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Online SAFETYOnline Safety for Parents

Online safety is always a concern in today's society as students have more access than ever to the internet and social media. Are you aware of what apps and sites your child spends time on? What they see, what they post, what kind of conversations they are having? We wanted to bring your attention to a new app that has become popular amongst on student body called "Tik-Tok". As some of you may already be aware, this app allows users to create videos of themselves and share it with other users, either to those who follow them or publicly to anyone who has an account on the app. As part of our continuing focus on digital awareness and promoting a healthy use of technology here at Glenbrook, we wanted to share some information with parents about this app and other popular ones that parents need to be aware of. 

Please find attached an selection of online safety guide for parents that we encourage you to read- One for Tik Tok, one for Snapchat, one about Instagram and one general Social Media and Mental Health.

For those interested in more resources you can visit: 

Thank you for your continuing support in our focus on teaching our students positive digital use.

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