Dress Code

Dressing for School

CALGARY BOARD OF EDUCATION Administrative Regulation 6010 ­ Standards of Dress and Grooming:

“It is recognized that there is a diversity of opinion in society as to what constitutes suitable dress for school activities. In addition, standards of dress may differ somewhat among schools, depending on the varying standards of communities.

(1) The principal or designate is encouraged to co­operate with parents and students in the development of standards of dress and grooming.

(2) The criteria to be used should include standards which will encourage:

(a) cleanliness, neatness, and generally positive attitudes;

(b) appropriateness for the particular activity; and

(c) safety in all activities.

(3) The principal or designate is responsible for ensuring that standards of dress and grooming are developed using the following guidelines for all students:

(a) appropriate clothing suitable for indoor wear,

(b) suitable footwear,

(c) special physical education clothing as required,

(d) special protective clothing in shops as required,

(e) hair that is neat and well­-groomed and does not represent a hazard in work areas, and

(f) appropriate makeup.

(4) Students may wear faith­-based jewelry, objects and articles of clothing at school and during school sponsored activities, as long as they are worn discreetly, do not have a proselytizing message, and meet the standards of this regulation.

(5) Students are not permitted to wear articles of clothing, jewelry or accessories that indicate or suggest membership in a sorority, fraternity, secret organization or unauthorized student group or gang.

(6) The principal may determine which articles of clothing, jewelry or accessories indicate or suggest membership in a sorority, fraternity, secret organization or unauthorized student group or gang.

(7) The principal may require any student not conforming to dress standards to return home and change to suitable clothing before being admitted to class.

Parents are responsible for ensuring their child is properly prepared for learning daily. This includes ensuring students are dressed appropriately for school according to Vanier’s dress code. GP Vanier School promotes positive character; part of this is our belief in a ‘dressed to work’ concept. Dress respectfully for an active school environment, and comfortably for a variety of settings, which also means finding a reasonable equilibrium between individual freedom of expression and communal standards and expectations.  Students may need to sit on the floor, or present in front of others which may present wardrobe challenges.

The following are not permitted:

Dress that exposes genitalia.

Visible underwear – males and females. Suggestive, rude or profane slogans on shirts.

Headgear (hats, hoods) must be removed at the door (boys and girls) – Religious/medical exemptions.

Shoes with soles that mark the floor.

Outdoor jackets in classes.

In some school environments, for example the Foods and Construction Labs, dressing safely is also important – students may not wear bare feet, loose clothing or open­-toed shoes. All students will change into Vanier gym strip for PE classes unless directed otherwise by their PE teacher. School Staff will determine on a case by case basis if a student dress is problematic and will seek guidance from the school administrators. Students who are found to be dressed inappropriately for school may be asked to change their clothing. Respect for others at school is at the core of our school dress policy. If your outfit makes staff/other students feel uncomfortable then it is inappropriate for school and you will be asked to change. It's not whether you're comfortable in your own clothes and with your own body, but rather how comfortable people are around you. From time to time, Dress Policy is reviewed by School Council and staff with input from students through Student Voice.

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