​​Students in the Calgary Board of Education travel to school in a variety of ways, including walking, taking yellow buses or Calgary Transit or being driven by parents/guardians. Their safety is important, no matter how they get to school and home again.​​​

Getting to School

Playground Supervision & Safety

Please note that students are expected to go directly home or to caregivers unless they are involved in supervised extra-curricular activities. 


Our Grade 6 Safety Patrol Team is working diligently to help your child cross the street safely in front of our school. Parents can help in a number of ways including:

  • Walking your child to school
  • Dropping students off along the playground fence (to the north, east and west of the school)
  • Not stopping on the crosswalk or within 5m of the crosswalk
  • Do not stop to drop off children in the marked bus zones – this is a “NO STOPPING” zone so drop offs are not permitted
  • Adjusting driving speed to road conditions

Patrols Cold Weather Policy

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