Students are expected to take responsibility for their behavior. The focus of all interventions with students will be based on helping them to solve their problems and be accountable for the choices they make.

Minor Offenses

Staff members will handle minor offenses promptly. Students will assess incidents of poor judgment on their part and together with the adult, create an appropriate action plan.

Major Offenses

Major offenses are those behaviours which threaten the orderly function of the school or are deemed unsafe to self or others. These may include repeated defiance of authority, physical conflict, and/or continuous disruptive behaviour. The consequences for major offenses will be decided for each individual case. Continued issues of major misbehaviour will result in a progression of consequences which may include in-school suspension, at home suspension, or assistance through out-of- school agencies. 

Emphasis will be on the implementation and monitoring of a problem solving process. Other actions may include:

  • Parent contact as required.
  • Written documentation completed by reflection sheet or note in student agenda
  • Development of an activity to build positive relationships
  • Assignment of an alternate activity. 
  • Withdrawal of privileges. 
  • Temporary relocation of a student from their class to an alternate location in the school. 
  • Student Suspension for serious misconduct. Administrative Regulation 6007 - Suspension and Expulsion
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