Grade 1 & 2

Grade One and Two: Mrs. Labrecque, Mrs. Patsula, Ms. Cowley & Ms. Belcher

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RT @mrdjbuchanan: Provoking thinking on conceptual understanding and learning this morning at @glendalecbe #transfer

RT @glendale_evans: Trying a new strategy for communicating our thinking! Groups of 3 have a silent, written conversation about an idea, quote, visual, etc. To paraphrase a student; "Doing this allows our ideas to stay visible for others to see."

“Every child deserves to be met by an adult whose eyes light up, just for them...” so grateful for the loving children and loving adults in our community 💕welcome home away from home, little ones.

Glendale Friend: “Today I am wearing 5 sockses!” Ms Dahl: “Why 5 sockses?” Glendale Friend: “So I can be strong!” Ms Dahl: *buys 5 sockses on the way home*

💕Glendale Girls💕