Our Staff

Principal  Kristin Dahl (kldahl@cbe.ab.ca) Twitter: @glendalecbe

Assistant Principal | Dan Buchanan (djbuchanan@cbe.ab.ca) Twitter: @mrdjbuchanan

Administrative Assistant | Mary Brabant (mabrabant@cbe.ab.ca)

Facility Operator | Sam Nagahawatta

Lead Lunchroom | Fay Buschert

Teaching Staff

Grade Staff Member


Mrs. Karen Patsula- kapatsula@cbe.ab.ca  

Twitter: @glendale_kas 

Grade 1/2 Team

Mrs. Brenda Labrecque- bllabrecque@cbe.ab.ca

Twitter: @glendale_labrec 

Mr. Kevin MacDonnell- kcmacdonnell@cbe.ab.ca

Twitter: @glendale_macdonnell 

Mrs. Dawn Cowley - dmcowley@cbe.ab.ca

Grade 3 Team

Mrs. Vicky Alefantis - vvalefantis@cbe.ab.ca

Twitter: @glendale_ale3

Mrs. Nicole Belcher- nmbelcher@cbe.ab.ca

Twitter: @glendale_bel3 

Grade 4/5 Team

Ms. Jada Belin - jfbelin@cbe.ab.ca

Twitter: @glendale_belin 

Ms. Joelle Bode - jobode@cbe.ab.ca

Twitter: @glendale_bode 

Mr. Scott McEwen - scmcewen@cbe.ab.ca

Twitter: @glendale_mcewen 

Grade 6 Team

Ms. Ally Evans - amevans@cbe.ab.ca

Twitter: @glendale_evans 

Music Team

Mrs. Coreen Blenkhorne - ceblenkhorne@cbe.ab.ca
Twitter: @glendale_MrsB 
Mrs. Marni Strome - mlstrome@cbe.ab.ca

Support Staff

PositionStaff Member

Education Assistant

Ms. Naomi White

Lunchroom Supervisor

Ms. Ashley Thompson

Mrs. Fay Buschert (Lead Lunch)

Learning Commons

Mrs. Anjum Khan

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Mr Sam and Mr DuPont are a very special team in our Glendale Family. We are grateful for their hard work and dedication every day. They are keeping us safe! ❤️🧡💛💚💙 @dpbreton @LoriCooper #wearecbe https://t.co/Ga2VN5ZN91

RT @glendale_evans: Beautiful day for a game of 'Capture the Poultry'! https://t.co/ruXSVa8H14

RT @glendale_kas: They say kindergarten students can’t sit still...maybe that is because they are too busy dancing for joy at the work they are doing/art they are creating!!! #happyplace #fun #art #Dancing https://t.co/wjGMKRKSZS