Our Staff

Principal  Kristin Dahl (kldahl@cbe.ab.ca) Twitter: @glendalecbe

Assistant Principal | Dan Buchanan (djbuchanan@cbe.ab.ca) Twitter: @mrdjbuchanan

Administrative Assistant | Mary Brabant (mabrabant@cbe.ab.ca)

Facility Operator | Sam Nagahawatta

Lead Lunchroom | Fay Buschert

Teaching Staff

Grade Staff Member


Mrs. Karen Patsula- kapatsula@cbe.ab.ca  

Twitter: @glendale_kas 

Grade 1/2 Team

Mrs. Brenda Labrecque- bllabrecque@cbe.ab.ca

Twitter: @glendale_labrec 

Mr. Kevin MacDonnell- kcmacdonnell@cbe.ab.ca

Twitter: @glendale_macdonnell 

Mrs. Dawn Cowley - dmcowley@cbe.ab.ca

Grade 3 Team

Mrs. Vicky Alefantis - vvalefantis@cbe.ab.ca

Twitter: @glendale_ale3

Mrs. Nicole Belcher- nmbelcher@cbe.ab.ca

Twitter: @glendale_bel3 

Grade 4/5 Team

Ms. Jada Belin - jfbelin@cbe.ab.ca

Twitter: @glendale_belin 

Ms. Joelle Bode - jobode@cbe.ab.ca

Twitter: @glendale_bode 

Mr. Scott McEwen - scmcewen@cbe.ab.ca

Twitter: @glendale_mcewen 

Grade 6 Team

Ms. Ally Evans - amevans@cbe.ab.ca

Twitter: @glendale_evans 

Music Team

Mrs. Coreen Blenkhorne - ceblenkhorne@cbe.ab.ca
Twitter: @glendale_MrsB 
Mrs. Marni Strome - mlstrome@cbe.ab.ca

Support Staff

PositionStaff Member

Education Assistant

Ms. Naomi White

Lunchroom Supervisor

Ms. Ashley Thompson

Mrs. Fay Buschert (Lead Lunch)

Learning Commons

Mrs. Anjum Khan

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RT @CanadaPaintings: Vigilant Owl Kenojuak Ashevak ~ Inuit 2007 https://t.co/tA1JZouuuc

RT @MrsHaley828: One of our kids built this super awesome structure during connect time, so we decided to turn it into math fun! How many blocks are in the structure if you add one more block when building each column? For… 10 columns? 15 columns? 20 columns? https://t.co/klq3BERRi0

RT @MrsHaley828: For #TakeMeOutsideDay we celebrated our wonderful Alberta Wilds garden with an offering of tobacco to acknowledge and appreciate the space that provides us with comfort and curiosity. We then drew the plants we are researching for our science projects. ♥️♥️♥️ https://t.co/bBrdLuxxa4

RT @glendale_labrec: This morning we harvested the potatoes we planted in June! We can't wait to learn everything we can about these spuds! #harvest #potato #potatoweek #couragegarden @glendalecbe @Miss_Matich @glendalemacdon1 @glendale_kas https://t.co/zIMmxBizCh