Career & Technology Foundations

Advanced Media (Grade 9)

Students will explore in depth the adobe cloud of programs. The course will focus on Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Premier. Photo and video creation and editing will be a focus on this course. In addition to adobe, students will experiment with coding and website design at a basic level. Students will further explore how a computer is built and be able to disassemble and reassemble various types of working computer hardware. This course is project based and places a high emphasis on development and production of useful technology.

Explorations in Film (Grade 7)

Students who choose this course will engage as both viewer and creator, exploring a variety of roles including: writing, pitching, directing, editing, viewing and critiquing. Students will also learn the components of iMovies and become familiar with film genres, techniques, lingo, and approaches. Successful students in this course will show an ability to work as a team, take on different roles, create well thought out and organized films, critique and analyze films, and be able to work independently.

Foods and Fashion (Grade 7)

In Grade 7, students will learn about making Simple Snacks & Appetizers. They will be covering basic food and equipment safety and making various snacks that students will be able to make at home In the Fashion segment of the course, students will be sewing. If the they finish early, there’s always the possibility of making pajama pants!

Industrial Arts

This course is an introduction to the principals of technical drawing, woodworking, metal work and welding.
Drawing | Scaled representations using drafting principles
Construction | Using wood and metal to create such things as a gumball machine, spinning top and metal statue.

Introduction to Computers (Grade 7)

Grade 7s will explore the basic functions of a computer. Through inquiry, students will design and build a webpage, using the google cloud of programs, disassembling and reassembling the hardware of a personal computer, developing an effective file management system, typing, exploring the concept of digital citizenship, creating movies and finally exploring some photo editing and creation.

Mode & Mechanics (Bike Maintenance)

Students will learn how to detect potential problems before they become serious. Learn how to repair a flat tire, fix a broken chain, do basic maintenance, cleaning, and lubricate the entire drive train. Regular maintenance prolongs the life of your bike components and avoids costly repairs. Save money and time by practicing the skills and acquiring the knowledge to do it yourself! Learn how to troubleshoot common problems and emergency repairs like |

  • flat tires, broken chains
  • inconsistent shifting
  • noisy, rubbing brakes
  • wobbly rims
  • dirty chains and gears
  • replacing cables

The course takes place in our fully-equipped bike shop facility. The emphasis is on hands-on learning.

Robotics (Grade 8)

This Grade 8 course is based on the Lego EV3 brick and infrastructure which moves students through 3 main phases of robotic development. The first phase involves building a basic robot using the instructions provided. The second phase tasks students to program the EV3 brick with various commands to animate the moving parts. These first two phases introduce the student to basic building and programming/logic principles of the Lego robots. In phase 3 the student is free to build his/her own design or choose a predetermined build provided by the instructor. This course is mainly self-directed and requires the student to develop solid problem solving skills in the building and programming of the robots.​

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