Sep 23
September 23, 2022

Fue estupendo/It was great seeing parents face to face after two long years of Covid restrictions.  We trust that parents were able to provide teachers with extra information about their children.  Teachers would have had an opportunity to provide parents with general information at this time about your child(ren) as there are still getting to know them as learners and individuals. Moving forward, for November and March conferences, you will have the choice of booking your meeting face-to-face or online.


Profesores e Estudiantes/Teachers and students have worked on their personal and whole classroom commitments to Escuela Glenmeadows stakeholders. To have their commitment at the forefront and have it live on a daily basis, as well as to make it fun, we created a Star Wars Themed Display. The classroom commitments students wrote speak of respect, collaboration and support towards each other. If you are in the school, please stop by and read each one of them :0)


Terry Fox Run is happening next Wednesday, September 28. If you have your t-shirt from last year, wear it proudly!

That means that Toonies for Terry is happening as well! We would love for you to donate but you do not have to. If you do, please bring toonies and give them to your teacher by Wednesday or visit the website

Sep 09
September 9, 2022

Estudiantes/Students have settled quite well into their classrooms and school routines.  It is only our first week back, but it seems as if we have been together for much longer already. Thank you to all parents for setting their children up for a successful school year!

Este año escolar/This school year all staff made a personal/professional commitment to all Escuela Glenmeadows stakeholders.  You would have seen and heard their individual commitments in our Welcome Back video a couple of weeks ago. We gathered all similar individual commitments as a whole school and created a common school commitment: "Our staff commitment to Escuela Glenmeadows, as an International Spanish Academy, is to inspire our inclusive school community to achieve success in all areas through positive and caring relationships." We believe that this commitment will guide our teaching practice as well as provide us with a common goal for this school year.

Nuestros Estudiantes/Our students are also working on their personal and classroom commitment to themselves, classmates, staff and parents.  Their classroom commitments will be shared by teachers with you when completed as well as posted outside of their classroom doors.

Estamos muy agradecidos/We are very grateful to our dedicated team of teachers who have chosen to enhance student learning by providing Clubs this year!  This is what I call dedication and passion for students within our Escuela Glenmeadows School welcoming, caring and safe environment. Gracias profesores, you all rock!  We will offer a variety of clubs for Div I and Div II throughout the school year.  Once we have organized clubs for the year, we will share all details with students

Esperamos con interes/We look forward to taking part in the School Council/Society BBQ on September 15!  Gathering as an Escuela Glenmeadows family has always been important to students, staff and parents/guardians.  We are extremely grateful to all the parents who have organized this event as well as to the countless volunteers who give their time to make the event a huge success. ​

Jun 24
June 24, 2022

Hoy les dijimos/Today we said, hasta la vista/until next time to our grade 6 students and parents. During the farewell, students performed Latin dances and sang Spanish songs.  We had speeches from CBE representatives, grade 6 students and me, to encompass 6 years of teaching and learning together in our journey of Camino a la Excelencia.  We wish all the best to our amazing grade 6 students and trust that they will take all opportunities that Junior High will afford them.

Mientras cerramos/As we close this 2021/22 school year, we want to express our sincere appreciation to you for trusting in us and our work with your children.  We value and greatly appreciate your collaboration and input in what makes Escuela Glenmeadows School an amazing place to be in. Next year, we hope to see more of you at the school and increase our goal of achieving excellence in learning.

Confiamos/We trust that each one of you will have a fun and restful summer.  Please visit the direct link for our Welcome back to school information and our school calendar​

Tengan un lindo verano/Have a great summer!

Jun 10
June 10, 2022

We look forward to honouring our amazing Escuela Glenmeadows volunteers at the Volunteer Tea this coming Monday 13th at 11:05 am in the school gymnasium.

Our Sports/Indigenous Games Day will be held on Thursday, June 23.

  • 9:15-10-15 am Grades 4-6 and AM Kindergarten
  • 10:15-11:15 am Grades 1-3 and Pm Kindergarten
  • 12:30 pm Grade 6 vs Staff Soccer Game, all School around the Optimist Park Soccer Field.  Families are invited to attend the soccer game as spectators.

Sports Day Volunteers

Indigenous Games Day is coming up on June 23 and volunteers are needed to help run the event. Please sign up here to volunteer:​

Jun 03
June 3, 2022

El/The mini Fiestaval was a gran/huge success!  Please see the pictures in this edition of Sabes Que?  We are all coming out of Covid-19 slowly, stronger and more enthusiastic than before.  It was great seeing so many families at school with their children, friends and family members.  We thank every parent organizer and volunteer who made this possible! Some of our key School Society members are leaving us this year as their children are going on to Junior High.  We want to express our deep gratitude to Gacynth A. and Chad J. Your support and leadership have impacted our school in all areas of teaching and learning as well as providing amazing whole school cultural opportunities.  You will both be missed.  To continue to make our school great, we need parent involvement in critical School Council and Society areas.  Please visit our School website under to learn how to get involved.​

El clima/The weather is getting better, a friendly reminder that dogs are not allowed on school grounds.  Now that the weather is better, we are seeing parents at the Hug and Go area coming out of their vehicles and taking some time to say good bye to their children.  Please have the last good byes in the vehicle, we have many vehicles waiting to use the Hug and Go area.  We appreciate everyone using the Hug and Go and not utilizing the back alley.

