Dec 03
December 3, 2021

We greatly value the voice of students at Escuela Glenmeadows School.  Many of them in upper grades have engaged in opinion letters (English and Spanish) to me and Sra. Fandino. As a result of their voice, we have some changes and initiatives coming this week and month.  For example, grade 6 students will now have two lunch recess playground structure times, students will be able to sign-out some recess equipment early in the morning starting at 8:50 am (through grade 6 student leaders) from the soccer field, and students will be invited to show their Winter/December spirit by wearing any attire that represents their culture/religion/belief such as Santa hats, sweaters, cultural attire.  Gracias students for making Escuela Glenmeadows School a great and fantastic place to live and learn!

Next week, we will welcome Michelle Howell, our CBE Area 6 Educational Director.  Together we will visit classrooms and see the great teaching and learning that occurs in our building.  Together, we will also review our School Development Plan and strategize for the personalization of student learning.

We have been very fortunate to, in addition to the .4 allocated last week for our grades 1 to 3 teacher, we have now an additional .6, for a total of 1.0 full time teacher until March, 2022.  The additional teacher, Veronica Valdes, will help the school structure to support students in Literacy and Mathematics.  Gracias Alberta Education and CBE!

Grades 2, 4 and 6 are preparing the Winter concert with great enthusiasm and amazing work ethics.  The performance will be shared in our School Youtube channel on December 17 at 9:30 am (as students will also view it at that time in the school). Muchas gracias a los estudiantes, profesores de clase y Sr. Casas.​

Nov 19
November 19, 2021

Muchas escuelas elementarias/Many elementary schools in CBE are beginning to post summative student marks online.  Summative is the result of in-class tasks, quizzes, projects etc based on a unit of study.  At this time, we will be posting 2 summative marks in English, Spanish and Mathematics. As we all travel the road of learning how to use this tool, we will increase the number of reports in the future.

Tu/You will be able to view the marks this Monday November 22, 2022 by 5 pm. To view the marks, please visit the How To CBE site:

During our Parent Teacher conferences online this coming Thursday and Friday, teachers will also focus on English, Spanish and Math.  Please let teachers know if there are specific areas you wish to discuss with them so that the 15 minute conference time is sufficient.

Le damos la bienvenida a/We welcome Veronica Valdez who will be working as a .4 Teacher in our school as part of the Alberta Government grades 2 and 3 Learning Disruption funding.  Veronica's contract is from end of November to end of March 2022.  She will also work at Canyon Meadows Spanish Bilingual School as a .6 teacher.​​

Nov 12
November 12, 2021

Estoy muy orgulloso de/ I am very proud of our grade 5, 6, and 1-6 Colour Guard students for their participation in our Remembrance Day ceremony this past Wednesday. I want to thank our grade 5, 6, and music teachers and admin team for organizing the ceremony and creating the video. If you did not get a chance to view the ceremony, please visit our school youtube channel at

Hoy/today, as you know, was a PD day.  Our focus was on the CBE Mathematics Framework, creating specific grade level common Spanish/English vocabulary that will serve for teaching/learning practices as well as guides for students and parents prior to engaging in each math unit. In the afternoon, we had a CBE Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) Team workshop.  We learned about promoting respectful, safe, welcoming and inclusive learning environments for all. As a result of this workshop, we reflected and changed our practice to achieve an increased inclusive environment for all stakeholders.

Como parte de nuestro/as part of our PD day, we allotted some time for teachers to make classroom orders that benefit all students deemed above and beyond funding from CBE.  We are very grateful to our School Society and all parents who support fundraisers/casinos as they are the ones who fund these extra resources!

Le damos la bienvenida a/we welcome Sra. Allepuz as the permanent teacher for her grade 3 classroom for the rest of the school year.  Sr. Penate has been on leave for two years, and after this period, his contract ended in our school.  We wish Sr. Penate health and success in a future school.​

Oct 29
October 29, 2021

​Estudiantes/Students who chose to dress up today came with great enthusiasm. They were very respectful and responsible for their daily routines, expectations and highly academic rigorous tasks. I was so proud of all students for not making this day a distraction from their daily learning! I was also very proud of teachers for setting students up for success the days prior and for creating meaningful and authentic tasks based on today's theme. 

Do you know how your children are doing academically? On November 25 and 26, teachers will have an opportunity to discuss with you how your children are performing against the Alberta Program of Studies outcomes.  Our priority for student progress will be on Literacy, Numeracy and Spanish.  However, if time permits, they will also report on other subject areas.  More information will come on Sabes Que on November 12, 2021.

