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Dear Parents,

As we dive into another exciting school year, I want to share the wonderful journey your child will be embarking upon in our classroom. Our approach is designed to cultivate a well-rounded education that not only imparts knowledge but also fosters curiosity, empathy, critical thinking, physical well-being, and creative expression.

1. Electrifying Science - Exploring Electromagnetism and Electrical Safety: Our science curriculum this year is charged with energy as we delve into the captivating world of electromagnetism. Your child will not only learn the fundamental principles but also engage in hands-on activities, such as creating their own electromagnets. Equally important is instilling a deep understanding of electrical safety, ensuring that curiosity is paired with responsibility.

2. Social Studies - Land Acknowledgments and Treaties: In our social studies lessons, your child will explore the rich tapestry of history, starting with a focus on land acknowledgments and treaties. We aim to instill a deep respect for Indigenous perspectives and foster cultural awareness. Through research and discussions, your child will gain a broader understanding of the historical context that shapes our communities.

3. Mathematical Adventures - Problem Solving with Adding and Subtracting: Mathematics is not just about numbers; it's about cultivating problem-solving skills. Your child will engage in real-world problem-solving scenarios, mastering the art of adding and subtracting within a meaningful context. This approach not only enhances mathematical proficiency but also nurtures critical thinking and creativity.

4. Fitness and Health - Holistic Well-being in Gym Class: In our gym class, we emphasize the importance of holistic well-being. Your child will participate in activities that not only promote physical fitness but also highlight the crucial connection between physical and mental health. Team-building exercises and reflective practices will contribute to a positive and supportive atmosphere.

5. Creative Writing - Completing the Writing Process for Fictional Narratives: Encouraging creativity is at the heart of our language arts curriculum. Your child will embark on a journey through the writing process, culminating in the completion of fictional narratives. This not only hones their writing skills but also allows them to express their imagination and unique voice.

Conclusion: As parents, your support is invaluable in nurturing the holistic development of your child. We look forward to a year filled with exploration, growth, and the joy of learning. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out. Together, we can make this school year a memorable and enriching experience for your child.

Hello Parents,

As we move through the school year, we have some exciting events and ongoing learning experiences to share with you. Here's what's happening in our classroom:

Number Sense and Basic Facts

In our math curriculum, we're focusing on "Number Sense." This is the foundation of mathematical understanding, and it includes grasping number relationships, patterns, and basic facts. You can help your child by practicing basic math facts at home, like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. There are plenty of fun online games and printable resources available for this purpose.

Language Arts - Fiction Writing

In language arts, we're delving into fiction writing. Encourage your child to explore their creativity by reading fictional stories together. Discuss the plots, characters, and settings to enhance their understanding of storytelling techniques. Regular reading at home can improve your child's vocabulary and writing skills.

Science - Circuits

Our science unit revolves around circuits. We'll be exploring electricity, conductors, insulators, and building simple circuits. You can support your child by conducting simple experiments at home. Building a basic circuit with common household items can be an engaging hands-on activity.

Social Studies - Canada Geographical Regions

In social studies, we're beginning our final project on Canada's Geographical Regions. This is a significant project, and your child will learn about the diverse landscapes, cultures, and geography of Canada. Help them by providing resources like books, documentaries, or virtual tours related to Canada's regions. Encourage them to ask questions and explore their curiosity about this fascinating country.

Buddy Program - Bi-Weekly Activities

Our buddy program continues to be a source of joy and connection for our students. Bi-weekly, our students collaborate with their buddies on various activities, fostering friendship, teamwork, and mentorship. This program is not only fun but also an excellent opportunity for social and emotional growth.

Fall Break Reminder

As a quick reminder, the fall break is just around the corner. The last day of classes before the break is on November 8, and we'll resume classes on November 15. We hope you all have a rejuvenating and enjoyable break with your families.

Read-Aloud: "The Hatchet"

Our read-aloud journey with the book "The Hatchet" continues. This survival story has been captivating our students, and it provides excellent opportunities for discussions on resilience, resourcefulness, and problem-solving. Encourage your child to share their thoughts about the book at home. Reading together can be a great bonding experience.

Learning Canva for a Creative Project

We're excited to announce that we're introducing Canva as a creative tool for our students. We will be using it to create a comic strip centered around the value of "Honesty," which is one of the Seven Sacred Teachings. Canva is a user-friendly platform that allows students to express their creativity visually. We believe this project will not only enhance their tech skills but also deepen their understanding of important values

As always, we appreciate your support and involvement in your child's education. If you have any questions or need further information about these activities or any other aspect of our curriculum, please feel free to reach out to us.

Thank you for being such valuable partners in your child's learning journey.

Hello, dear readers! 

Welcome back to our teacher blog, where we share updates and insights from our classroom adventures. 

This week, we're excited to dive into the latest happenings in our classroom across various subjects.


Exploring Number Sense, we've embarked on an exciting journey into the world of number sense. It's all about understanding numbers deeply, their relationships, and how they work. We've been busy with activities that challenge our mathematical thinking, from number patterns to place value explorations. The students have been doing a fantastic job grasping these concepts, and we're looking forward to more math adventures!

