Assessment & Reporting

Report Cards

Formal report cards are issued two times a year, in January and June. Check our calendar page for exact dates when report cards are issued. Parents may contact the school at any time to discuss their child’s progress. We encourage parents to call the school to talk to individual teachers and/or arrange for interviews. 

At Georges P. Vanier School, as with all CBE K-9 schools, teachers will report student achievement relating to the curriculum stems connected to their courses. The indicators and teacher comments within the CBE new assessment will reflect student’s achievement and understanding of the curriculum concepts.

It is important that students complete their assignments to demonstrate their understanding of the curriculum outcomes. When students do not complete their work or if the work is not reflective of their potential, they may be required to participate in teacher tutorials during lunch time and afterschool. 

The comment ‘No Evaluation Recorded (NER)’ will only be used in a case where not enough evidence is collected to give an accurate assessment.

The report card ensures:

  • the mark on the report card reflects current achievement of curriculum outcomes
  • marks are a reflection of learning, and not a reward for good behavior or compliance

Participation in extra-curricular activities is a privilege for our students in good standing.  It is our expectation that students who participate are adhering to the CBE Student Code of Conduct.

Teachers will keep parents updated on tests and project results, as well as school attendance through PowerSchool. A link will be provided to you when it becomes available in the fall. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the office. 

If you have questions at any time regarding assessment and reporting, please call or email your child(ren)’s teachers.  Don’t wait until parent-teacher interviews to ask a question or solve a problem.  The curricular outcomes are the same for all students (with the exception of special needs students, who may have outcomes modified or adapted to their learning needs), but teachers respond to the learning needs and styles of all of their students to assist them in achieving those outcomes.

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​Assessment and Reporting at the CBE

​We know it is important for parents/guardians to understand how their children are doing in school. Research shows that students are more successful with active parent/guardian involvement.

The report card is one component in communicating student learning. In addition to the report card, schools communicate with parents/guardians about student progress on an ongoing basis in a variety of ways. 

Assessment happens every day, in every classroom, throughout the school year. Assessing a student’s progress is one of the most important ways we support the continued learning of our students.

We have developed some resources related to assessment and report cards, and to help you learn more about your child's learning. As more resources are developed, you will find them here.​ 

Digital report cards are available through MyCBE / PowerSchool​. For help with accessing student assessment and reporting information, please refer to the information in the MyCBE/PowerSchool Support section of our website. 

Visit the CBE website for more information on Assessment & Reporting at the CBE. ​​​


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