Profesores/teachers are inviting Carmen and me to observe full lessons for the purpose of teaching and learning feedback and reflections.  Our focus for this round of observations includes personalization of student learning and multiple entry points so that each child can enter learning at their level.  We are utilizing the Core Four Look Fors Guide as an observation tool,_Slides,_etc.)/PL%20Core%20Four%20Look%20Fors%20(%20Walkthrough%20Guide)%202019.pdf. Our school motto applies to all staff, Camino a la Excelencia/Path to Excellence.

Oct 22
October 22, 2021

Our school budget is a healthy one. As a result, no teaching surplus nor classroom restructuring will be necessary.  Last year, in addition to our 20 hour School Assistant, we hoped to have two additional School Assistants, one extra at 20 hours and another at 15 hours per week.  As a result of losing some students from the end of June to September 30, we will only be able to have two School Assistants, one at 20 hours and one additional School Assistant at 15 hours.  By hiring the extra School Assistant at 15 hours, we will be just under our CBE reference point for a school our size.

CBE has requested that K-12 parents be able to see summative marks on Power School.  By the end of next month, you will be able to see your child's summative tests/assignments and projects online.  More information will follow on this.

Les damos las gracias/we thank our School Society for paying for the reading Program Raz Kidz.  This has been set up and will be available to students from grades 1-6.  If you are not familiar with Raz kids, please click on the following link Raz-Kids

Oct 15
October 15, 2021

Como saben/As you are aware, next Monday is a PD day.  For this day, all CBE employees, including teachers, administrators, support staff, and support services, will be engaged in Indigenous Professional Learning focused on “establishing the conditions under which the learning aspirations and the potential of First Nations, Métis and Inuit students will be realized".

Hoy/Today and next week, teachers are analyzing assessment data for all students in Mathematics and writing.  In addition, teachers are strategizing to close gaps and accelerating student learning.  Next week, all students will be involved in Spanish Oral assessments to determine where they are at and what strategies need to take place for each student, class and whole school.

El gobierno de Alberta/The Alberta government will be offering a targeted rapid testing program for kindergarten to Grade 6 schools experiencing outbreaks, as vaccines are not yet available to this age group. Tests are expected to be provided for distribution to parents and staff starting in late October, and will begin with schools that are in an outbreak status at that time with 10 or more cases of COVID-19 that were infectious while in school. The rapid testing will be voluntary and will be administered at home for students and staff who are asymptomatic. If you have symptoms of COVID-19 refer to the Alberta Health Services website to determine when testing is required.

Volunteers and visitors: Scheduled volunteers and visitors to schools are permitted. However, schools may limit this access to individuals supporting  student-centred events and have the strongest connection to curriculum. Prior to scheduled visitors entering the school they must complete the Alberta Health Daily Checklist. If a visitor answers YES to any of the questions, the individual must not be admitted into the school.

Existing partners, including outside agencies, that directly support student learning and well-being will continue to work with our schools. While in a school, partners must follow our re-entry guidelines including completing the Alberta Health Daily Checklist. Con el apoyo de/With support from the Board of Trustees, the CBE will require that all employees, volunteers and CBE partners be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by Dec. 17, 2021. The CBE's vaccination requirement applies to all contracted service providers, tenants in CBE buildings and all volunteers.

The school budget was released yesterday. I would like to have some time to speak with our staff and school council before releasing some details.  ​

Oct 08
October 8, 2021

Hoy/today we engaged all staff in analyzing student work in the areas of English and Mathematics.  The data will allow teachers to close learning gaps and help students achieve greater success in school. The comprehensive school data will support our targets in the School Development Plan. In addition, today, we also created an Oral Language assessment from grades 2 to 6 to see where our students are at.  We know that while online for the past two years, the oral language proficiency regressed due to the lack of opportunities to express the language authentically and spontaneously.  Our aim, once again, is to have a Spanish Language program of studies learning outcomes data for each child to help us close learning gaps.​​

The Calgary Board of Education is requiring that all employees, volunteers and CBE partners be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 as of Dec. 17, 2021. Employees who are not fully vaccinated or who do not declare their vaccination status will need to show a negative COVID-19 test result on a regular basis during the transition period.

Beginning next week, if three or more COVID-19 cases are identified within a five-day period in the same K-6 class, AHS will issue an “exclusion notification" which will require students in that class to shift to at-home learning for 10 days. The transition to at home learning from an instructional perspective will be reflective of the same approach used last year and we will provide further updates for your review to support this.

