  • Formal uniform is required on Mondays or the first day of the week, as well as on special assembly or occasion days as established by the school, but can be worn every day. 
  • Informal uniform may be worn on all other days. 
  • All uniform pieces must be clean, tidy, in good repair and fit appropriately. 
  • All uniform pieces that students own should be clearly and permanently labeled so that in the event that a lost piece is found, it may be returned to the correct student. 

TLC Uniform pieces are available at McCarthy Uniforms at 5911 3 St SE, 403-252-9342, www.mccarthyuniforms.ca

Formal Uniform consists of: 

  • TLC Crested Cardigan 
  • Elementary – green 
    Middle/Junior – navy 
  • Plain White Long or Short Sleeve Collared Shirt (tucked into kilt or pants) 
  • TLC Plaid Tunic (elementary) or TLC Plaid Kilt (middle/junior high) or Navy Twill Pants (elementary or middle/ junior high school) 
  • Navy Tights, Knee Socks or Socks 
  • Bicycle Shorts when wearing the Tunic or Kilt 
  • TLC Plaid Tie when wearing the Navy Twill Pants 
  • TLC Plaid Headband (optional) 

Informal Uniform is to be worn all other days at school and consists of: 

  • TLC Crested Cardigan or TLC Crested Vest (Elementary - green, Middle/Junior - navy) with Plain White Long or Short Sleeve Collared Shirt 


  • TLC Crested Golf/Polo Long or Short Sleeve Shirt 
  • TLC Plaid Tunic (elementary) or TLC Plaid Kilt (middle/junior high) or Navy Twill P2ants or Navy Walking Short/Skirt (elementary or middle/junior high school) 
  • Navy Tights, Knee Socks or Socks 
  • Bicycle Shorts when wearing the Tunic or Kilt 
  • TLC Plaid Tie (optional) 
  • TLC Plaid Headband (optional) 


Kindergarten to Grade 9 students must have a pair of indoor shoes that meet these requirements: 

  • Non-Scuffing Black Shoes/Dress Shoes for the dress uniform. 
  • Non-Scuffing Black Gym Shoes with black soles. 
  • No bright colors on the shoes.


Kindergarten to Grade 9 students must have a pair of indoor shoes that meet the requirements of being fully black and
“non-marking” for gym use and look appropriate for the dress uniform. No bright colours on the shoes please.

Gym Strip

Grade 7 to 9 students are required to wear gym strip for their Physical Education classes. Glamorgan Gym strip is available for purchase online and is considered optional. The link is included on the parent tab of the school website.

Casual Dress Days

Casual Dress Days are planned on occasion. Parents will be notified in advance. Appropriate casual clothes are permitted (jeans, track suits, etc.). 

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