Sep 22
September 22, 2023

Este último Miércoles/This past Wednesday, students and staff participated in the annual Terry Fox run.  In class, students learned about Terry Fox and his wonderful cause to eradicate cancer someday. Many of our students/families donated, and next week, we can share how much money was raised.   Although the run was only 30 minutes, students ran many laps around the soccer field and Turtle Hill Park, having fun with students from all grades.  All students and staff were cheered by volunteers and parents. A huge thank you to all the volunteers who came to support this great event.  We would not have been able to hold the run without them!

El Jueves y hoy, Viernes/Thursday and today, Friday, the Escuela Glenmeadows family got a chance to meet teachers and parents.  While some meetings were online, most parents met at the school.  We apologize to those parents and teachers who experienced technical challenges.   We will try to see the critical issues to make online conferences more successful. 

Esperamos ver/We look forward to seeing parents/guardians and families this Tuesday at 5 p.m. for the Welcome Back BBQ!  It is an opportunity for families to connect with other families and meet the whole school staff in a non-formal manner. Please order your food by tonight at Healthy Hunger.

Sep 15
September 15, 2023

Esta mañana/This morning we had our first whole-school assembly.  Earlier in the day, teachers had set their students up for success by reviewing expectations for this and all future assemblies.   

In this assembly, we acknowledged the land, sang O Canada, and grade 5 students went over some rules in the playground, hallway, etc.  Grade 6 students did a review of bullying strategies to ensure our students have the skills to deal with teasing or bullying as well as to tell a trusted adult at school and home.  Srta. Rivas, grade 6 teacher, spoke and showed pictures of her teaching trip to Guatemala and incentivized students to share their gifts and talents in the school with Guatemalan children.  I spoke of the humble and poor Doroteo Flores from Guatemala. He was the first Latin American to win the Boston Marathon. Doroteo was so poor, that he was not able to afford running shoes.  Still, he was able to win the race wearing dress shoes.  He won the marathon almost not able to finish the race 200 meters before the finish line had it not been for the great cheering from the crowd.  You may have your child(ren) watch the following YouTube clip in Spanish and ask them to tell you about the message of perseverance and support for each other at school. .  Last but not least, new staff and students were introduced and welcomed, and to finish the event all students joined in the song Que Bonito/How Beautiful K-3 sang the Chorus while grades 4-6 sang the entire song.  It was indeed a beautiful inspiring moment.​

Sep 08
September 8, 2023

Esperamos/We look forward to meeting parents/guardians on September 21 and 22 for the Parent Teacher Conference.  You will have an opportunity to choose online conference or in person. During the meeting, teachers will go over the Parent Viewpoint form you submitted.  Teachers will be sending a PowerPoint Presentation about their classroom program.  The PowerPoint will include important information such as communication, assessment as well as commitment to their students for the school year.

Comenzando/Starting next week, students will begin to bring books in Spanish and English from the school library.  We hope that students will acquire a love for reading and learning.  Also, next Friday we will hold our Welcome Back assembly where students will sing, have a sense of community and meet all of the staff.​

Sep 01
September 1, 2023

Que/What a wonderful start to our school year we had this week!  Staff, students and parents were excited to start the school year with great enthusiasm for all the great learning opportunities Escuela Glenmeadows School will provide. As a school, we continue to commit to a safe, caring and welcoming school with academic excellence at the forefront.  We are very appreciative to all parents who made the school year a great start by bringing their children ready, on time as well as abiding by all traffic bylaws!

Nuestro/Our Facility Operator, Sr. Alen H, had the school sanitized, clean with shiny floors and all furniture ready to welcome our students.

Our school is growing, thus far we have 370 students, that is 50 students more than last school year!  We are certainly organizing classes with sufficient supports in place.  Please do remember that we have two new classrooms, a grade 2 and a grade 6 classroom.  I will provide school numbers and staffing lists after September 30, when CBE approves our student numbers and funding.

Nosotros/We look forward to the School Society/Council Welcome back BBQ on September 26.  This will be a great opportunity to reconnect with last years' families, and meet new families as well as teachers.​

Jun 23
June 23, 2023

​La semana pasada/Last week we had our Volunteer Tea/luncheon to show our appreciation to all those amazing volunteers who supported teaching and learning at Escuela Glenmeadows School. It takes a village to raise a child!  This 45-minute event had grade 1 and 6 performances, games and each staff member provided food to show appreciation to all volunteers. 

Esta mañana/This morning Awaking Awareness Indigenous group performed dances, songs and taught us about their traditions and connections to their culture and traditions.  This performance was held outside on the soccer field with all students and staff.  

It is time to share that two teachers will not return next school year.  Sra. Moreno is returning to Spain to be with family, friends and her teaching job.  Sra. Gysler, one of the key staff “founders" of our school, will take a one-year sabbatical and return in 2024/25 school year. We will miss Sra. Moreno and Sra. Gysler.