Starting this month, rapid testing kits will be provided to school authorities for distribution for K-6 schools, starting first with schools that are in outbreak status. This program will be voluntary. If families and staff choose to, asymptomatic students and staff will be provided with rapid testing kits to test at home, twice per week for four weeks. Symptomatic individuals should be tested at an AHS assessment centre. We are attending a meeting this afternoon regarding the process and will look to provide further updates as soon as possible.

Quiero agradecer/I want to thank all of our staff, teaching and support staff, for their great professionalism, enthusiasm, dedication to their work.  Together we are helping each student achieve their best levels academically and emotionally.

Oct 01
October 1, 2021

We are very orgullosos (proud) of our students and staff for embracing, learning about and displaying citizenship around Truth and Reconciliation and cancer research through the Terry Fox foundation.  Students not only participaron (participated) with all types of T-shirts but, most importantly, developed a deep understanding at their grade level of these concepts with the guidance of the significant tasks teachers created for them.

Next week, we should be receiving our school budget. This will determine our year budget and support staff personnel within the school.   I will share an overview of our budget in the next edition of Sabes Que? (You know what?).

In October, students will be engaging in base assessments in English, Math and Spanish Oral language.  The data for each student will support teachers in creating personalized strategies to cerrar (close) student gaps and advancing student learning. This set of data and many others will be shared with you for the November 25 and 26 Parent-Teacher Conferences. Student Progress from now until then is a joint responsibility between teachers and parents. 

If you have any feedback, nosotros (we) are always happy to hear it, whether it is a compliment about the teacher, school or an area for improvement.​

Sep 24
Sep 24, 2021

As summer moves to our rear view mirror and we welcome “El otoño"; we are happy to see how much students have readjusted to the routines of school ensuring everyone feels welcome, safe and cared for and diving into the excitement of learning. As I visited classrooms this week, a few students shared some of their favorite learning activities; they include: elections in grade 6, viewing wetlands in grade 5, “la mano" activity to understand stress response in grade 4, “el reto Español" in grade 3, the 5W sentence challenge in grade 2, the months in Spanish in grade 1, and choice centers in Kinder.

Teachers have been gathering some diagnostic assessments to further program for our students as well as engaging in conferences. We would like to thank all parents/guardians that have booked a conference this Thursday or Friday to partner with our teachers in building strong relationships to further support student success. If you were unable to make conferences, please reach out to your child's teacher.

We would like to thank our Escuela Glenmeadows School Society for the first fundraiser of the year – Admazing Savings Ticket Pack, and would like to remind our community that there is a Council and Society Meeting this Tuesday, September 28th at 7pm.

“Mil gracias" to all parents that have encouraged their child to remain off the play structure at the end of the day as we continue to ensure COVID measures are respected.

Our PE Committee has been hard at work organizing next week's Terry Fox run, with the support of our School Council. Por favor, please note that we will not be gathering for this but rather respect our cohorts and run at different times. Students will be engaging in learning about Orange Shirt Day and understanding the Truth and Reconciliations' call to action. Please note that CBE honours Truth and Reconciliation Day so there is no school on September 30th. I wish you all an amazing weekend!/que tengan un buen fin de semana!

Thank you for allowing me to be your acting Principal while Sr. Suarez was away.    

 Carmen Fandino​

Sep 17
Sep 17, 2021

At the beginning of the school year, CBE made the decision to continue to implement tapa bocas (mask) as part of health measures.  At Escuela Glenmeadows, we decided to keep all the health measures we had back in June, such as class cohorts, having cohort designated P.E areas inside and outside, designated areas for cohorts for hora de recreo (recess times), eating in the classroom, and many others.  We feel that we have been responsive and responsible in our approach to keep our students and staff safe and avoided any back and forth measures.  Continuity in school organization for students and staff promotes a sense of security and enhances our time to place our efforts into a high standard for teaching. We are very grateful to the parents who supported us with the continuation of the health measures this year.  Your apoyo (support) for your children and the school are evident todos los dias (everyday)!

At Escuela Glenmeadows School, we continue to build strong positive relationships with students as we get to know them personally and as learners on a daily basis.  Teachers are engaged in doing pre-assessments to calibrate where students are at various subject areas.  A friendly reminder that during our online “Meet the Teacher" on September 23 and 24, teachers will listen to you to get to know more about your children.  For this meeting, no progress reports will be given as we are getting to know students, and the data that we have now is not yet a substantial body of evidence.

Por favor (Please) know that I will be away from September 17 to September 27, 2021, to attend to personal family matters.  If you require assistance, please contact Carmen Fandino, Assistant Principal , who will take my role.  Our Learning Leaders, Sra. Gysler and Srta. Rivas will take turns taking on the Assistant Principals position during my absence.  They will have a couple of substitutes each in their classrooms during these days.​

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