Physical Education

Our Vision

The Griffith Woods Physical Education program is intended to instill in students; through a variety of physical activities; the motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge and understanding so that students take responsibility for their personal physical and emotional well-being.  

COVID Protocols for 2020/2021 School Year


The Phys Ed department would like to take this opportunity to welcome you all back for this school year.  It has been a pleasure over this first week seeing all of their faces again in person, along with meeting some new ones.

We know that you may have questions regarding the school re-entry this fall. It is our goal that this will provide answers to some of those questions, when it comes to Health and Physical Education, and Athletics at Griffith Woods.  

Grade groups will be primarily seen as co-horts.  There will be some mixing of classes, especially at the Grade 7-9 level, whereas students from K-6 will remain in their respective classroom instructional groups for their physical education classes.


Changing Expectations (Grade 6-9 students)

Students at the Grade 7-9 level will not be required to change for PE at this time. This will be reassessed at a later date, and students/families will be notified when, or if, this changes.  If students wish to change prior to PE, they will need to use their class’ designated washroom(s).  Appropriate comfortable athletic footwear, such as runners, and other tied shoes (not sandals, crocs, flip-flops, heeled shoes, etc…) remains a requirement for PE classes, no matter whether class is inside or outside. Please be mindful that we will continue to be active during PE, so wearing comfortable, non-restrictive clothing (i.e. tight jeans, skirts, dress shirts, etc.) is required. Examples of comfortable clothing would be leggings, shorts, loose fitted pants, t-shirts, hoodies, etc…  For Grade 6-9 students, it will also be important from a hygienic perspective, that students bring deodorant or anti-perspirant in their backpacks to be used after their PE class.

Storage of Student Belongings During Physical Education

Currently students will not have hallway or PE lockers. As a result, students will be going directly to the location where they will be doing their PE class (Main Gym/Outside for 5-9; Aux Gym for K-4) the majority of the time.  As whole grades have been designated as a cohort, there may be times that all students in a PE class may meet together in the main gym, before separating and going to their designated PE activity locations.  If students are travelling with backpacks they will be shown where they can be placed, if they are not being kept in a classroom.  During the first days of school students were informed of their respective doors to be used for entering and exiting the building. 

Masks during Physical Education

Masks, as per the guidelines set-out by the CBE, must be worn when indoors and when social distancing isn’t possible, for all of our students.  When engaged in PE activities masks may be removed (inside or outside), so students will need to have the ability to store their mask on their person.  There will never be a problem if a student prefers to keep their mask on at all times during PE class. 

For Kindergarten to Grade 4 each student has been assigned a number on the bench to put their mask if they choose when engaged in PE activities. The bench is sanitized after each class so it’s ready for the next cohort. Also, a location will be provided for them to take a mask break, if necessary, that is appropriately distanced from the rest of their class.  Wearing a mask around the neck poses a safety concern, so storing it safely in a pocket or bringing a bag to put one’s mask in is advised.  

Being Prepared to go Outside Year-Round

We will be spending time outdoors as much as possible to help with social distancing, and getting some fresh air.  Physical Activity in our Canadian climate can be very beneficial and enjoyable as long as you are prepared for the weather conditions.  Please send your child prepared to be outside in a variety of weather conditions.  We cannot control ‘bad weather’, but each student can control whether or not they are wearing ‘bad gear/clothing’ to manage the weather outside.  According to CBE policy, we are allowed to be outside in weather up to -20 degrees Celsius.  Dressing in layers, bringing a change of socks, and having proper footwear will all make time outside more comfortable for your son/daughter. 

Participation in Physical Education  

We ask that if a student is to be excused from participation due to a medical reason that a written note or email from the parent with the information of the condition and anticipated date of return to activity be sent to one of their PE teachers. 

Pre-existing Medical Condition  

We request that PE teachers are informed of any pre-existing medical conditions or injuries. This enables PE teachers to be aware of anything that could impact participation in physical activity and help students.  Please email any of us, or send in a note, with any pertinent medical information.  

Know that as a PE team we are modifying as many activities as possible to help students keep proper distance, focusing on opportunities to have fun, get active, and to provide strategies for establishing or maintaining a healthy lifestyle (mentally and physically) over the course of the school year.  Know that this is new to all of us and things will be adjusting accordingly as we move through this school year.


Forms of Assessment:

  • Formal Observations, Performance Tasks, & Demonstrations
  • Summative Module/Unit marks will be posted in Power School

PE assessment will be posted in MyCBE/PowerSchool.

Physical Education Outcomes

Performs and Refines Movement Skills

  • Students will acquire skills through a variety of developmentally appropriate movement activities; dance, games, types of gymnastics, individual activities and activities in an alternative environment; e.g., aquatics and outdoor pursuits
    • This stem reflects the student’s growth in individual abilities and skills over time and in relation to the various activities in which they have participated: Students will acquire skills through a variety of developmentally appropriate movement activities; dance, games, types of gymnastics, individual activities and activities in an alternative environment; e.g., aquatics and outdoor pursuits.
    • As a student’s movement skills improve, the skills should appear increasingly natural and effortless: Physical education develops physical skills that allow for enjoyable and successful participation in movement activities. Students’ perceived competence is a key determinant for future involvement in physical activity. 
    • A consideration that all students come to learning in physical education at slightly differing developmental stages is important in the assessment of movement skills: The aim can only be achieved by addressing the prescribed outcomes within an environment wherein students are emotionally and physically safe, the climate positive, and a variety of developmentally appropriate skill-building experiences are provided.

Cooperates To Demonstrate Fair Play and Teamwork 

  • Students will interact positively with others
    • Cooperation and the ability to work as part of a team are experiences that carry forward from physical activity to other areas of life: Interaction with others is an important aspect of most physical activities. Physical education provides a natural learning environment in which to develop cooperation and fair play skills.
    • Physical activity allows students to explore roles and responsibility through team and organizational participation: Students have opportunities to assume leadership, develop teamwork skills, officiate and take responsibility for their actions while playing.

Explores and Applies Strategies For Leading A Healthy, Active Way Of Life 

  • Student will understand, experience and appreciate the health benefits that result from physical activity
  • Students will assume responsibility to lead an active way of life.
    • Students explore and reflect upon information and experiences to develop connections between physical activity and how it can impact lifestyle and health. Physical education promotes personal responsibility for health and fitness and for students to develop a desire to participate for life.
    • Insights are gained through the design and use of rich learning tasks that include personal application and ask students to reflect on and share what they are currently doing to improve their level of physical activity/lifestyle choices. Curriculum experiences provide students with opportunities to develop the habit of being active daily, the skills to enjoy successful participation, and to realize the benefits resulting from activity. 

Health Education

Makes safe and healthy choices based on experiences and information

  • Students will make responsible and informed choices to maintain health and to promote safety for self and others.

Develops skills to form and maintain healthy relationships

  • Students will develop effective interpersonal skills that demonstrate responsibility, respect and caring in order to establish and maintain healthy interactions.

Explores roles and responsibilities to work towards life and learning goals

  • Students will use resources effectively to manage and explore life roles and career opportunities and challenges.

Sexual education content: Pursuant to Section 50.1(2) of the School Act, you as a parent/guardian may request that your child be excluded from the sexual education instruction, without academic penalty, by having your child either leave the classroom or place where the instruction is taking place or where the instructional material is being used for the duration of that part of the instruction; or remain in the classroom or place where the instruction is taking place without taking part in the instruction or use of the instructional material.

Please sign and return the student Exemption Form (when it is handed out) if you wish to exercise your right to exclude your child by one of the means indicated above.

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