Science Fair

February 8th, 2023 

Make sure your final slides are in so you can receive your trifold!

January 25th, 2023 

Assignment #6

1. Present your final slides

2. Email to

3. Due on Friday, February 10

January 18th, 2023

Assignment #5

1. Present your data

2. Submit: Summary data (averages, percents, etc.), Graphs, Tables

3. Email to

4. Due on Friday January 27

January 11th, 2023

There is NO meeting today. Please ask Mr. Rip if you have any questions.

December 14th, 2022

Assignment #4

1. Complete your background research:
      • At least 3 paragraphs: General Topic, Specific Topic, How my topic solves a problem
2. Include your resources as well
3. Email your background research to
4. Due on Friday, January 13

December 7th, 2022

Assignment #3

1. Write your procedure follow the previous slides
2. For research projects: what types of sources will you use (start being specific)
3. Email your procedure to
4. Due on Friday, December 16.

December 4th, 2022

Announcement: There will be NO MEETING, tomorrow December 5th.

We will have our regularly scheduled meeting on Wednesday, December 7th.

December 2nd, 2022

Assignment #2

Please answer the following questions

1. Your question

2. Your hypothesis and predictions

3. Your independent, dependent, and controlled variables

4. One resource you used for information

Please email your answers to : by Friday, December 9

November 28th, 2022

Assignment #1

Please answer the following questions:

1. Name and Grade

2. Who is your adult champion?

3. Is this your first science fair project?

4. If you are working by yourself or with a partner?

5. What is one exciting topic in Science you are interested in? 

6. What will you be comparing?

7. How will this topic benefit people or the World?

8. Will you be completing an experimental project or a research project? 

Bring your answers to the November 28 lunch time meeting

Please email your answers to : by Tuesday, November 29

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