Solo hay/There is only one week left of school.  Where did the year go?  We know that we met our objectives with our school development plan, having students feel safe, welcome, included and engaged with success in great learning opportunities. ​

Jun 16
June 16, 2023

​Este última semana/This past week, we had two important events at our school!  The first was our annual Fiesta-val organized by our Society and Council.  Despite the smoke, the event was a huge success, with many school families attending.  The food, music, games, and various activities kept everyone entertained and well-fed.  A huge thank you to the School Society/Council organizers and all parents, guardians and community members for their support. 

El segundo evento/The second event was our grade 6 Farewell Assembly.  We have celebrated 7 years of outstanding teaching and learning with each student.  We are grateful to all parents and guardians who entrusted their children's education to us for the past seven years. 

Este domingo/This Sunday is Father's Day, to those who celebrate this, Feliz Dia del Padre!

Este lunes/This coming Monday is our Volunteer Tea/Lunch at 11:30 am in the gymnasium.  If you were one of our many amazing volunteers, we welcome you to a little lunch with student showcasing and the company of our staff. ​

Jun 09
June 9, 2023

Today teachers focused on school structures for our next school year, report cards, Indigenous Education organization and reflections, as well as our School Development plan analysis.

We have three more weeks of learning left in this school year.  We acknowledge that there are times when external factors impede families from coming to school on time. We have noticed that some students are now consistently coming late to school.  If there is anything we can support families with, don't hesitate to contact your classroom teacher or the school administration.

The weather is fantastic, and this brings us some friendly reminders given the weather changes. We support and love having students come to school on bicycles and scooters.  Please know these transposition methods need to be parked in the compound racks.  We have had requests to have these units in the classrooms and office. Please understand that these are teaching-learning spaces.  We appreciate all students, parents and guardians ensuring pedestrians are safe by walking their bicycles on school grounds.  Lastly, parents who walk their dogs to school, thank you for keeping them outside of the school grounds.

Staff and students are doing their best to continue engaging in teaching and learning, and the weather brings extra joy to everyone's hearts and minds.  

Jun 02
June 2, 2023

​Ayer/yesterday, we held three separate concerts for parents of students in Kindergarten, grades 1, 3 and 5. The performances held in the gymnasium were truly outstanding! Students showcased and celebrated their learnings from Latin American countries such as: Spain, Mexico, Guatemala, and Venezuela through songs, dances, instrumentation, and drama. Following the concerts, parents were invited into the classroom for their children to present and share various learning artifacts about their country of study.  We are thankful to our teachers and grade 6 students who supported us with lights, sounds, curtains, ushers, and leading parents to identified classrooms.  A special note of appreciation to our parent volunteers for the beautiful Spring decorations.  We truly feel honoured to have a great family of stakeholders who bring their very best to make Glenmeadows School the great school that it is.​

May 26
May 26, 2023

This week was action packed! We had the pleasure of welcoming Nik Zetouni from NGEC, to teach us some design thinking, an iterative process that students are using to challenge assumptions, redefine problems and create innovative solutions to their class question. They have been going through the five-phase process of empathizing, defining, ideating, prototyping and will then test their solutions. Virtual Reality is helping them explore their topic and further engage in understanding the many perspective to consider. At this time, the residency has begun with our division 2 students and will continue to our division 1 student in June. We would like to thank our School Council and Society for supporting our STEM residency.

Being a part of Glenmeadows School also means rising up to the challenge of this Thursday's recyclables dress up day, put on by the wellness committee, students did a wonderful job promoting the event with their announcements and students demonstrated great imagination, see the pictures below!  

We are finalizing preparations for our June 1 Spring Concert, a reminder that Kinder AM will be performing at 10 am; Grade 1 & Kinder PM students, at 1 pm; and Grade 3 & 5 students, at 2:30 pm. The concert will take place in the gym and you will then be invited into your child's classroom for a celebration of students' learning.  We want to thank the many volunteers who have supported this Spring Concert. Our book fair will also be on June 1 we hope you will support our school and pick up a few reads for the summer.

If you have not let the school know of your intentions to attend a different school for next year, please do so.​

May 19
May 19, 2023

Students did an excellent job of understanding the need to stay indoors during this smoky week because of the poor air quality in Calgary.  The forecast for next week is rain, please have your children ready for the weather so they can go out and enjoy the fresh air during recess times.

We are excited to begin a STEM (Science, Technology, Math, Engineering and Mathematics) residency next week.  We thank our School Society for funding this residency.

Schools may or may not experience change. In CBE, there will be postings for teaching staff across Calgary. At Escuela Gleneamdows School, we know that as a result of increased numbers for next school year, we will be looking for two new teachers.​

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