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Weekly Update April 7th

Hello Lynx families, 

I want to take a moment to thank all the staff, students and parents who have welcomed me so warmly to GP Vanier this week.  I really have been overwhelmed by the smiles and the positive conversations that have been offered since starting on Monday.  I also need to express my gratitude to Mme Laurelle for getting me up to speed on so many of the amazing on-goings at the school. 

As part of my entry into GP Vanier, I would like to hear from the many facets of the GP Vanier community: students, staff and parents.  Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or comments you may have.  You can reach me at caedmonds@cbe.ab.ca  

Covid 19 Update  

The Alberta Daily Health Checklist is still in effect. Thanks to all who have done their part so that we can keep our school community safe and healthy. 


Pascal Math Contest  

We had a few students participate in the Pascal Math Contest, administered by the University of Waterloo's Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing. The contest was a fun opportunity for Grade 9 students to explore the potential of mathematics and their role in it. Questions were based on curriculum common to all Canadian provinces. The last few questions were designed to test ingenuity and insight. Rather than testing content, most of the contest problems test logical thinking and mathematical problem-solving.  

Bravo et félicitations to all our students who participated, and special thanks to Mme. Anna for her efforts and administering the test. Congratulations to our top scores: Joyce F, Emmett C, and Graham T. 


Parent Resource for Literacy/Math Framework 

Georges P. Vanier has Literacy and Math goals in our School Development Plan. If you are interested in how CBE schools participate in designing tasks, assessment of tasks and creating an optimal learning environment, please clink here for the Literacy and Math Frameworks, Supporting Learning Excellence. 


Upcoming Dates 

  • Monday – Day 4; Tuesday – Day 1; Wednesday – Day 2; Thursday – Day 3 

  • April 15: No School for Good Friday 

  • April 18: No School for Non-Instruction Day, Professional Day for teachers 

  • April 26: Parent Council Meeting, 7:00pm 


Please enjoy the weekend and I look forward to seeing all the students back on Monday. 

Bon Week-end! 

Chad Edmonds, Principal ​


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