May 20
May 20, 2022

​Nos gustaria/We would like to thank the parents who worked hard to enhance our natural areas this week. Parents cleaned-up, and added flower bulbs, dirt and mulch to the front area of the school by the school parking lot. Many parents will return to complete the work soon. Thank you to our grade 4 classes who helped with the clean-up of the natural areas as well. We also wish to thank our School Society and parents for purchasing a Gaga Ball structure, asphalt area and setting the structure up. Our grade 5 students went to classes from grade 1 to 4 to teach them the rules of how to play the game. Our grade 6 students already know how to play it. On Tuesday, staff and students will receive a schedule so that all students can enjoy the game. 

Como parte de/As part of our PD day, today we engaged in STEM strategies and tasks that support our school program. In addition, we worked on classroom placements for the next school year.​

May 13
May 13, 2022

Esta semana/This week was Math/Science week!  Please see the various student pictures on this edition of Sabes Que to see the great academic task students engaged in.  It was awesome seeing how class buddy grades presented to each other! Thank you to the teachers who lead the Math and Science week, Srta. Rivas and Sra. H. as well as all teachers and staff.

Me gustaria traer a su atencion/I want to bring to your attention some important dates that will be coming up. You will find these and other important dates on the right margin of each Sabes Que edition.   Specific details will be coming from your teachers or on Sabes Que as we approach important dates.



17 – Class Picture day (Teacher email will come today)

30 – A.E. Senior Band school performances (Teacher email will come today)



2 Fiestaval (Ongoing on Sabes Que)

10 – Open House Kindergarten and grade 1 (Ongoing on Sabes Que)

13 – Volunteer tea @ 11:05 to 11:35 am in the Gym (emails to come)

24 - Grade 6 Farewell from 10 to 11:00 am in the gym (emails to come)

23 – Sports Day/Indigenous Games/Staff v/s grade 6 soccer:  Game 12:30 to 3:00 pm (emails to come)​

May 06
May 6, 2022

Hoy/Today our Kindergarten, grades 1, 3 and 5 participated in the Spring concert.  I believe that all of us were awed by the amazing talent and skills students demonstrated in their musical skills, singing, dancing as well as Spanish language proficiency.  A huge thank you to the teachers, Sr. Casas , Srta. Rivas, Sra. Fandino and parent volunteers for the great organization of this event.  Parents, you have amazing children!

La próxima semana/Next week is Science and Math week!  We look forward to teachers implementing fun and creative ways in which students will be able to engage in science and math even more than before!  Again, thank you, teachers. I also wish to thank the parent volunteers who support us with the Maker Space and resources to make science and math fun and engaging for students!

En Mayo/On May 20, PD Day, teachers will engage in creating heterogeneous classes for the next school year.  Our lenses when creating class lists are Students at risk, on IPP's, Gifted, leadership, English Language Learners, behaviour, academics, social, best fit with teachers and many more.  Please know that teachers and the school admin engage in this very complex task with a high degree of thought and intention.  As a result, only reach out to Sra. Fandino or me if your child would be at a detriment socially for a particular request.  I know that all our teachers are amazing professionals and we trust our gems (students) with all of them.  The other parts of our PD Day will include, Indigenous and STEM learning opportunities for staff.​

Apr 29
April 29, 2022

​Nuestros fondos/Our funding allocation for the 2022/23 school year has been shared with staff and School Council. Our funding is a couple of thousand dollars less than last school year. However, we will be able to maintain the same staffing school structure as this year. You will note single-grade configurations and low-class sizes with supports. Please take a look at the proposal we will be submitting to CBE this coming month. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

Scenario 2022-2023.png

Feb 25
February 25, 2022

Este fin de semana/This weekend, it is expected that the Alberta Government will be making decisions that will impact Covid-19 restrictions.  Over the week, CBE leaders will gather to see what the implications will be for our schools.  As a result, please be patient with us regarding any news that will impact students and staff as well as the structure of the running of the school (i.e.- cohorting, etc) until next Friday.

Rapid test kits and masks went out on Tuesday.  If you have not seen them, please check your child's backpack.

Este Martes/On Tuesday, our School Council approved the funding of a two-week Latin Dance residency for $4200!   The residency will take place from March 28 to April 7, 2022.  The service provider will be Marcos Ravelo, Director of Havana Cuban Dance Studio.  Marcos worked with us in 2018 and has worked with many of our Spanish bilingual schools.  Classes will continue to be cohorted and no partner dance will occur this year to continue safe Covid-19 measures. Thank you School Council for your support!

A friendly reminder to please let us know if your child(ren) not be returning next school year by Friday, March 11.  Your information will support our organization for the next school year. Grade 6 students will be transferred to A.E Cross directly unless we hear from you.​

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There are no classes for CBE students on Friday, Sept. 23 because it’s a system-wide non-instructional day. Have a fun, safe long weekend! #WeAreCBE

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