Classes & Departments

Each teacher has a google classroom that your student can access for review, homework or if they are home sick. If you are unsure of how to access the classroom, please email your students’ teacher.

Please ask you student how to log in and have a look! 

Class/Subject Name/Email


Shoults, Kelsey

Grade 1

Verstraete, Karen

Grade 1/2

Sigurdson, Heather

Grade 2/3

Irving, Casey

Grade 3

Miskowski, Jami

Grade 3/4

Welsh, Shelly

Grade 4

Howgego, Becky

Grade 4/5

Kourouniotis, Mary

Grade 5

Lombard, Finki

Grade 5/6

Point, Courtney

Grade 6

Lang, Nathan


Kowalchuk, Brett

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