Mrs. Cudmore | Grade 1/2

Oct. 30 - Nov. 3


We continue to use UFLI and Heggerty for our phonics lessons.  With the concepts we are learning we will be doing more shared reading of poems to help solidify these skills.

Home reading has started, and many students have been eager to share their reading with me.  Great work everyone.


We have been learning about subitizing (recognizing a how many are in a set of objects without counting).  This has been part of our number talks, along with the video by Jack Hartman on YouTube.

We are also learning about what number comes next and what number comes before.  We added this concept to our morning calendar routine with the use of our hundreds chart.

 In math centers we have been working with number up to 20 by ordering them, covering up numbers counted on dice, finding the number in between two numbers, and finding the number on an apple tree.