Language Arts: Crafting Personal Memoirs In language arts, our students are honing their writing skills by working on personal memoirs. It's been inspiring to witness them delve into their own life stories, reflecting on meaningful experiences and crafting narratives that capture their unique voices. The journey of self-expression through writing is a beautiful one, and we're excited to see the finished memoirs.

Science: Tackling Climate Change with Slideshows As our exploration of climate change nears its conclusion, our students are hard at work creating informative slideshows on topics of their choice related to this critical issue. From the greenhouse effect to the impacts of climate change on wildlife, they're diving deep into research and presentation skills. It's wonderful to see their passion for environmental awareness shine through.

Social Studies: Discovering Canada's Geographical Regions In social studies, our focus has shifted to the diverse geographical regions of Canada. From the icy tundras of the North to the lush forests of the Pacific coast, our students are embarking on a virtual journey across this vast and beautiful country. They're learning about the unique characteristics, cultures, and histories of each region, gaining a deeper appreciation for Canada's rich diversity.

It's been an engaging and enriching time in our classroom as we explore these fascinating topics across subjects. 

Understanding the Seven Sacred Teachings:

Before we dive into the concept of honesty, let's briefly recap what the Seven Sacred Teachings are:

  • Wisdom (Nbwaa): The ability to make decisions that are beneficial for yourself and others.
  • Love (Zaagidiwin): The act of caring deeply for all living things.
  • Respect (Mnaadendmowin): Treating others, the environment, and oneself with reverence.
  • Bravery (Aakode'ewin): Having the courage to face challenges and stand up for what is right.
  • Honesty (Gwekwaadiziwin): The commitment to truthfulness and integrity in all aspects of life.
  • Humility (Dbaadendiziwin): Recognizing our place within the world and being humble in our actions.
  • Truth (Debwewin): Upholding the value of sincerity and staying true to oneself.

Exploring Honesty

Honesty is an essential value that serves as the foundation for trust and integrity. In our classroom, we encourage our students to practice honesty in all their actions and interactions. This means being truthful, transparent, and sincere, whether it's in completing their assignments, communicating with their peers, or reflecting on their own experiences.

Honesty doesn't just mean telling the truth; it also means taking responsibility for one's actions and learning from mistakes. We believe that by nurturing a culture of honesty, our students will develop strong moral compasses and grow into responsible and trustworthy individuals.

Buddy Time Continues

We are thrilled to announce that our Buddy Time program will continue this month, bringing together our older and younger students meaningfully. This program not only fosters friendships but also provides opportunities for mentorship and learning.

Exploring the First Few Weeks of School: A Journey of Learning

Greetings, dear readers! It's been an exciting start to the school year, and I wanted to take a moment to share some of the highlights from our first couple of weeks in the classroom. Buckle up; it's been quite the adventure!


Diving into Canada's Climate and Weather:

We kicked off the school year by exploring the diverse climate and weather patterns across our beautiful country, Canada. From the frosty winters of the Yukon to the temperate rainforests of British Columbia, our students have been on investigating the factors that affect our different climates across Canada. 


Measuring Up: Perimeter and Kilometers:

Math has been a big focus these past few weeks, with our young mathematicians diving headfirst into the world of measurement. We've begun exploring the concept of perimeter, calculating the distance around various shapes, and understanding how this concept applies to real-life scenarios. Additionally, we've been learning about kilometers and how they compare to other units of measurement. 


Crafting Personal Memoirs:

One of the most heartwarming experiences has been guiding our students in the art of writing personal memoirs. They've been exploring their own lives, reflecting on memorable experiences, and learning how to convey their thoughts and emotions through the written word. 


Nuturing Respect:

Respect is not just a word we toss around; it's a core value that underpins our classroom culture. We believe that respect is the foundation upon which a positive and harmonious learning environment is built. But it's not something we simply dictate to our students; it's something we model and cultivate together. We have also spent time with our Buddy class (Mrs. Miskowski’s Grade 3's) and begun to build relationships and continuing practicing respectful behaviours as leaders and role models. 


Terry Fox Run:

The Terry Fox Run is more than a fundraiser; it's a lesson in courage we impart to our students. Terry's indomitable spirit, despite his battle with cancer, serves as a powerful example. Our school's annual run isn't just about laps; it's about resilience, determination, and unity. The run sparks conversations about empathy and will be held on Monday Sept. 18th. If you wish to donate please click on the link below.


Meet the Teacher:

We are excited to meet you at our Grade 5 Meet the Teacher Evening on September 21st. Myself and Mrs. Lombard will present our curriculum, communication strategies, and valuable resources. We will highlight communication channels will be used such as google classroom and teacher blog. We'll also showcase our online resources, explaining how parents can access and support their child's learning journey. Together, we aim to build a strong partnership that ensures our students thrive in grade 5. After the presentation you will get an opportunity to see you child’s classroom. 

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