School Behavior Expectations

The purpose of Glenbrook’s Behavior Policy is for students to learn how to behave appropriately and how to deal with issues or problems that may arise. Our policy supports a safe and caring environment that fosters self worth. To this end all members of the school community will observe the following principles:

  • Respect for Ourselves
  • Respect for Others
  • Respect for our school and our environment

In our school community:
a) Students, parents and staff have the right to feel physically and emotionally safe.
b) All students have the right and opportunities to learn.

Glenbrook School has a Problem Solving approach to discipline. Using this model to guide our discussions with students, we can help students to take ownership for their behavior and to develop strategies for dealing with problems in the future.

Playground and School Ground Guidelines

The following rules will help ensure the safety and enjoyment of these areas:

  1. Students share in the responsibility of keeping the school grounds clean.
  2. Students should get drinks and use the bathroom on the way outside to play. Should an emergency arise, students may enter the school through the assigned doors.
  3. The school provides bicycle racks, and is not responsible for student bicycles. To avoid accidents, students are not permitted to ride their bicycles on the school grounds or compound during the school day or before and after school. Students are to lock bikes up and move away from bike racks. Scooters, skateboards and rollers (Heelies) are not allowed on school grounds.
  4. Physical contact games or sports or play fighting are not allowed on the school grounds (e.g. tackle football). 
  5. The northeast baseball diamond, the bleachers, the front of the school, the playground by the parking lot, and the retaining wall on the south side are all off limits.

Creative Playground Rules

  • When sliding, go down feet first and stay on your bottom.
  • Wait until the person ahead of you gets down the slide before you start sliding.
  • No climbing on top of the equipment.
  • No play fighting.
  • No chasing other people, no running on equipment.
  • Look out for people on equipment above you and walk around them.
  • Take turns.
  • Three people at the most on the tire swings.
  • Take care of the equipment, those around you and yourself.
  • Gravel stays on the ground.
  • Avoid being tangled in equipment – do not wear a backpack on equipment or any loose clothing e.g., Scarves, straps, drawstrings that are not done up.
  • Climb only on equipment you can manage.
  • Leave the playground when the bell rings.
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