Working Together

Our school adheres to the CBE Administrative Regulations for Student Conduct and Safe and Secure Schools.

Griffith Woods School strives to be a community in which everyone is treated with dignity and respect. Home and school share the responsibility for appropriate social behaviour. By working together we can encourage positive student conduct. 

To address the problems of harassment and bullying, staff and students are being taught how to identify inappropriate behaviours and how to respond to these behaviours. Victims or witnesses of harassment or bullying should seek out the assistance of school personnel to mediate the conflict. 

If parents know or suspect that their child is being harassed or bullied, they should talk to their child's teacher or an administrator. 

School administrators and teachers will work together to maintain a safe and secure environment for all students. The school appreciates the support of parents when dealing with behavior unbecoming of our students. 


When ideas are taken from other sources without giving credit, this is known as plagiarism. Plagiarism is the unacknowledged use of somebody else’s words or ideas. Plagiarism is most commonly committed through cut, copying and pasting from a web page. We will support learning about this during class and then help students to be good critical thinkers as they blend research and use their own ideas to showcase learning.

On the Bus

Children must be courteous and act in a way that does not endanger themselves or others and does not distract the driver. Bus drivers and administration meet regularly to monitor busing behaviour and parents will be contacted if there are concerns. A serious offence or repeated minor offences will result in a formal Bus Misconduct notice being issued by the driver. Repeated misconducts can lead to a loss of bus privileges. In collaboration with the bus driver, students who are disruptive or impolite on the bus may also be given assigned seating.

Taking Photos

If you are taking pictures of your friends or teachers at School please remember the following guidelines. Pictures should be taken only with permission and not shared on social media. In the age of technology, it is very easy to post pictures to a wider audience without consent.

Drugs & Alcohol

Drugs and/or alcohol have no place in an educational institution. Administrative Regulation 6007 - Suspension and Expulsion supports the suspension of students who are found:

  1. Distributing alcohol or illegal drugs;
  2. Possessing or using alcohol or drugs; or
  3. Actively in contact with the possession, sale or use of alcohol or drugs. 

Any students in possession of, under the influence of, or associating with anyone having to do with drugs or alcohol, are subject to suspension or expulsion. A referral may be made to a Calgary Police Officer. 


Griffith Woods School is a Smoke Free Environment.  This includes all surrounding property including the front courtyard, playground, and field areas.  Staff and students are not to bring any items associated with smoking, such as cigarettes, lighters, matches or e-cigarettes to the premises.

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