RT @DHSRiebot: Today, we learned about Chanie Wenjack. As a class, we walked in honour of Chanie. “Chanie is not here anymore but he’s in our hearts.” “I want to walk to remember him.” We walked because we’re walking the kilometres that he couldn’t.” #dhscbe @DHSPaterson #CBEIndigenousEd https://t.co/S3QvyK165x

RT @Indigenous_cbe: "It's an earth-like world. It's cold and real. With a sun-like star you can feel," Gord Downie sings in The Only Place To Be, The Secret Path. The walks aren't easy this week. We are inspired by all the CBE Ss walking to honour Chanie. #DoSomething #reconciliACTION #SPW2020 https://t.co/OhzHgNoKHu

RT @glendale_belin: 2 more rounds of questioning in the books! Student continued to explore how to create questions that would allow them to gather the most information. As a result of their developing questioning skills 5 suspects have been eliminated!!!🕵️🕵️‍♂️#identityinvestigators https://t.co/mhtM0pLPWx

RT @glendale_evans: Developing criteria for group work requires conversation that leads to consensus! https://t.co/SrCjZkwF9u